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Boudoir Session | by +Mishaun

When I told people that I was doing a boudoir session I was met with quite a range of reactions. From some people wanting to be my assistant for the day, to a sideways glance from an ultra-conservative friend, everyone had some opinion on the matter. Many people have preconceived notions about boudoir being something risqué and slightly salacious. The thing is that boudoir photography, when done correctly, is not about what the subject is wearing, it’s about making the subject look and feel beautiful.

I think most women at some point in their lives or perhaps throughout their lives struggle with body image. It’s hard not to when we are constantly bombarded with overly Photoshopped images of celebrities and advertisements for the latest and greatest in weight loss or wrinkle creams. Our subconscious takes over and tells us that is how we should look and if we don’t or can’t conform we are not beautiful. Not to mention the mean girl mentality and those awkward middle school yearsBoudoir is about overcoming your self-image and seeing your true beauty. It’s not about the makeup or the gorgeous hair, it’s about the feeling of empowerment. It takes guts to step out in a scantily clad outfit and show the real you. I think that boudoir helps remind women of just how stunning they are in their own skin.

Just remember no matter who you are or how you see yourself…You.Are.Beautiful!

Senior Session by +Mishaun

When I was younger it seemed like time moved so slowly. I remember thinking that Christmas or my birthday would never roll around. Now it seems like I blink and the holidays are here again and I’m creeping closer and closer to the big 3-0! Speaking of 30, I remember thinking that people in their 30s were so ancient, my teachers were 30, my parents were 30, but me I’ll never be that old. Ha!

Sometimes it takes just seeing a person from my past to realize how quickly the years are progressing. Oh how I despised when a person that I hadn’t seen in a while would say oh I remember you when you were just a little kid. I cringed when I caught myself saying those same dreaded words.

It seems like only yesterday I was talking with my best friends about our crushes and struggling with moving away from each other for college. Fast forward eight years and we are all married and are living around the globe.

Not to say that growing up is all bad, you discover who you are, learn from your mistakes and have a heck of a time along the way! 


Hi I’m +Mishaun
When I applied for the internship I was looking to shoot more, stretch the limits of my creativity, evolve as a photographer, and meet some new people.  From shooting in rivers and old cars to my first wedding, the three months proved to be so much more than what I had envisioned.  I know many people have talked about just how fast the internship goes by and it’s so true. When the three months were over I didn’t want it to end and now I’m so thrilled that I am now an actual part of the LeahandMark team. I shoot everything from weddings and events to families and babies, models, proposals, pets, just becauses and everything in between.  Anything you can dream up…I’ll shoot it. I love that each shoot is so vastly different from the next.  I love to collaborate with my clients and create photos that capture their unique personalities.  Whether it is a wedding or another type of event, I strive to create photos that take you back and help you re-live your memories.

I’m looking forward to helping the current interns to accomplish their goals for the next three months and watching their internship journey unfold. I’m also looking forward to seeing where the new journey of plus-dom takes me.