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Falafel Failure

Last week, I set out to make some delicious, healthy falafel. You might have caught wind of that in Mark’s earlier entry. I’m not a great cook. I can bake like Betty Crocker, but cooking? Not so much. This, however, was from-the-box falafel. Combine the mix, some water, and some olive oil in a bowl, let it sit for 15 minutes, roll it into balls, and fry it. Not too complicated. Except…. for me, apparently.

I set out to make something like this:

I rolled each little falafel ball just right, and then I cranked on the gas stove to heat the oil for the frying. And this is what happened:

The falafel balls slowly began disintegrating!  Until….



I had to dump it in the back yard.

I’ll let Mark do the cooking from now on.