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Shipping Up to Boston | by +Krista

Weddings are awesome. I know, I know. As a photographer, Iím sort of supposed to say that. But itís true- and not [only] for the obvious reasons. Sure, weddings are fun: full of dancing and champagne and family. Big, happy celebrations of finding love and throwing a party. But as a photographer, theyíre also a continuous challenge to shoot better, create better, be better. And I do love me a challenge. It’s why weddings feel like such a good fit for me.

Iíve actually been lucky enough to second-shoot weddings with Mark pretty often since my LeahAndMark adventure began eight months ago- awesome locations all over Atlanta and even my first out-of-state wedding in Indiana earlier this summer. But a few weeks ago, my adventures got stepped up a notch when Mark and I flew to Boston to shoot a wedding at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Um. AWESOME.

See, I have this thing for traveling, no matter how far- (or close-) flung those travels may be. I love packing. I even love airports. Seriously, even in hours-long lines at TSA checkpoints, Iíve got a ridiculous smile on my face. Take my shoes off? YES! LOVE TO! Search my bag full of underwear in front of a hundred people? GO RIGHT AHEAD, I’M†FLYING SOMEWHERE! And traveling with Mark can be quite glamorous: Delta Gold status and pre-boarding perks. (Though no champagne and hot towels this trip- next time, I say.) When we landed in Boston, Mark humored my giddiness from being†someplace new†and we drove into†the heart of†the city†and had lunch, real Bahstan style, at Quincy Market. Like a true tourist, I bought souvenirs and bombarded my husband back home with a constant stream of cell phone pictures. Then we drove down into Connecticut. I saw exit signs for New York City (which made me ridiculously happy), and I discovered that Mark is a serial radio channel surfer. Oh. And we drove right through a tornado warning, in Northern Connecticut. Because apparently, we bring so much Awesome with us to these weddings, even the skies spontanteously combust into Awesomeness. Or scariness. Something.

Whenever I shoot a wedding, whether Iím second-shooting with Mark or running the show myself, the whole day becomes a constant quest to do better than Iíve ever done before. I owe that to my clients, to my boss, to myself. I sprawl across the floor. I sprint from one end of the venue to the other. (Repeatedly. And again. And again.) I climb on things. I canít just sit back timidly and wait for the shots to happen in front of me. I have to anticipate them. Be two steps ahead, to catch them before theyíre gone again. And, as Iíve learned from the moment I set foot in our old Goat Farm studio back in January, I have to make them. Being a photographer isnít just about catching moments as they unfold before your eyes. Itís about†MAKING photos that tell you- immerse you- in those moments. And while most weddings follow the same loose formula: flowers, vows, the kiss, and cake (cake!), everything else is different. Different moments, different dynamics. And itís my job to make something different every single time I shoot a wedding. Or anything. Itís the best part about my job, which is saying a lot- I mean, I seriously have a job that lets me travel AND lets me get to know people on such an amazingly personal level. And I get wine. If that’s not winning, I don’t know what is.

Thank you to Mark, for thinking enough of me to take me along. It’s a big deal each and every time I’m asked to work alongside someone at a wedding- you have to have faith that that person, as Mark puts it, doesn’t suck. So thank you. You’re awesome.

Atlanta. Boston. Wedding. Photographer. LeahAndMark. You. Are. Awesome.

Shona + Michael | Preview

I feel like a broken record. Because after every wedding, we come back and think to ourselves – wow, we’re so very fortunate that our clients are always exactly the type of clients we want to work with. Whether they’re getting married in Savannah, Georgia or Valparaiso, Indiana, or Boston, Massachusetts – we always have a great time and working as hard as we do doesn’t feel like a chore because we want our clients to not only have great photos – but to have a great wedding experience.

Leah and I flew into Boston on Wednesday and finally met Shona & Michael in person for the first time over drinks in East Boston. We’re grateful that couples continue to take a chance on us and fly us out for their weddings – and we make it a point to at least fly in the day before if not earlier – so we can all meet in person before the actual day of the wedding. Of course it can be hectic for the bride & groom during that week leading up to the actual day. Fortunately, Leah and I have a knack for blending in and making people comfortable around us – and I write that not to say we’re great – but it’s definitely something we want to get across to our interns and their own dealings with clients.

Because if someone is going to fly you thousands of miles to spend 12 hours with them on one of their most important days – then you better be someone that they like and want to be around. Of course – it’s way easier if you’re not acting and you actually enjoy everything about photographing weddings. The meeting new people, the pressure to get beautiful photos, and some of the stress when things don’t go exactly according to plan (you shouldn’t plan too strictly anyways), or when the light isn’t ideal (whatever that is).

Every wedding is different for us – and while every wedding photographer will say the exact same thing – we say it because we aim for different photos every time. We aim to capture not only the usual events and†emotion of the day – but the atmosphere. A wedding in Savannah, Georgia should look and feel different from a wedding in Valparaiso, Indiana – and that should look and feel different from a wedding in Boston, Mass.

A wedding today should look and feel different from tomorrow’s wedding, or next week’s wedding. Whether they’re a block a part or in the same venue.

I know. That’s probably a ridiculously high standard to aim for – but why would anyone aim for less than that?

Did I mention how cool Shona & Michael are?

Among his many interests – Michael is also a photographer – so the wedding was actually scheduled for sunset at around 7:15 pm. Obviously some of these photos were shot before the actual ceremony – but the sun is still pretty low, and with no trees or buildings to block the horizon – it was interesting to shoot with such a wide open sky, and with the sun blazing over the bay.

Thank you Shona & Michael. | Atlanta | Boston | Wedding Photographers | Hyatt Harborside Logan Airport

Happy Birthday and Boston and Then

Leah’s birthday was last week and we had a party ūüôā These are screen captures taken right after we played pinata baseball.

In case it’s not obvious – Leah and I are practicing our AsianPoses and that’s our Intern Ashley there beside us. Clearly, she hasn’t been studying her That’s okay though, it’s not for everyone.

We’re flying up to Boston this week to photograph a wedding, see some of the city, and then also driving up to Mt. Holyoke – where Leah went to undergrad. I’ve never been anywhere near New England so it’ll be fun for me – of course, it’s always fun for us since we really like traveling. That’s probably a good thing considering how much flying around we’re going to be doing in the next year.

We’re booked up and down the east coast, and we’re opening things up to the Southwest in a few weeks so that should be fun.

Along with all of the domestic travel – we’re now making plans for a trip to India & Nepal – with the initial idea to land in Mumbai, go over land to Varanasi, and then make our way over to Nepal †(ha – of course, this has changed a lot over the past year).

Also – we just made another batch of loans to third world business owners through, for a total of 153 loans funded through proceeds from our photography services.

If you’re not our friends on Facebook already – add me. We don’t have a fan page because we don’t want fans; we want friends. We have a lot of projects in the works including more photography how-to (with point-n-shoots!) and then a project called PhotoPop! involving roughly 15 nonprofits and us as photographers. Oh – we’re bringing in the Intern Army for that one.

Talk to you soon.