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would you, could you in a box? | by +elaine

it’s that time of year. “would you mind…helping, donating, giving, baking, volunteering?” school auctions, festivals, fundraising (though I suppose that last one is pretty much year-round). moreso for parents of school-aged non-homeschooled kids, but still, surely it pops up on friend and family newsfeeds or emails or discussions.

I just finished up my part of a collaboration with friend and Artist Jen Singh for The Museum School 1st Grade Grand Art Project for the annual auction. 3 days, individual portraits for 58 kids, plus “working shots”, and lots of “Evan’s mom, Evan’s mom!”

I’m constantly torn between fulfilling our family volunteer hours (or “love hours” as it’s called at one school) for three children at two separate schools, and trying to maintain my sanity by sometimes saying no. but this one I couldn’t say no to. and didn’t want to. it wasn’t obligatory. I got to spend time with my youngest son and his friends, I got to hang out with my own friends, and I got to photograph. all good stuff.

it’s was fun and funny and chaotic, and it made me happy. love hours, indeed.