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How to Hire Live Musicians for Your Wedding Ceremony | VLOG

When you’ve decided to hire ceremony musicians – you want to find someone who is very experienced playing weddings – not just in playing – but playing weddings specifically.

Do they have a list of music/songs that work really well for wedding ceremonies – that list will give you an idea of their experience – their knowledge – and the general, can they do what you want? Can they play what you want? Do they already have the sheet music for it? For example – a string quartet needs sheet music in order to play – and often times the sheet music isn’t available for popular songs you’ve heard on the radio.

So – someone – probably your musicians – are going to have to actually write that sheet music. I KNOW RIGHT? THAT’S SO PROFESSIONAL!

And if they can write the music – you know you’re working with badass musicians. Because not all musicians can actually WRITE music.

Alright – if we don’t see you on your day – have a great wedding and we’ll talk to you later.

(also – that’s Kat up there in the video with me – you can hire her and her team for your wedding! Over at Luna Strings!)

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Luna Strings | Dining Room Performance

We’ve been inviting various artists and performers to come over for a cup of coffee – and perform in our dining room. Because we really like our new house, we like coffee, and we love artists. So to kick off a new regular feature here on –  we invited Luna Strings to hang out with us a few weeks ago!

We met Katerina (on the left in the above photo/viola) through mutual friends at a farmers market and had the opportunity to photograph a wedding where she was playing for a bit – but we hadn’t really worked with her at all beyond that. We hadn’t ever met her partners Leah and Erica until they showed up that morning to perform in our dining room. But hey – BabyRoX was immediately enthralled by the amazing music and we were absolutely grateful that they agreed to any of this!

Joy (our creative director) and I setup all of our cameras and simply let them perform.

Luna Strings performing Libertango | from on Vimeo.

A few nights after they were in our dining room, Luna Strings performed at Eddie’s Attic!

You might be surprised to learn that these ladies don’t just only play your regular old classical music. You want them to play something from the Beatles for your wedding? Queen? Journey? DONE.

From their website:

Luna Strings is an Atlanta-based string trio that coordinates musical entertainment for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other elegant events. Leah, Katerina, and Erica boast a combined 40+ years of playing experience on their instruments.  Luna Strings is proud to offer a large and diverse selection of repertoire that will fit the tone of any event. They also maintain a busy concert schedule taking front and center for performances at renowned venues including Eddie’s Attic, Phillips Arena, and Dante’s Down the Hatch.

If you would like to have Luna Strings perform at your wedding or other awesome event (and you definitely should) – please email them at (and visit their website!)

Oh – and you can also catch their performance on Saturday February 23rd, at 7pm at Kimball Hall in Roswell, GA.

We’ve invited a few other performers to come hangout with us and do what they do in our dining room! – and of course we’ll film it all so you can watch along with us 🙂