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Work and Life Balance | by +Krisandra

Have you ever been so wrapped up in something that everything else just seemed to ….Disappear.


Something like a new companion, school, a project, or WORK? Everything else like family, friends, but mostly YOU? Where you don’t realize what day of the week it is you just know what you have to do that particular day because the calendar says so. Where you can’t seem to remember when the last time you talked to your friend actually was. Where you can’t remember if you answered that text message. When you are at a red light and suddenly remember you had better cook that chicken that has been marinating in the fridge or it WILL go bad.

This is where I am. RIGHT NOW.


This past weekend was busy for me. I auditioned for a television commercial, I photographed a family at the Atlanta fair, I snuck into an abandoned building and finally did a shoot that I had been planning for months, I spoke at a photography workshop, I even photographed a sideshow event. But, you know what else happened? I heard (more than once I might add) from friends, “Where have ya been? Why don’t we talk anymore”.



Mark (I thought was joking) said a while ago that the only time friends get to see him is if they are at the event he is photographing. He wasn’t joking. While I can sit here and justify it to myself that this is a good thing, it really isn’t. Yes, this means I am working hard at mastering my craft. Yes, this means I finally feel like I am in a good place with my photography career. Yes, this means I am producing great images. Yes, this means I am finally doing what I love full time. But… this also means I have neglected friends, I have neglected my house chores, I am so tired a nap turns to anxiety because I am not sure if it is 6:30 a.m. or p.m. when I awake. I have forgotten ME.

I can balance this! Work and life! Even if it means I have to start putting my friends, chores and ME on my calendar. If that is what it takes, then so be it.

I wouldn’t be where I am today or who I am today without you. I can’t forget who modeled for me before I really knew what I was doing. I can’t ignore the ones who supported me when I was 48 hours straight without sleep because I was working on my portfolio in school. I can’t neglect those who care.

This blog is dedicated to you.



It’s not about the equipment | +jo

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

{photos and text by +jo}

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment


That’s what really got me to take my self a little more serious about photography. There are a lot of opinions out there about iPhoneography and what it’s applications mean to a lot of different industries. I didn’t have a clue one year ago.

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited EquipmentiPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

I’ve written about what the internship is and what it did for me. Something that I don’t think I’ve fully put out there is that I truly haven’t been at this photography thing very long. Less than a year. I realize this could be seen in a negative manner – but I see it at just the opposite. I’ve shot off like a rocket and there’s no stopping me.  I’ve blasted through the atmosphere and am racing towards the stars.

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment


iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment


But that’s a tangent for another day.

Today it is about iPhoneography and that equipment does not make a photo. The person behind it does. It’s a common thing to get hung up on – the best equipment - I know I am.  It’s a hard beast to conquer. Right now I am catatonically dreaming about the new Nikon D4 knowing it is just that – a dream. I do need another camera, that is true, but I also completely and utterly pushed the boundaries of the camera I have. And even when I get my “big girl camera” I will still be shooting with my Nikon D40x. It’s not even produced anymore.

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

I’ll never stoping using her. I’ve had her for years, tucked away in a simple camera bag only to be pulled out every now and then for documentation or producing my own stock photos for designs in college. I never really thought more of it. Then I found a personal assistant job this time last year to another photographer here in Atlanta. That was a crazy few months and I quickly had to buy a better phone to keep up with everything in her schedule. And then I found Instagram.  The simplest little camera in my iPhone 3Gs {yeah, not even the big dog in that area, either} really made me view photography differently. For what ever reason, I found the limited quality and capability very freeing. I simply concentrated on composition and the basic elements and principles of art. I dug more and more into the editing aspects and worked with producing completed photographs all in camera/phone.

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

I shot anything that caught my eye. I started to see the world around me differently. It was a nice distraction when I had to travel or waiting for a meeting to end. Something in the little squares made me think twice about the little D40x shoved away in some corner barely seeing the light of day.

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

I eventually applied to a photography competition with my iPhonography to be apart of a gallery show in New York City. And I made it in. How funny is that? It wasn’t with the top of the line camera, with the top of the line lights, with a killer location, with experienced models, with tons of assistants. It was simply me and my little 3Gs taking pictures where ever I happen to be.

It wasn’t the equipment.


iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

Around here at we get things done. Creatively. On a budget.  You don’t have to have $15,000 worth of equipment to get the “perfect shot” because the viewer will not see all of the stuff beyond the edge of the image. All of the trimmings and accessories don’t matter as long as the end result is killer and knocks the socks off the client.

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

Don’t get me wrong – I know many of these photos are not the best. They are where I started. If you search far enough back in this blog you can find the posts where Mark started his journey. You can see where he made his mistakes and figured them out. You can see where his evolution began. I wanted to share mine because I want to be completely open with you.

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

iPhoneography | iPhone 3Gs | Jo Arellanes | Life | Atlanta Photographer | | Limited Equipment

I’m on a new edge – another booster strapped to my rocket ship – and I’m about to take off again. I don’t want the journey to be a mystery.
Will you come along with me?


A Step Back – In A Good Way! | Atlanta Wedding Photographers | A Step Back | Green Leaves

-Posted by +Gabriel

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy and hectic for me. Trying to balance out all the different roles I am playing right now and trying to make sure that I am investing my time wisely. After a busy month photography-wise with 4 weddings in one month (3 in Atlanta, 1 in North Carolina), the last couple of weeks have been a little slower and have allowed me to catch up on some projects (and start new ones! ) You may have noticed some of the changes around the LeahAndMark site – I have been working with Mark to get the site ramped up for the summer, and I am super excited about it. But regardless, spending hours on end behind a computer screen is not my idea of a fun day.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back. I have a tendency of getting so caught up in the little things that I forget about the big picture. Ironically, this is a plus and not a minus when it comes to photography. Tonight, I took an hour out of my schedule, to get the camera out, and just focus on some of the small details, the details that I love. And in so doing, hopefully bring some of the bigger picture back into perspective.

I better enjoy it while I can, because it is about to get busy up in here. With everything from the launch of the Facebook PageIndie Craft Experience this Weekend, Portrait ContestsIntern Classes and workshops, and just life in between, I am going to need an extra cup of coffee… or two, or six…

-Posted by +Gabriel

Hi Hi Tulie’s Birthday Dinner!

Let’s get right to it!

Hi Hi Tulie’s Birthday Dinner from on Vimeo.

And so… there were a couple of twitter/blog related gatherings scheduled:

And of course I went to Tulie’s birtday dinner… sadly, Leah’s been so stressed with Grad School + Part Time work that she couldn’t come. 

There are also the new surprise things I’m doing for supplemental um, income. No. I haven’t become the next Asian New jack City Drug Lord of Atlanta. Just odd stuff here and there.

About this video!? I think next time I’m going to pass my camera around and have people snap video themselves – simply for more variation in angles/shots. It IS kind of funny that I make these music home videos with just my Point & Shoot Canon Powershot. Someone should hire me for that. Lol. “I can make really blurry, shaky and out of focus music videos that look absolutely amateur - out of your home movies!”

I will say that I am absolutely, and incredibly fortunate to be in this circle of friends. The support has been much more than I’ve ever had from any group of people in my life. Partly because until this year – I never tried to make friends/be social/or even keep acquaintances. But literally everyone has been encouraging, and have offered what help then can, whether it’s actually taking my resume and passing it on through their channels or simply keeping their ears open for anything even remotely available that I would be a good fit for. So really. Thanks to all of them forever, and ever, and ever.

… and Hello! to any new people that are reading this after being given one of our new moo/friend cards. You’re so awesome.


Generally Disappointing

So. Next time we’ll just reach out to our extended friends of friends and ride one of their horses. Even if we have to make new friends to accomplish this. Sunny Farms North? Generally disappointing. Sure we were probably a bit naive to think it would be anything more than the trail rides offered by… stables of this sort… but damn, their website does specifically say:

“We have fast horses for people who like to ride fast. We have slow horses for people who like to ride slow. We have big horses for big folks & we have little horses for little folks. For those who have never ridden before, we have horses that have never been ridden”.

So I like to think that we had at least some reason for thinking that Leah could at least take off for a short run and not do the usual horse follow horse follow horse routine. Generally disappointing all around. Mind you, I’m probably just bitter about the whole thing – compounded by the fact that we were grouped with other people (and while the people were fine and awesome and no problem at all – it’s a F*cken annoyance when you don’t think that you’re signing up for a group activity. If we wanted a group adventure, we probably would have gone looking for something else instead.)

Basically, if you’ve never ever ever ever ridden a horse, or have kids and want them to ride the type of sad stable horses you feel sorry for – take them here. I could say more, but I have to stop because it’d just all come out really, really mean and completely biased – biased by nothing more than my actual experience with Sunny Farms North in Dahlonega, Ga., just past the end of 400. Oh yes. In order for you to truly get the picture – as Leah was getting onto her horse Max, the owner was holding the reigns – and then Max tried to bite him. Okay, I’m not so naive that I’m surprised by any ‘animal’ trying to bite a human – but this guy, grabs the horses head and loud enough for Leah to hear clearly, in effect says, “If she wasn’t already sitting on you I’d beat your f*cken brains out of your skull” – and you kind of get the feeling that he’s not one to kid about such things. Now, I’m probably out of line and this is how everyone in the um, horse-world treats their animals, but I don’t know. 

After our awesome trail ride we decided to drive into downtown Dahlonega and on our way there we saw this guy selling boiled peanuts on the side of the road! These were exactly how boiled peanuts should be. Their greatness was compounded by the fact (or due to?) that they were prepared on the side of the road, in a huge pot, and with a propane heat source. We’ve been fortunate enough to find one of these both times we’ve gone to Dahlonega – it makes the drive back to Atlanta so much better.

The other ‘event’ we went to last Saturday was the Festival of India – held by the… Indian group of Atlanta… well, that’s not their official name but whatever. Seriously. Like me, you probably understand the depth and general cultural richness of India – so you would expect that a ‘Festival of India’ run by the Indian American Cultural Association – to be better than a sad collection of booths selling cell phone cards, insurance, & vacations. If anything – you would probably think that they’d have some interesting food – and not just 3 sub-par indian restaurants and 1 decent indian restaurant selling up the common goods that the Indian branch of Panda Express will undoubtedly sell at the mall food court in the near future.

Granted – there were a lot of Indians that attended the Festival of India… I’m hoping that they were as disappointed in it as I was. I don’t see how they could find any real value in the whole thing since Anime conventions are more representative of Japan than this was of India. Of course, I could be wrong.

With high hopes for this event, Leah did wear her salwar kameez that she got in Nepal. See? We were totally hoping this would at least be better than the dealer’s room at a SciFi con. Next.

What did make the day better was that our friends Anna & Chris called us and invited us out to dinner with them. First we tried the Vortex down the street in L5P – that was a no go with the 45 minute wait (we don’t wait 45 minutes – not with SO MANY other places in Atlanta to go to). So then we drove over to Los Loros and had some good mexican food. That was our Saturday and Sunday was quite easy and sleepy and like I say every weekend – here comes Monday.


Pack Everything in a Box

Even though this is only a four day work week – it’s still Monday – so we’ll begin with something that makes us happy – Baklava! Honestly, I hadn’t ever eaten ANY baklava until… about 3 years ago when Leah’s grandparents? sent her some in the mail (well, you know, ordered it and had it delivered so it was still relatively fresh – and absolutely awesome.) Baklava has got to be in my top 10 ummm… dessert/pastry/type things ever. Seriously. Unfortunately, I could eat it for days. If by some unfortunate circumstance you’ve lived without ever having eaten any baklava – go and get some right now. Like RIGHT NOW.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we made our way to Ikea this past weekend. We bought a new sofa and a new bed/mattress. In the picture below, Leah’s pushing the Sofa and I’m pushing the bed frame parts. It was a good thing I had so much practice pushing our other sofa/bed combo to the curb the other day because I had to pull this down from the shelving and onto the cart since there were no Ikea reps around in sight. (On a completely side-note, I wasn’t sore or hurting at all after any of the furniture moving and hauling – and I normally would be all screwed up someplace, probably my back and shoulders area – except I’ve been doing workouts that mostly consist of running a lot, and using heavy kettlebells that they have my gym now. Ummmmmmm. Offtrack.)

These are Leah’s vegetarian Chiknuggets – which we ate at around 2am on Saturday night because she couldn’t sleep and was watching the 2nd season of Dexter (you have GOT to see this show) and I was attempting to work on some homework. Which brings me to another subject – how we don’t really have much actual FOOD inside of our fridge. It’s that weird situation where our fridge is FULL of stuff… but nothing to eat. We do have a large collection of condiments and parts – oh yeah, and of course Eggs… but not much real food.

Sunday morning? Belly of course! But I’ll spare you the latest pictures of the latest Nutella & Banana Panino sandwich. We also bought two Sunday papers for packing paper (and then realized that I could’ve just grabbed 4 or 5 of those ‘free’ papers like Creative Loafing or… Sunday Paper.

Looking back – it was a really, really long weekend – partly because we had the moving/packing/boxing job looming over us the whole time. We did get a whole lot done – about 3/4ths of the stuff and we even did yard work. Part of the problem is that I feel the need to box EVERYTHING. I mean almost EVERYTHING – and anything that’s not in a box… well, then it’s in a bag that we’re taking over and not having the movers bring over.

I just have this whole thing about having movers move anything that’s not big enough to be considered furniture, and stuff that’s not in a proper box that’s been taped closed. So that means I want to pack EVERYTHING in a proper box that can be taped shut and stacked. Other wise I feel it’s like… handing them a rolling cart full of loose items. I don’t know. Plus, we’re also trying to cut down on the time that the movers have to be there so the more ‘packed’ we are, the less ‘packing’ that actually has to go on when they get there – saving us money.

We ate a spot called ‘Tin Drum’ over in Sandy Springs this weekend and it was a good choice – not anything adventurous, but after our relatively terrible lunch at Saigon Cafe in Decatur… yeah, Tin Drum was awesome in comparison.

Penang chicken up above. Seriously. Lately I’ve been on this big um, ‘penang’ kick. It’s such a good flavor!… and I’m sure the coconut milk has relatively few calories right? I mean, like none. And fat? zero. Definitely. Well. Um. I guess I’ll take comfort in that it’s not ‘breaded and fried’ chicken right?

So. Work today. Homework. Yeah. Like every class, this latest one is really a bit of a struggle only because of the timing – but about half the time it’s really inconvenient anyways. I can’t not do the paper this week because it’s worth double the number of points of last week’s paper (which I did not due after the cost/benefit analysis of time vs. paper) so… this week’s paper, a MUST do. Hopefully I can knock it out relatively easy. Sometimes… it’s a real battle. Tonight? It’s the battle of me against the clothes.


Food Photos Because We’re Hungry

Eggs & Avocados - Food Photo

We didn’t realize that we already had two dozen eggs so Leah bought another dozen – so we’ve been eating eggs every morning lately + avocados! We didn’t buy bread so it’s just the two items + coffee! ‘Cause obviously, more than anything else, coffee is a breakfast staple (for me at least!)


Okay look. I just haven’t had the time to cook-up my 3 small meals that I eat while at work (all part of my six small meals a day-lose-weight-build-muscle-plan) so, I’ve been cheating and splitting up panda express food. But wait! Before you all out laugh at me, let’s look at the nutritional facts… ah nevermind. Ah um. Okay. The short run-down. Compared to their Orange Chicken which is about 500 calories + like 14 grams of fat per serving.

If you choose mandarin chicken or kung pao – that’s roughly 250 cal per serving + white rice which is something like 380 cal per – SO. If you get the lunch combo with 2 entrees and white rice, then divide it into two – that’s two ‘meals’ at roughly 600 calories… um. Okay. When you do the math it’s a lot I guess – but not compared to eating the whole thing at once. 1,200 calories in one sitting? AND that’s with the lighter entree options – just think if you get the orange chicken for lunch, the math works out like this: 

(500 cal per serving X 2) + (760 cal. 2 servings of rice in a to-go container) = 1,760 calories for lunch.

And now to negate all that ‘health’ talk – up above is the ‘Sunrise’ bagel sandwich – Oh, it’s so good - from my usual coffee stop before work – Bagel Boys Cafe.

Sea Salt Bagel Sandwich from Belly General Store

This is a sea salt bagel sandwich from Belly the General Store in Virginia Highlands. Leah gets these and loves them. Oh. Below is a picture of the ‘General Store’ – look, it looks all vintage and ‘old time’ – kind of like the Cracker Barrel except this place isn’t full of ‘vintage’ garbage and knick knacks that you shouldn’t ever buy.

Belly General Store in Virginia Highlands Atlanta

But still, this place is one of my favorites because of one thing. Their Nutella & Banana Panino sandwich. Forget doing the math (’cause I’d die) – I don’t see a reason for ordering anything else on their menu. I haven’t ordered anything different and I won’t – simply because I know that no matter what, I’ll wish that I had chosen to get this sandwich instead. In fact, here’s a link to our first post + video about Belly.

Nutella & Banana Panino Sandwich @ Belly General Store

It’s Thursday! Just one more after today and then we’re free for the weekend… free to pack, do homework, sleep in, eat more food, workout, and just generally rock this life.



Mi Barrio Mexican Cantina/Restaurant

Mi Barrio Mexican Cantina in Grant Park, on Memorial Ave., across from Oakland Cemetery and down the street from Six Feet Under – truly has some of the best, home-made/authentic SouthWest Mexican food in Atlanta. The GOOD stuff that you would have at any family gathering if you have any hispanic heritage in ya, and live in Arizona, New Mexico or Texas. Well – actually what you have here is a better version of the good junk you can get at any of the ‘-Bertos’* Mexican food shacks back in Arizona.

And the rambling begins.

If you have only one cat, I kind of understand letting it go out and about outdoors. Especially if you’re not home all day, or just too busy to hang out with your cat all day. It kind of comes back to having only one pet (cat or dog) that you leave at home all day alone. It’s just kind of sad. Especially when you could get two and then they could at least entertain each other when they wanted to, as opposed to one pet just zoning out on nothing – unless they actually like to be completely alone. I just think about if we only had one cat and not two – but I’m just going on about nothing really because some pets, just like people, want to live alone.


But for the sociable ones, like our cats – being alone all the time would suck. Especially since our cats actually like each other (most of the time) and play and fight and sleep next to/on top of each other/with us. But what am I going on about? I don’t know, I’m just waiting for the laundry to finish.


Warm, golden chips + good salsa are a requirement for a good Mexican restaurant right? – even if we try to not eat them – when you get a bad set of chips or salsa before you meal, it just starts everything off on the wrong foot.

I know we mention some blog(gers) quite regularly, so I figure today I’ll mention our friend YogaGirl! She used to work hardkore in a lab and then she started teaching yoga/fitness part time and then she quit her lab job and became a master instructor of all things fitness-class. I ‘met’ her while she still lived in Houston and then she moved to Oregon a few years ago with her husband where they do A LOT of house remodeling – so much so that her blog is about half fitness and then half HGTV. Still. I’ve known her since back when I had a blog @, and then through all of my different incarnations of MarkRoX. Fortunately, she’s relatively slow to update her links and she kept me listed during the months(years) where I would stop blogging and just kind of do nothing online or off. (Is there life offline?)

So. I’ve been in school for a while now (this round) and I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of pulling an ‘all-nighter’ and how, I haven’t done one of those this time around. I mean, sure I’ll stay up late to finish a paper, or the ‘participation posts’ (it’s online school – and um, well, it’s at least a degree) but I haven’t had to pull an all-nighter. I suppose that’s because I also don’t have real tests. They’re all take home. So there’s no need to really ‘study’ in the same manner. And even then, everything else? It’s just measuring the hit I’ll take (10 points off for each day late)  and how much I’d rather be sleeping – mostly when it gets past midnight, sleeping is worth more since I still have to go to work the next morning.


My Chimichanga (and I know, they don’t really have these things in Mexico – but thank god they do in the border states – because damn, a fried burrito? Genius.

I LOVE the fact that I finally bought a replacement laptop battery for my larger HP laptop – now it functions as a laptop again and I can take it places since the battery holds a charge now. Now if I could only get the USB ports repaired and actually connect things to it…

*-Bertos’ mexican food shacks are these things we have in Arizona where basically, you take some sort of small rundown food spot (often times in a strip mall) – add a window for people to walk up or drive up to and order – and just keep it open 24 hours day, serving the largest burritos possible and other magical mexican foods back in the hole of a kitchen that barely passes the health inspections – and the food is probably better for it. Of course, you don’t have to listen to us, remember we LOVE street food and everything that that entails (the mystery, the dirty, and the fact that many people won’t touch the stuff.) Oh, and they all have a naming convention of where, you can choose anything you want in front of the ‘Bertos part, but you MUST have the Bertos in the name. Some examples are FiliBertos, RigoBertos, JuanoBertos, MarkRoXBertos…

We have boxes, and now we’re fighting the urge to just let a Sunday afternoon slowly ease away like it should – without too much trouble or work… but we all know that’s not what we should  do. So. Like the list has been saying to us for the past week – Laundry, Packing, Cleaning, Packing, Homework, Packing.


Art Showing @ DressCodes in Decatur

Last Thursday after getting home and then taking a short nap on the floor, Leah woke me up so we could go to an art gallery showing @ Dresscodes, the clothing boutique owned/operated by our friends Karen & Brett. They have an art showing about every few months with a new artist each time. We haven’t been to one since the first one but this one definitely had many more people and it was a lot of fun to stop by, check things out, and catch up with the two of them. As usual, the clothes are fun to look through and they also have some cool accessories and hard to find jeans and um, other things I mentioned in the first post about them that night we had dinner together.

These are always nice ’cause like any art showing, they have free beer (or wine) and cheese and crackers! Okay. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much to get excited about, but Free is FREE! And I’m always in a good mood for free alright?

Karen is the one in Blue and Brett is over there with the polka dot hat on.


Afterwards, we went across the street and had some thai food @ Amaryn’s – it’s decent enough there with no real surprises, but it’s our default place lately when we don’t feel like thinking. Still, rarely do we get all out disappointed.

Just a few more days house sitting @ the big house. Good. Great.

Mi Barrio last night and Highland Bakery for breakfast today. The Good Food Never Stops Here.

Anna’s Place B


These are shots we took when we visited our friend Anna (of Anna & Chris!) back before we went to Summerfest – I never got around to posting these shots ’cause um, well it happens often and we keep doing things and then those get pushed to the front and shots from days like this get pushed to our filler days or when we simply just haven’t had the time to edit/upload the new photos (like ones from last night’s art show @ Dresscodes.) But still! It’s Friday! Seriously. Seriously, thank goodness it’s… well, close to the weekend.

I didn’t really get nearly as much as I had hoped last night, what with the thing and then also having to go over to the house sitting place and turn on the lights, try to convince the cat to come inside and feed her – which we didn’t do since there was another cat in the yard and so the rightful cat decided to fight/scare off that other cat away – since y’know, it was encroaching on her property. But we left food on the back porch (as instructed) and I checked it this morning – all gone so she probably ate it.

This whole letting your cat outside for the day or night is crazy to me – simply because I’ve never let One-Two or Three-Four out and about. Never. Which is good and bad for reasons I’m unaware of, but at this point, they’re not going out there – even if they think they want to – and the few times they have escaped for a second – they freeze once they’re outside and run back inside anyways.

Photo Removed

This shot and the 1st one up above are my imitations of Jan Vermeer paintings and his window lighting.

I’ve been going to the same spot for coffee in the mornings – Bagel Boys Cafe – near work and recently, they’ve started giving me the whole ‘regular customer’ treatment – which isn’t hard since I usually only get a large coffee, and rarely get a sandwich (they’re good there by the way) – but yeah, I forgot how nice it is to be a ‘regular’ somewhere and have the staff actually remember you. Even if they don’t know your name (even if they did, they’d probably only remember my drink anyways – you know, that’s just how it is when you serve coffee or drinks all day) but still, I’m apparently sucker for any amount of recognition. It also helps that they have really good flavored coffee (I’m over being a coffee purists and wanting to only taste the natural flavors of coffee.) They have this chocolate macadamia nut flavored blend… and then a good vanilla hazelnut one… just add half & half and I’m good – I don’t even need to add my usual 2 cups of fake sugar.

Okay. I just got the hang of Twitter – but now I’m lost on how useful/accessible plurk is going to be – of course, that could just be me since um, it took me until yesterday to upgrade the WordPress version around here – and it was only a matter of two clicks since we use Bluehost.

Enough rambling, let’s get to the end of the work day already!


No More Photos

No More Photos on this blog!

No just kidding. I do have questions though.

Well, mainly just one. Are you generally confused as to who writes each entry (is it Leah? is it Mark?) or can you generally get the gist of things from reading the text? Either way, how much does it really matter to you? – since the writing is done at about a 9/1 ratio. Okay. I guess that’s two questions.

In an attempt to figure out how I met MelMaples and how long I/we’ve known her, I went through my LJ account and realized that I used to make blog entries with no photos. Entire paragraphs with nothing in between them except space. Who knew I could get so wordy? Maybe I had more to say back then. Oh yeah, we also didn’t have cameras that work as well as the current ones.

Is it bad when you have to move in 12 days and you haven’t packed ANYTHING? Seriously. Is that bad? Because it’s true. True enough that I could feasibly stress out about the whole thing except I take solace in the fact that I could technically throw everything into boxes and sort it all out later – as long as I had enough boxes – which I do not. It’s just that collecting/buying all these boxes so that we can pack everything and move 6 miles down the road seems like a big hassle. Sure, we’re hiring movers and that’ll make EVERYTHING easier, but we still have to pack it all up so that they can just carry the boxes over with the furniture. Pack. Pack. Pack.

Actually. It’s going to come down to a simple matter of throwing out everything we don’t need and throwing everything else into boxes. Which again, is simple enough as long as we have enough boxes. And ‘collecting’ enough of them could feasibly cost as much in time as it does to just BUY them. So. Um. The end of that thought.

Tonight we’re stopping by Dresscodes – the clothing boutique in Downtown Decatur that our friends Karen & Brett own/operate. They’re having another gallery showing for an artist who is showing art in their store (they rotate them on a regular basis.) So ya know, if you’re bored around 6pm and happen to be in Decatur, stop in and let me take a picture with you! Oh. I suppose you should also check out all of the clothes and art and stuff that’s there too. I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Okay. Just one photo. Have a great day.


One-Two! Three-Four!



Ah nevermind. Following Melissa’s instructions, ‘Posted by’ is clearly added at the bottom AND I even finally got around to updating the WordPress version we’re using here.


Now I wanna do more coding edits! and throw more junk on this place! (I regularly try out different widgets/plugins on the sidebar – to see how they look/usefulness/interesting and stuff like that. That’s why some things appear and disappear every now and then. PLUS – obviously if it’s too wide then it can’t go in the sidebar no matter what. And every now and then, I even think about changing themes! But then I look around and there’s just nothing else compelling/looks good enough to change it up – besides, we’ve only existed four months. Ah. I guess I’ll leave it alone.

All Out Food

Let’s just accept the fact that today wasn’t the most healthy day in our food history so far. Granted, we’ve eaten lots of fried food and stuff that is generally considered ‘bad’ – but for some reason I put pizza that is not home made, and Chinese food from Panda Express in the same do-not-touch zones as say, McDonald’s or any other fast food chain. I/we just consider them worse, even if mathematically/calorie-wise, they are not. (Did you know that McDonald’s owns Chipotle?)

And while it may seem like all we ever do is post photos of food (and you’d be close to correct!), we do post photos of other things ya know?… AND food. But still, I have to admit, it gets rough to find subject matter during the week. Yet we eat Everday so that’s an easy topic to get into.

Currently, we’re spending every other night @ the site we’re house sitting at in Inman Park. An old home built at the turn of the 20th century (1900’s for you kids who don’t know any better.) Sadly, this house is over 100 years old and has central air – while ours, has none. Also, this house has a monster kitchen.

Sadly (okay not really) this was breakfast – fluffy eggs & cheese on an asiago bagel. I wouldn’t say it was bad – because it was great!

Aha! The flickr photo editor is working again so I can show this photo of the kitchen now –

Those are the big doors to the fridge and the freezer on the left – then the gas stove top/oven/convection oven/grill – I also like the overhead superfan to pull away all the smoke when I let the oil heatup in the wok too fast and burn! But there is a lot of room, and like I said in an earlier post – nearly every utensil and spice you would ever need to cook something – plus the woman of the house has a lot of asian cook books – so she also has quite the spice collection.

In fact, Leah cooked these for breakfast yesterday. Blueberry muffins and they were obviously quite good. Hopefully we’ll find the budget to cook some more things and just use this kitchen as much as we can while we’re here. Oh, we’re also trying to gather some friends for a little get together this weekend, pot luck style – yes, a small group hanging out in this big house with the 20 foot high ceilings. I’ll take some photos during the day when the light is better and then post them – right now we’ve just been getting here too late and at night so it’s all indoor lighting and the shots just aren’t working out.

Oh, we met with a possible DJ for our wedding – it looks good so soon that’ll be one less thing to worry about.

The weekend is almost here.