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You. Are. Beautiful. | by +Krista

I have a confession to make. I have… a tattoo. A whole whopping ONE tattoo. I know. I’m a rebel. (My grandma doesn’t even know about it. She also doesn’t know how to check her email, so I think my confession is safe.) I got it three or four years ago, during one of the most trying, confusing, bittersweet times of my entire life. It’s simple and small and hidden under my clothes, which I actually kind of love. I did it for myself and the meaning of what it represents to me is private and JUST FOR ME.

My first boudoir client of the New Year was Sara, who is intensely private and yet, pushed aside any nervousness she might’ve had to have boudoir photos taken for herself first and her husband second (Her words. Obviously, Sara’s awesome.). She also rocks some pretty amazing tattoos, hidden out of sight because she’s a teacher. Now. My number one rule for my boudoir clients is that I never, ever post a single image on my blog unless you say it’s okay. (Remember me and my little hidden tattoo? So yes. I know how you feel.) Sara’s photos are all totally private, except for this one that she chose to share. It’s a really good reminder that no matter what you have hidden underneath- inside or out, you are beautiful. Really. I’m talking to you.


Atlanta. Boudoir. Photography. Krista Turner.

Trash The Dress | by +Krista

Last Saturday, on perhaps the most perfectly beautiful Saturday of 2013 thus far, my lovely client Arley and I trashed her wedding dress. Abandoned houses. Countryside. Muddy (freezing) rivers. And a century-old cotton mill! Because rivers and muddy wedding dresses are awesome and everything, but they’re not quite enough to satisfy me (and my badass clients) on shoots like this. We need MORE. So we go get it.

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (9) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (12) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (10) copy


Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (3) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (7) copy

Trash-the-dress shoots (or rock-the-frock or fearless bridal or whatever sassy/ Suessical name you want to call it) are controversial still. The very idea elicits impassioned responses from both sides, so much so that it can start to feel like election-month Facebook. Really. It gets people going. Maybe you loved your dress and want to preserve it forever and ever. That’s awesome. But maybe you only sorta loved it and love the idea of doing something crazy and artistic and ridiculous with it MORE. Or maybe you really loved your dress- that beautiful dress that fell serendipitously into your life at the perfect moment and it was just you… AND maybe you want to symbolize moving on to the next great adventure. Arley said the best thing to me during our shoot: “It’s a dress. It’s not my hopes and dreams. My marriage is a whole lot more than this dress.” BOOM. YES. What she said.

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (1) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (14) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (6) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (8) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (13) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (4) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (2) copy

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (15)

I didn’t love my wedding dress. It just wasn’t me… AT ALL. It was given to me for free, and my parents were already paying for our entire [amazing] wedding and when you’re offered a free dress under circumstances like that, what you do is, you take it. And it’s okay. We’re in our ninth year now of post-wedding life and I’d rather have the marriage. I do still have the dress too- it’s lived in the back of our closet ever since our wedding- but not for long. I practice what I preach, and I’m trashing my own dress this year too. My grandma will probably think I’m crazy, my husband will tell me to go have fun, and I’ll come home with amazing pictures + more memories + more room in my closet. The definition of winning.

Atlanta Trash The Dress Photographer - Krista Turner - L&M (5) copy

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2013 | by +Krista

Well hello there! It’s been about a hundred years since I’ve blogged- really. My husband’s grown a beard in the time I’ve taken off from regular blogging, and that’s saying something. Christmas shopping and family gatherings and messy living rooms and school breaks and a million things later, and now? It’s time to get back to work!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (20)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (24)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (8)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (11)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (10)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (17)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (9)

This past year has unfolded in ways beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. It’s been more challenging than I expected, more exhausting than I’d prepared for, and more fun than I’d hoped for. I’ve had some recent years where, honestly, I was glad to leave things behind. End chapters, move on. Swift, clean, tidy. Some things just belong in 2009 or wherever they came from… and there they stay (I hope). Other things stay behind too, but really, they’re just a preamble to something even greater. 2012 was the best preamble yet.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (1)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (38)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (18)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (28)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (23)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (21)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (25)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (19)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Krista Turner |

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (26)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (12)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (7)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (6)

One year ago, I applied for an internship with I’d been working as a photographer for a few years already but needed a push and decided the challenge sounded good to me. I poured my heart into that application- and then did it again when I made it past the first round of cuts. I still have my acceptance email saved in my inbox. I’d devoured every review and blog posting I could get my hands on, but I still didn’t really have a clue as to what I was about to experience.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (13)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (14)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (4)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (2)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (36)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (34)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (31)
Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (35)

Atlanta Boudoir Photographer - Krista Turner - +Krista of

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Krista Turner |

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (5)

Krista Turner _ Atlanta Photographer _ Camp Twin Lakes (5)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (30)

Applying for the internship was the single best thing I have ever done for my photography… and one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. There’s no such thing as being “above” an internship. Sure, I was already a photographer- I had clients and weddings and fancy things like print releases under my belt. But I wasn’t done learning. I’m still not done learning. Life is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, because right over that line is where the good stuff actually happens. You could stay where it’s comfortable, and that’s totally okay (I guess). But adventure is out there! It’s just that adventure, like opportunity, is often dressed in overalls and looks like work. I was craving adventure and adventure I got: first in the form of flinging myself into a brand new environment with a bunch of insanely talented strangers (who turned into mentors, colleagues, friends) and then again, after the internship was over: in the form of a little + sign next to my name. And now a new gaggle of slightly crazy Interns are about to embark on their own adventure as another season begins. Slightly crazy in the bravest, most adventurous way. It’s a little like Groundhog’s Day, but it’s also really amazing to watch.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (33)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (29)

Krista Turner - Atlanta Wedding Photographer - LeahAndMark (8)

Atlanta Photographer | Krista Turner |

Krista Turner - Atlanta Photographer - LeahAndMark
Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (15)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (22)

Now, it’s January. The beginning of every new year has always appealed to me immensely because I love the idea of a fresh start- a clean(ish) slate, and another year full of moments and challenges and adventures that you HAVE NO IDEA ARE GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU YET. That’s AWESOME. And a little terrifying.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (39)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner (9)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner (2.1)

Atlanta Dance Photographer | Krista Turner |

Krista Turner - Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Traveling Worldwide

Krista Turner - Atlanta Photographer -

But mostly, it’s awesome. Sixteen days into the new year and I’ve already booked more weddings than any year before. I’m traveling more this year. I’m hustling more. Shooting more. (And editing more.) I feel like I’m finally settling into the best rhythm for myself and my family, too. More vacations. (Because more weddings allows that now, for which I’m forever thankful.) More books. More parks. More swimming. More walks. Less junk and more slowing down to watch my daughters as they grow into their own skins, with hopes and dreams and crushes. And most of all, setting more of an example to them that adventure waits for them too. They just have to go after it.

Atlanta. Wedding. Photographer. Krista. Turner.

Boudoir is an Adventure | by +Krista

Boudoir can be a lot of things. Glamorous. Romantic. Sexy. Empowering. (And also slightly terrifying. I know.) But most of all? Boudoir is an adventure. Seriously. The idea of it is still taboo to a lot of people, which I wholeheartedly understand but fiercely disagree with… because it shouldn’t be. It’s okay to dress up and be glamorous and sexy. (And really, it’s more than okay. I think it’s required. On [at least] an almost daily basis.) But to step outside of your comfort zone in such an in-your-face, no-holds-barred kind of way is the truest definition of an adventure. So it’s really awesome that I’m also continuously surprised at the number of women who, after it comes up in conversation, have actually been dying to do a boudoir shoot too… and just never gave themselves the permission to do it. Oh, I just really want to do that too because it looks like so much fun. And the thing is, it IS fun. And beautiful and empowering and all that jazz I talk about all the time.

My latest boudoir shoot was back at the W Hotel again, which is fast becoming my favorite spot for boudoir in the city. (The stairs in the lobby make me feel like Cinderella and the best papaya martini in existence lives here. Boom. Instant love.) This time, we got started early in the morning and the sunlight streaming in through those beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows was perfection. And my lovely client, who made my day when she said she was doing this for herself more than anyone else, got to jump in and have fun, feel empowered, be sexy. IN YOUR FACE.

She did awesome. Of course. Afterwards, I asked her if she was glad she’d done the boudoir thing. Because the idea of boudoir can be scary and just a little intimidating, I always ask this question. I really want to know. Even more so than making beautiful photos that make my clients feel good damn good about themselves, it’s my goal to make sure they’re glad they did this, even (or especially) if it was a little daunting. Because if you’re going to toe the edge of an adventure, then jump in with eyes open, it better be worth it. She was SO glad she’d done it, she said. And guess what? You’d be glad too.

Atlanta. Boudoir. Photographer. Krista Turner.

{Hair and Makeup by Ansley Gwinn}

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Dancer | by +Krista

This weekend, I cheated.

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings lately… so to shoot something so different from what I’ve been doing almost every weekend this fall? Honestly, it felt like I was cheating on weddings. Oh, but dance. We have a history. A past. A connection that is so NOT like weddings- it’s gritty and tattooed and deeper than it looks on the outside. And while I’ve fallen in love with weddings and love and the amazingness of photographing weddings, that spark with dance is still there… and maybe, in a way, that chemistry makes me a better photographer all around. I delve into weddings with that little bit of dance I carry around with me. It’s all about perspective.

My little girl takes ballet. I decided upon ballet for her because, as a former dancer myself who quit too soon, I know that dance is tough, and builds you up in a way that simply cannot be rivaled. Most men I know- tough guys who can take on anything, no matter how big the challenge- couldn’t hold a candle to the physically- and psychologically-demanding requirements of being a dancer. Being a dancer builds discipline. Confidence. Resiliance. Character. It’s HARD. Harder than you think. But when you’re a dancer, spotlight in your face and lambswool shoved into the toes of your shoes, you eat/ breathe/ sleep it. It’s challenging and demanding and arduous and fulfilling… and worth it in ways that only other dancers really understand.


I’ve done several shoots with dancers now (here and here). And you know, I just really like it. I’m not afraid of repeating shots [because I don’t] or running out of ideas [because I don’t]. I’m shooting more and more weddings all the time and I’m not afraid of more weddings- because I love it so, so much. And shooting a dance concept is no different for me.

This is Greer. She’s a dancer, naturally. (She’s also an actor and a model and she sings, teaches dance, and does choreography, in case your brain needed to be demolished from all the talent she packs.) She and I have been trying to work with each other for months now, but our schedules never cooperated until this. And I’m so glad it worked out that way- true serendipitous alignment at the Goat Farm, with lifts and leaps and some non-dance stuff too. I like this niche I’ve found. A lot. And I want to do even more.

For now, my little girl still loves dancing. Maybe she’ll stick with it. I danced with girls who went on to Julliard and European tours and parts in Cats… and I won’t lie, I would love that for my daughter. But she is a girl who does her own thing- and if soccer or tae kwon do or fixing cars alongside her dad strikes her fancy, then we’ll move on to the next chapter in her life. But that feeling of spinning on stage has never left me. The peace from stretches and warm-ups- replaced by Yoga in my journey towards 30- that peace hasn’t left me either. And while the discipline and confidence have waned a little over the years (again, I blame that journey to 30), I remember my roots. And if I can satisfy that craving with the Pointe shoes still in my closet and the chance to make lovely photos of dancers, well… I’m pretty sure I’ve found my happy new medium.


 Atlanta. Dance. Photographer. Ballet. Jazz. Contemporary.

MacKenzie & Ryan | by +Krista

Through my journey with everything I’ve done and everywhere I’ve been this year, I’ve met a lot of people. A LOT OF PEOPLE. A LOT OF REALLY AWESOME PEOPLE. Amazingly talented, artistic, funny, kind people- honestly, the gaggle of people that have come into my life this year are unlike any others I’ve ever known. Clients. Brides. Grooms. Families. Friends. Children. Performers. Artists. And most of all, fellow photographers from every far-flung corner imaginable… and some that went to high school right down the street from me.

Paralee is kind of a legend. She was the very first Intern- ever- and everyone who knows her thinks she’s the sweetest thing in existence. And so, when I got an email out of the blue from this Very Famous Paralee, asking if I’d like to partner up with her on a wedding in Savannah, I felt like I was entering this new level of being a photographer. My internship may be a thing of the past, but the challenge of what I’m doing never ends- and it’s never going to– and the idea of doing something OTHER than either second-shooting or lead-shooting, but instead, truly building a partnership for a wedding, almost literally split right down the middle, well, I was intrigued- I’d never photographed a wedding that way before. That, and I was thrilled and honored to work with Paralee.

The wedding was lovely. The weekend was lovely. The bride and her family, whom we stayed with in an incredible house right on the beach on Tybee Island, were lovely. The groom and the families and the friends and the beach and the entire three days… just lovely. Really. There was a lot of loveliness going on. The bride’s sister walked her down the aisle. There were fabulous yellow cardigans involved. From a First Look on the beach… ON THE BEACH… to a dock-side ceremony right on the bayou… to the envitable shrimp and grits as synonymous to Savannah as the Spanish moss that I miss again already… it was all just perfect. And fun. And romantic. And… lovely. It’s weddings like these that make me want to get married all over again- to my husband again of course- he humors the shrimp and grits thing so I think I’ll keep him.

Thank you to MacKenzie and Ryan and your families for everything- for opening your home to us and welcoming us so warmly into your family for the weekend. And I made a new friend out of the weekend- Paralee, thank you for everything and I’ll see you at the next one!

Atlanta. Wedding. Photographer. Savannah. Tybee. Beach.

Sunday In The Park | by +Krista

So it’s October. Fall. Autumn. Pumpkin spice lattes (finally!) and pretending it’s colder than the Georgia weather allows. Halloween. Costumes. Things that go bump in the night. It’s my favorite time of year.

And guess what? It’s pretty much EVERYONE’S favorite time of year- yours too. (Didn’t you know that?) So partially to celebrate- and mostly just because I’m always looking/ working/ networking/ hustling to shoot things that are different, I’ve partnered up with Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta to photograph some things this month… things that are different.

Once a year, Oakland Cemetery puts on a huge event called Sunday In The Park. They call it a Victorian street festival, but really, it was one of the coolest events I’ve been to in the city in a very, very long time- and “street festival” doesn’t even begin to convey how awesome this was. To hold a huge festival in a cemetery is [apparently] creepy to some people. Those people, clearly, have never been to Oakland. It’s beautiful. Peaceful. And one of the loveliest places in all of Atlanta. Street performers. Tours. History. Storytelling. Music. Dancing. Food trucks. (And frozen chocolate-covered bananas. Amen.) An artist’s market. Carriage rides. Victorian costumes (to put it lightly). It was just… a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Cemeteries actually hold a lot of beauty in them- and photographers are known to be big fans of shooting in them. But what I (+ my awesome team: Intern Joy and Intern Kathryn) tried to focus on was something more than just pretty scenery. The tombstones are beautifully intricate. The leaves are all beginning to turn. It’s undoubtedly a photograph waiting to happen… but to see people- costumed or not, young and old, families and hipsters, from all walks of life- taking in Oakland and it was meant to be absorbed. That is what makes Oakland and especially an event like Sunday In The Park, so different. It’s why I’m so honored to have been a part of it. And it’s why you should spend more time in cemeteries- really- because they’re awesome. And so is Oakland.

Atlanta. Photographer. Historic. Oakland. Cemetery.

Swanky | by +Krista

Remember my latest boudoir post, full of gorgeous models and brooding thoughts about beauty and bravery and why everyone (including you) should have a boudoir shoot of your own at least once in your life? Well. I present to you the most recent proof that I’m, indeed, totally right about this one: Ashley’s boudoir session.

Ashley’s getting married- next week! And she decided to jump in and do this shoot partly for her fiancé but mostly for her… which is, as I’ve preached a million times, something I think everyone woman deserves to do and SHOULD do- at least once in her lifetime.

I believe that boudoir is not just getting some amazing photos of yourself. Yes, we’ll get amazing photos- ones that will make you feel proud and confident and sexy and beautiful- but I also think that much of boudoir is about the experience of gaining that confidence. That smoldering sexpot confidence. That beautiful-in-your-own-skin confidence. That hey-I-look-pretty-AND-HAPPY confidence. The experience is what makes it fun.

So when I shoot a boudoir session, I want to make the experience fun for you. So we shoot someplace awesome- where you’re comfortable and most in your zone as you embrace your confidence and the lacey/ stretchy/ silky pretty things. This time, it was in a swanky suite at the W Hotel in Midtown- which was incredible. But maybe your place is a little more subdued- quiet bed-and-breakfast? Wide open field? It’s wherever you want, as long as it’s awesome. That’s my rule. And hair and makeup. Because we’re chicks and yes, sometimes we go against the grains of our inner screaming feminists and want to wear pretty lipstick. That, and there’s just something about getting to play dress-up. You feel good. Special. Like it’s an occasion. Because it is.

Maybe your occasion is in a place like the W- and that’s perfect because I can stand at the floor-to-ceiling windows all day long, happy as a [city] clam. Or maybe your occasion is, oh, in a river- like a mermaid. The thing is… your boudoir session can be whatever you want it to be. As long as you feel good about yourself, we’re good. Hotel. Field. At home in your kitchen. Or the mermaid thing. It’s anything. Whatever makes you feel beautiful. Because that’s exactly what you are.

Atlanta. Boudoir. Photographer. W Hotel. Beauty. Bravery. Awesome.

Whole World Improv Theatre | by +Krista

Friends are hard to come by. Not acquaintances- those are easy: sitting next to you at work, standing in front of you in the grocery store check-out, living next door and sharing a fence line and carpool duties- but FRIENDS. Real, fun, enriching friendships… the soulmate variety who make you laugh (and laugh alongside with you). And I have a confession- whenever The Husband and I meet new friends- people who are nice and awesome and seem like the kind of people who’d get excited about our annual Halloween parties- well, we take them to this little place called Whole World Improv Theatre. It’s like an audition. And call me judgemental, but if (and only if) these new friends laugh their asses off, tears running down their cheeks and appreciating Whole World for the awesomeness that it is (and that noplace else can replicate), well. THOSE are the friends we keep around. Simple as that.

When I was younger, I was pretty down on Atlanta- the city in general just underwhelmed me. (Total snob that I am, I compare every city to New York and thus never will love another place quite like it.) BUT. Atlanta is actually not bad. In fact, it’s awesome. You just have to know where to look and how to explore the city. And in a city that’s home to places like Piedmont Park, the Plaza Theatre, and art on the Beltline, all perfect and unique to a city that does chicken and waffles like nobody’s business, a place like Whole World just… fits. They’re a nonprofit theatre that’s done amazing things around the city- from Improv in the Park every year to Improv In Dialysis in conjucture with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta- and most importantly, they’re funny. Hilarious. Laugh-til-you-cry… or pee-yourself funny. And they’re also awesome. Really, really [really] awesome.

To be able to walk into Whole World on a random Wednesday night and um, HAVE THE RUN OF THE PLACE was crazy. I’ve been going there for ten years, so to talk (and direct) the actors that I’ve watched (and laughed at) for such a long time was kind of like meeting a gaggle of celebrities and then having to boss them around. At first, I felt ridiculously shy… until Creative Director Chip readied himself for his close-up with spray of cherry Binaca and I realized that these people were just funny. We (myself + Interns Haley and Krisandra) laughed from behind our cameras the. entire. time.

Thank you to Chip and Eric and Emily and the whole WWIT family for welcoming us so warmly. And for making us laugh- for the ten years since I first discovered Whole World and to the next ten, twenty, fifty. You. Are. Awesome.

Atlanta. Photographer. Improv. Whole. World. Theatre.

My Kind of Town | by +Krista

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sort of busy: and the best kind of busy at that: busy traveling! When I started the LeahAndMark internship a million years ago- and even more so when I officially joined the LeahAndMark family a few months later- I knew I’d probably stay busy. (Which is awesome and kind of my thing- I just prefer to stay busy. Also. I prefer having an excuse as to why I’m always behind on laundry.) Busy, yes. Traveling, I only hoped. (Because guess what? Traveling is kind of my other thing.) And this summer, I checked off two cities I’d always hoped I’d get to see: Boston and Chicago. And I’ve even been able to see places I hadn’t necessarily thought to include on my list- places like Iowa. Because guess what again? Iowa is surprisingly beautiful. Says the city girl who prefers crowds to clouds.

I’d always pictured Iowa as huge farmland, stretching as far as you could see in all directions. Yellow fields. Blue skies. Barns and farmhouses and horses. And corn. Lots and lots of corn.

So after Mark and I landed in Chicago, zipped into downtown, and Instagrammed atop the Sears/ Willis Tower (because we’re photographers and we Instagram- true artists of our craft), we drove across Illinois and into Iowa.

Driving, I realized that what I’d imagined Iowa to look like was, in fact, completely true. Really. Farmland for miles and miles, in every direction around you. Blue skies. Yellow fields. (Soybeans!) And yes- there’s a lot of corn. But it’s beautiful and actually took my breath away. Easily in the top five of the most beautiful places my eyes have ever seen.




It’s funny. As a photographer, you know you’re going to learn something new every single day. Sometimes it’s a new lighting technique. A shortcut in your editing maybe. Sometimes you learn about the perks of flying first class. (Twice! Thanks, Mark!) Or sometimes, you learn that, as much as you may love one thing (a place, a city, a favorite bench in the park), beauty is unexpectedly hiding in places and things you’d never really thought about before. And adventure is hiding too. You just have to be open to discovering/ seeing/ experiencing new things. New places. New moments. New adventures.

If I kept myself closed off, I’d miss so much. SO MUCH. Life. Family. Marriage and babies an houses and vacations. Traveling. Adventure. Lessons and mistakes. Places. Cities. Fields of yellow soybeans pressed against perfect blue skies. Mimosas in first class. And shooting these amazing, beautiful weddings that continue to take my breath away.

Atlanta. Wedding. Photographer. Chicago. Iowa. Travel.

Connecting | by +Krista

A few years ago, I came across this really awesome (and very poignant) quote- I found it (or it found me) at a time when my life was essentially flipped upside down. I was questioning things a lot: where I was, where I was going, and who I’d chosen to surround myself with. And then, I found it. I’d like to say it was scrawled someplace significant but it was probably doodled on the inside of a college textbook or something… but it basically slapped me in the face: “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do.” And wow. It was exactly the lightbulb moment I needed. And while I’ve stumbled and backslid a few times since, that saying is now always in the back of my mind, like the good advice I don’t always follow but do always remember- eventually. Because life is about connections. Like photography.

It’s easy to snap a picture of something pretty. There’s pretty stuff all around us- a sunset, a bunch of flowers, whatever. But the challenge of creating lies in making something a little bit (okay, a LOT) better than something that’d hang on the wall in a hotel room- and the best challenge of all is connecting. With a face: eyes locked, betraying the mind. With a moment: head thrown back in mid-laugh, shoes kicking up in the air. Or with a place: connecting so well that you’d swear you could pull a Mary Poppins and be inside that place in an instant. The connection is what I love most about photography- connecting with the camera, with another person, anything.

I find myself, especially at weddings, dropping my camera down from my face for just a moment during the first dance- because I love watching that connection between people in love. I sometimes hide around the corner of my living room hallway, watching my daughters and their own little connection: sisterly, fiery, loyal and loving- I stifle my laughter when my Little One fights back against her big sister’s bossiness with a bite. The connections in life- no matter how meaningful or superficial- are what make us.

And I’ve had lots of connections. I still wonder about some- as in, what the HELL was I thinking?- and I miss some. Regret some. Hold onto some. Let go of others. (Sometimes multiple times.) Every single connection really can be divided neatly into a category: season, reason, lifetime. I literally have a photographic memory- a blessing and a curse- and forever have those connections, no matter who they were or why they were, ingrained into my mind. And into my photography too. And that. is. awesome.

Boudoir | by +Krista

When I tell people that I shoot Boudoir Photography, I usually get one of two reactions: they’ve either a) never heard of such a thing, or b) only pictured boudoir as some kind of explicit, sordid Thing We Don’t Talk About. Yeah. Well. Here’s the thing: Boudoir is Awesome.

I’ll confess a secret: I actually have a lot of issues with self-esteem and body confidence. I’ve struggled with it my whole life- through middle school’s awkward years of bra fittings and changing for gym class, to high school when I battled up-and-down body image problems, to even now, as I struggle (again) to lose the baby weight and fit back into my size 6 pre-pregnancy jeans. And the worst part of not feeling good about yourself is other people and the words that hurt us most. And specifically, Mean Girls: those other people who affected you (and me) in high school and now take the form of mutual friends and fellow PTA moms. I know. I understand- more than you could probably ever know. Which is why I shoot Boudoir: simply put, it reminds you that you are, in fact, beautiful. Just the way you are.

There’s something powerful about feeling beautiful. Yes, it goes against the very foundation of feminism and the words we’ve screamed- our minds are more important. Our strength is more important. Our rights are more important than the way we look or how well we walk in heels. And that’s true- all of those things ARE more important. But the most important thing any woman, anywhere, can do for herself is to throw all her hang-ups about big thighs or boyish hips out the window and embrace feeling good. About her mind, her beliefs, her body, her flaws, everything. THE WHOLE PACKAGE. Seriously. Centuries’ worth of artistic masterpieces are hanging in museums all over the world- if Picasso and Klimt and Modigliani and Botticelli could understand that we are beautiful, why can’t we?

I had my own boudoir shoot once before- a few years (and one baby) ago. At first, I sort of just felt ridiculous. Silly. Embarassed. (After all, can’t all women still perform the 7th Grade locker room trick: taking off your bra without ever having to undress in front of anyone?) But then something shifted within me and by the end of that shoot, I OWNED that damn thing. It’s a rare thing that I love a picture of myself- 99% of the time, I cringe, make a joke to make myself feel better, and file it away in a drawer in my dresser. (Which, ironically enough, happens to be the drawer where I keep my underwear. Coincidence?) But that feeling- hair, makeup, everything in place, and I felt it all. Powerful. Sexy. Strong. Beautiful. It was awesome- the medicine that I needed to remind myself that I AM those things. And so are you.

You could do a boudoir session for your husband. Fiance. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Whoever. But really? You should do it for yourself. You’ll be so glad that you did. Trust me.

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