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Moving Right Along | Goodbye from +Krista

Today, I’m posting on for the last time.

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Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Krista Turner - LeahAndMark (34)

I have a story for you. I moved out on my own two days after my 18th birthday. Two! DAYS! Now that I’m actually a grown-up (because let’s face it: when you’re 18, you’re not a grown-up), I can say with complete and utter certainty, that that was nuts. So much could have happened to me. Bad stuff. Mistakes. Poor decisions and no money to pay bills. Failure. BUT.

Moving away from home when I did was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in all my twenty-seven years of existence. And not because I hated home, or hated my parents, or hated the safety and comfort of my cozy little bedroom. I had one of the happiest childhoods I’ve ever heard of, actually, and my parents have somehow, in that weird full-circleness of life, become some of my very best friends. I left home not in spite of the lovely things I had surrounding me but because of them. I needed to be on my own. To make decisions myself. To risk mistakes and crappy judgment and empty bank accounts. To chance failure. And I wasn’t entirely alone anyway- I brought along my tall, dark, and handsome high school sweetheart to chance those things alongside me. I had a partner, yes, but the experience was all my own. And it shook me and shaped me into the evolved version of myself that I am today: strong(er), smart(er), and even more fiercely independent than I was even as a kid. That experience of jumping into the unknown is what did it for me.

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So now, I’m leaping from the nest again so to speak- still shooting, still blogging, still growing as a photographer every single moment, just over at instead. It’s weirdly parallel to how I’m feeling now and how I felt when I was 18. Excited, anxious, impatient, and scared shitless too. Applying for the internship was the single greatest thing I’ve ever (EVER) done for my photography, and right up there in my top ten for best decisions of my life. Coming onboard as an Associate Photographer- with that fancy little + sign in front of my name- has been equally life-changing, and soul-shaping and mind-bending and FUN. The things I’m coming away from this experience with, well… they’re things you’re not going to find anywhere else. (Trust me. I looked.) And the best part of it all is the camaraderie you’re building with these other incredible photographers- it’s awesome because you’re surrounding yourself with so much creative energy, you can only go up from where you started. And it’s because of Leah and Mark that I’ve been able to experience this.

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And so, thank you, Mark and Leah, for bringing me into your family and showing me who I am and how to appreciate it. Knowing you both has changed me forever, and there aren’t a whole lot of people I can truly say that about. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for everything.

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Thank you to my fellow Pluses– they’re beautiful, talented photographers and you should definitely continue to follow their journeys too. Also, they know what it’s like to wrangle Mark. These ladies are simply amazing.

I’m not delving into this new chapter alone. My tall, dark, and handsome high school sweetheart is now my husband, and he happens to be my very favorite person in the world to have next to me when it’s time for a new adventure. Plus he makes me laugh and fixes me coffee late at night whenever I ask. (I’m so very lucky.)

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I remember on my first night as a new Intern, a million years ago it seems, Leah was talking about the importance of our blogging. She said we’d have readers, even if we didn’t realize it, and so it was important to keep writing (and shooting) for them too. And she was right: so many times, I’ve felt like I’ve been talking to myself in my blogs, which is totally cool because writing is a ridiculously therapeutic habit to get into. But then I’ve been out, and people I’d had no idea were even paying attention would start conversations to punctuate whatever I’d talked about in that week’s latest blog. And that has never ceased to feel really really neat to me. So thank you for reading along. I guess I like talking to myself a little, but I like talking to you so much more.



You. Are. Beautiful. | by +Krista

I have a confession to make. I have… a tattoo. A whole whopping ONE tattoo. I know. I’m a rebel. (My grandma doesn’t even know about it. She also doesn’t know how to check her email, so I think my confession is safe.) I got it three or four years ago, during one of the most trying, confusing, bittersweet times of my entire life. It’s simple and small and hidden under my clothes, which I actually kind of love. I did it for myself and the meaning of what it represents to me is private and JUST FOR ME.

My first boudoir client of the New Year was Sara, who is intensely private and yet, pushed aside any nervousness she might’ve had to have boudoir photos taken for herself first and her husband second (Her words. Obviously, Sara’s awesome.). She also rocks some pretty amazing tattoos, hidden out of sight because she’s a teacher. Now. My number one rule for my boudoir clients is that I never, ever post a single image on my blog unless you say it’s okay. (Remember me and my little hidden tattoo? So yes. I know how you feel.) Sara’s photos are all totally private, except for this one that she chose to share. It’s a really good reminder that no matter what you have hidden underneath- inside or out, you are beautiful. Really. I’m talking to you.


Atlanta. Boudoir. Photography. Krista Turner.

Whole World Improv Theatre | by +Krista

Friends are hard to come by. Not acquaintances- those are easy: sitting next to you at work, standing in front of you in the grocery store check-out, living next door and sharing a fence line and carpool duties- but FRIENDS. Real, fun, enriching friendships… the soulmate variety who make you laugh (and laugh alongside with you). And I have a confession- whenever The Husband and I meet new friends- people who are nice and awesome and seem like the kind of people who’d get excited about our annual Halloween parties- well, we take them to this little place called Whole World Improv Theatre. It’s like an audition. And call me judgemental, but if (and only if) these new friends laugh their asses off, tears running down their cheeks and appreciating Whole World for the awesomeness that it is (and that noplace else can replicate), well. THOSE are the friends we keep around. Simple as that.

When I was younger, I was pretty down on Atlanta- the city in general just underwhelmed me. (Total snob that I am, I compare every city to New York and thus never will love another place quite like it.) BUT. Atlanta is actually not bad. In fact, it’s awesome. You just have to know where to look and how to explore the city. And in a city that’s home to places like Piedmont Park, the Plaza Theatre, and art on the Beltline, all perfect and unique to a city that does chicken and waffles like nobody’s business, a place like Whole World just… fits. They’re a nonprofit theatre that’s done amazing things around the city- from Improv in the Park every year to Improv In Dialysis in conjucture with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta- and most importantly, they’re funny. Hilarious. Laugh-til-you-cry… or pee-yourself funny. And they’re also awesome. Really, really [really] awesome.

To be able to walk into Whole World on a random Wednesday night and um, HAVE THE RUN OF THE PLACE was crazy. I’ve been going there for ten years, so to talk (and direct) the actors that I’ve watched (and laughed at) for such a long time was kind of like meeting a gaggle of celebrities and then having to boss them around. At first, I felt ridiculously shy… until Creative Director Chip readied himself for his close-up with spray of cherry Binaca and I realized that these people were just funny. We (myself + Interns Haley and Krisandra) laughed from behind our cameras the. entire. time.

Thank you to Chip and Eric and Emily and the whole WWIT family for welcoming us so warmly. And for making us laugh- for the ten years since I first discovered Whole World and to the next ten, twenty, fifty. You. Are. Awesome.

Atlanta. Photographer. Improv. Whole. World. Theatre.

(Friday) I’m in Love

I got married [almost] eight years ago. And all at once, it feels like a long time and about five minutes since that day. Time has this funny habit of slowing down and speeding up at the most inopportune moments. High school algebra class? Time moved at a glacial pace. But the best times, the happiest days, the moments I wish I could live over again and again? Gone in a flash.  Among others, from the days my daughters were born to the amazing trips I’ve taken on my quest to see the world… my wedding day. Eight years or eighty, it went by much too fast and even after so many years, I wish I could go back and do it again- because it was really, really FUN. Time makes things more distant. There’s a fuzzier edge now, around memories of swing dancing at my reception, seeing my husband’s face at the end of the aisle, and dancing with my dad. Things kind of become a home movie in your head after awhile- punctuated by Etta James and the Cure and the album of wedding photos that now sits on the bookshelf in our bedroom. And it’s actually kind of awesome.


I love being a wedding photographer. Weddings are, hands-down, my absolute favorite thing to shoot. I get to be there on the most important day of your life, from hair salons and the first sips of coffee (which quickly turn into champagne) to the hand-in-hand dash to your getaway car, amidst sparklers and cheers and a crowd full of love and exhilaration that’s literally contagious. (Seriously. You can’t help but leave a wedding in a good mood, sore feet or not.) I really like being around people in love because it just really makes me happy. See? Weddings and I are pretty much soulmates

Some photographers shy away from weddings. And that’s totally fine. The beauty in having a job like this is that you get to shape it exactly how you want it to be for you. Prefer babies to weddings? Studio only? Nature, landscape, clowns? Whatever works for you– shoot what you love. I love weddings because it’s everything about photography and emotion and life and living, all wrapped up in one day. Wedding stress doesn’t scare me. In fact, I thrive under pressure. You’re trusting me to capture the most important day of your life thus far, and guess what? I’m going to do just that. I get to help tell your story- about your love, your family, your wedding, and who you are as a couple.

Fun, offbeat, unique-to-you weddings are the best. Getting on stage at your own reception to rock out to Bon Jovi? Art gallery, nightclub, the library? Beachside? Mountainside? Barbershop quartet? A Super Mario cake? Cigar roller and a mariachi band? Believe it or not, the best part about planning your wedding isn’t picking out aisle runners or cocktail napkins. It’s taking a wedding and making it your wedding. And while I believe all photographers have their own style to their work, myself included, I ALSO believe in making photographs that capture what your wedding is about. There’s nothing unique about cookie-cutter images, and that’s not why I’m in this gig. I’m here to tell YOUR story- through every aspect of the day, every kiss, every look, every detail, every bar of “Don’t Stop Believin’”. At my own wedding, we were high school sweethearts, ridiculously young and equally broke and just so ready to start our lives together. We danced to Glenn Miller, wrote our own vows, and barely had time to scarf down our really good wedding cake. (Also. Note: why doesn’t anyone warn brides that it will take you ten years to remove the ten pounds of bobby pins from your hair that night? Really. Insane.) 

But at the end of the day, no matter how lovely the flowers or delicious the cake (and us wedding photographers do love wedding cake), you’re married to the one you love. All the little details and finishing touches are wonderful, but the real reason why you [and your guests + me] are there is to celebrate the bond between the two of you. And that love- the connection that’s so strong, it literally shows up on film- is what I love most about shooting weddings. Weddings are awesome. And so are you.

Cheers for Children

I have a really awesome job. Really. I love it for a lot of reasons - capturing moments, documenting emotion – and one of them is the fact that I never know where it’s going to take me next. Literally. Last Saturday, I woke up and had a garage sale at my house in the morning… and later that afternoon, I traded my flip-flops for my glamorous black “shooting shoes” (ugly yet functional) and found myself walking through the ballroom at the W Hotel in Buckhead, prepping to shoot an event I’d long been looking forward to: the Cheers for Children Ball, put on by the Friends Junior Committee to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. See? I also get to meet incredible people and be involved in the best events and goings-on around Atlanta. Awesome job indeed.

There are a lot (and by a lot, I mean over thirty) organizations under the Friends umbrella who host events and fundraisers to benefit CHOA. And that’s amazing. But Friends Junior Committee is unique in that it’s specifically dedicated to and comprised of young professionals in their twenties and thirties, a fact apparent when I admired how wonderful a sight it was to see young people, people that check the same age demographic box at the DMV that I do, organized together to throw a party for such an important cause as a children’s hospital. And, naturally, a bunch of twenty- and thirty-somethings are going to know how to throw a party.

I walked up and down the silent auction tables, shooting and reading, and I decided something: when you’re getting donations for your charity’s auction from the best spots in Atlanta – and beyond: everything from VIP tickets to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to no-holds-barred luxury vacations to, um, a painting by Salvador Dali(!) – you know it’s going to be a pretty amazing auction. The dancing, the food, the red Moscato… well. It was quite a party, and for one of the single best causes I know. Tremendous. Also, the food and desserts were sublime. I brought a gaggle of Interns with me (Andrew, Christine, and Christina) who can attest to that. (They also rocked my face off with their hard work. To my own little team of awesomeness: thank you, guys!) 

I’m a mom- to two young children, specifically. And we’re lucky. Incredibly lucky and so very grateful that our children are healthy, happy, and here… because we should all remind ourselves more often that there’s nothing more important than having our children be those three things. When they struggle, and it doesn’t just come easy, we fight for our children- to have a life free of pain or struggles of their own, to walk or run or speak or kick a soccer ball or to become more independent. We fight for them to have a better life. Or a chance at life. And the greatest part of all is that you don’t even have to be a parent to help give a child a chance. So why not go do something good for someone who can’t ever repay you? You can volunteer. Read books. Bring flowers. Write letters. Help with homework. Donate toys. Rock babies. Give money. Go check out both CHOA and the Friends Junior Committee to see exactly how you can help too.

Thank you to Julianna, Kathy, Audrey, and Cristina for the honor of being involved in something as important as what you’re doing for the children and families at CHOA. You. Are. Awesome.

“I brought children into this dark world because it needed the light that only a child can bring.”

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

Before joining the LeahAndMark family, there were lots of things I’d never done before. Ran a photo booth. Climbed into a rusty old school bus. Waded up to my neck in a river, camera in hand. Been to Kentucky. Well. Driven through Kentucky. I’ll call it good enough.

A few weekends ago, I piled into a [swanky] minivan with Mark, Leah, and Baby RoX and spent the weekend in Indiana, shooting my very first out-of-state wedding. This was a big deal for me. Weddings! I love weddings. Traveling! If even to Evansville, Indiana, there’s something about loading up my luggage and seeing someplace new that I get ridiculously excited about. And the big one: Leah and Mark thought enough of me to ask me along. Weeks back, when Mark asked if I’d be interested in shooting an out-of-state wedding, I danced around my kitchen in excitement before rattling off a gigantic “YES!” in our G-chat window.

So I packed my luggage, marveling at how lightly [for me] I managed to pack, mulled over how much I’d miss my girls and my husband and whether or not I was ready to leave them, left pages of phone numbers and nap schedules on our kitchen counter (just in case), and in the end, jumped in with both feet and made the trip.

Want to know what I learned over the course of the weekend? Mark never sleeps. Really, the man can successfully run on about five minutes of sleep and believes coffee to be the cure for anything, like those crazy Greeks and their Windex. Also? Leah is adorable. We all know this information, because the moment anyone meets her for the first time ever, you instantly want to give her a hug. She’s also a Gardetto’s monster and would pull out this bag of trail mix throughout the weekend like Mary Poppins, a seemingly endless supply of weird little breadsticks and pretzels and snack bits. “Ooo, Gardetto’s!” Another fact? Baby RoX is the most laidback baby in the history of EVER. I seriously heard him cry for probably a total of three minutes out of the three days we spent together. He also let me snuggle him as often as I needed to, since I was away from my own babies’ snuggles for a few days.

Oh. One more thing. Mark is a genius. Now of course he made me say that, but really, he actually sort of is. I continue to learn so much from him every single time we work together. He pushes you to keep shooting- and a lesson I’d learned from him long ago (and sometimes need to remind myself of) is to shoot, shoot, shoot… and when you feel like you’re good with what you got, GO BACK AND SHOOT MORE. Ask questions too- because internship or plusdom or the busiest wedding photographer in Atlanta, you’re always going to have questions if you’re truly intent on getting even better- but ask only the RIGHT questions. Also: there is such a thing as a perfect photographer/ client match. Mark has this incredible knack for finding the most awesome clients, achieving that match of perfection.

The importance of that match is apparent when you’re at a reception and one minute, they’re cutting the [delicious] cake and the next, the bride and groom are up on the stage, belting out “Livin’ on a Prayer” and creating these amazing moments for you to capture. I’ll never hear Bon Jovi again without smiling at the memory of that moment.

Then, after our whirlwind weekend and a quick stop at the Casino on the Ohio River [a necessity. trust me.], we were back in the car and our way home. My weekend in Indiana was actually the first time I’d been away from both my daughters and my husband at the same time. Ever. And I missed them. Oh, how I missed them. I took camera-phone pictures all weekend (because I’m a photographer and that’s how I do) of farmland and our hotel and Cracker Barrel. I talked to my daughters on the phone every chance I got. And I missed them. They’re my whole world. How could I not?

But. I’m also so glad that I went and don’t regret it for one second. I’m the type of person that thrives on being busy. On doing and going. Plus I happen to have a job that I’m completely in love with, and having something just for me is really awesome and incredibly important. Leah and I talked about this a lot over the course of the weekend: how she’s not quite ready to be away from her son just yet, and how I’ve promised her that one day soon, that readiness will come. I love my children more than I could ever describe. But kid-free vacations are AWESOME. My husband is my very best friend. But I think maintaining who we are alone has been the key to 12+ years of happy togetherness. In the end, it’s wonderful (and necessary) to see the world.

But it’s also really, really wonderful to come home.

Minette Magnifique!

I’ve been sucked into the vortex that is Foursquare. I know, I know. Life is so much more than becoming Mayor of your favorite sushi take-out place and earning your coveted ATL badge. BUT. When I checked into the Warren City Club- for a burlesque show, in fact- and got extra points for visiting my first speakeasy(!), I couldn’t help it. Call me silly. I just checked into a speakeasy. Um, AWESOME.


Minette Magnifique is a group of fabulously sexy gals in Atlanta that put on burlesque shows around the city. And I’m telling you right now, if you’ve a) never seen the Minette girls in person or b) never seen a burlesque show to boot, you should know: you’re missing out. Burlesque! Costumes! Champagne! Pin-ups! Stage kittens! Cigarette girls! The art of dance, sans the pants! Seriously. Get yourself to a burlesque show immediately and start living a little bit more. They’re sexy and empowering and SO MUCH FUN. I brought Intern Luiza along with me on this one- to share in the Girl [em]Power. Have you checked our her shots from the night yet? 

Yeah. I said empowering too. I think what intrigued me most about Minette Magnifique’s show that night, besides being in a room of people who clearly share my affinity for 1940s culture, was how empowering the atmosphere really was. The performers were all beautiful, of course, but completely different from the each other. There wasn’t a formula to how any of them looked. They just looked… beautiful. And proud. And confident. And really, what’s better than feeling good about yourself?

Remember how I frequently bemoan being born decades too late? The 1940s just pull me in. I’m fascinated. My husband and I met in high school and bonded thanks in part to our mutual love of big band music. The clothes and the movies and people wearing hats every day. The soldiers and war-time love affairs. I just get swept up in the romance of it all.

A couple of years ago, I had a moment of craziness/ intelligence and had a photographer friend take some pin-up pictures of me. I disguised my reasoning for doing something so out-of-my-element as it being a gift for my husband. But I’m going to let you in on a secret. I actually did it for- gasp!– me. I had a young toddler at home and wanted (and needed) to do something for myself. I needed to feel good about myself. So I had the pictures taken and was scared and nervous and feeling pretty much ridiculous… and then I ended up having so much fun. I was so proud of myself for doing it. It’s the whole basis behind boudoir photography and why, despite people not understanding it, why I feel it’s such an incredible gift to give YOURSELF and not anybody else. It’s your opportunity to liberate yourself from the body hang-ups that women are conditioned to suffer with from the time we’re little girls. Also? It’s seriously awesome for self-esteem. Aaaaaand… it’s really really fun.

And then, a Mean Girl- and we all know our fair share of them- made a comment. And to be honest, I don’t even remember what exactly she said… but I do remember exactly how I felt. I was embarrassed- why did I think I could ever do something like that? why didn’t I lose more baby weight before taking those pictures? who did I think I was? I felt ridiculous. I wanted to die in shame or go move to Australia or join a convent. And so I let in that monster that terrorizes us all- the one that makes us doubt our beauty, our self-worth, our inner model that was effing OWNING that photo shoot just a few weeks before.

Until a girlfriend of mine- a straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is, bursting with self-confidence friend, and if we’re lucky, we happen to have one or two of them in our lives- set me straight again. “You’re beautiful and um, hello, OWNED that photo shoot, remember?” And just like that, I remembered why I did it in the first place. For me. Because doing something crazy, just for you, whether it be your own boudoir photos or doing a burlesque striptease to the theme from “A Clockwork Orange”, isn’t for anyone else. If you’re doing it for someone else’s approval, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and you’re going to fail miserably. You have to do it for you. And you have to own it.

And the girls of Minette Magnifique totally OWNED IT. So thank you, ladies- for the amazing opportunity, for graciously letting me follow you around with my camera all night, and for reminding me that we all deserve to feel beautiful. You. Are. Awesome.

To Live

I have a confession. I’m not really an outdoorsy girl. And yet, you’re looking at photos I made last weekend- made while I waded neck-deep into the Chattahoochee River, dodging fish and snakes and maybe a flesh-eating bacterium or two. Huh. How do you like that?

My photography pushes me like nothing else I’ve ever known. Clearly, because under normal circumstances, I’d be much more content back on shore, book in one hand and something fruity and frozen and topped with a little umbrella in the other. But Sunday was the River Shoot. It was like Christmas for me. (Which, ahem, is saying a lot, because I also happen to be head-over-heels in love with Christmas. Just so you know.) Also, in case you were wondering how best to pull off your OWN model-in-the-river look and where to buy some of the jewelry that one of my lovely models are wearing, check out Dazzle Me Designs. You’re welcome.

There’s something about going outside your comfort zone, not only as an artist but as a human being, that’s just really good for your soul. I donned raggedy yoga pants, hoisted my camera above my head, and just walked into a frigging river like I owned the joint.

Leaving your comfort zone is scary. And it’s scary no matter where your comfort zone is. The day of this shoot, mine was obviously on dry land, but beyond that, it’s staying behind. It takes a lot to take a deep breath and leave what you know, diving into the unknown with fear or trepidation or butterflies or anything or everything.

You can stay where it’s comfortable. A lot of us do. But you’re not really living. You’re just existing. But then the day or hour or moment will come along where you’ll read something or hear something or do something that wakes you up from this cozy little hibernation that you hadn’t even realized you’d fallen into. Something jolts you- maybe it’s a something, maybe it’s a someone- and suddenly you’re awake and the restlessness is gone. And you know what you have to do to stay alive. You live.

And you will get scared. If you’re lucky, it’s just a fish that gets a little too friendly in the Chattahoochee. But worse can- and will- happen. The trick is actually really easy: so ridiculously simple, in fact, that most of us forget it altogether. Live. Don’t just exist. Live.  



The Beginning

Hey! Guess what? I’m a plus!

First off, a secret. When I started the internship with, I had no idea what I was in for… which was actually kind of the point. Sure, I wanted to shoot more, meet new people, and find ways to both improve and feel more confident in my work, yadda yadda yadda. But most of all, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I’d seen these crazy photos from these crazy photo shoots in rivers and junkyards and bombed out buildings, with people jumping on trampolines and breathing fire and getting drenched in buckets of fake blood. I saw this and knew I wanted…. no, NEEDED to be a part of this. And somehow, after the fastest three months of my entire life, I’m an actual part of it now. And I’m honored.

I shoot everything. Weddings? Check. People? Check. Drag queens, cupcakes, a psychic in the woods? Check, check, check. I love that I keep a pair of rain boots in my trunk at all times and have used them on countless shoots. I love that my scenery changes so drastically from one day to the next. I love that my job is fun. And fulfilling and creative and forever evolving, changing, moving. I love that I’m constantly being challenged- by Mark, by my fellow photographers, by my clients, by myself. I strive to make a photo that’s interesting. Remember my affinity for staring at old photos for hours, days, weeks, years? How I love getting lost in a photo? That’s what I work to create every single time. Lose yourself in the details, or someone’s expression, or the sky or the light or the dark. Whatever grabs ahold of you.

I have a really awesome family. (Really. I have the cutest kids ever and a husband that happens to be my very best friend.) I have a penchant for busy cities, film noir, and punk rock covers of Broadway showtunes. I’m happiest when it’s cold outside and wear the salt stains on my winter boots with pride instead of buying a new pair, because the salt reminds me of the blizzard I survived in New York City last year. Life is better with pasta.

Thank you, Leah and Mark. Thank you, Raven. Thank you, Debra and Jo and all my fellow Alumni Interns. You guys teach me and inspire me and push me, and I’m so proud to be a part of your team. You. Are. Awesome.

 I’m +Krista. And I’d love to be your photographer.

Prom Night

– Posted by Krista

Once upon a time, I didn’t like high school. I got good grades and managed to avoid the shame of riding the bus once my friends and I could drive, but mostly, high school sucked. I couldn’t wait to break out and move on, away from the math classes I loathed and the mean girls that teased me. (And now, the lessons of adulthood: I really don’t ever need to differentiate functions or find the points of tangency in a right triangle, and while some of those mean girls have changed, some haven’t changed a bit.)

But what I did like about high school- loved, in fact, more than just about anything else but graduation- was the Prom. I always loved the Prom. Dress-shopping and corsage-wearing and boutenniere-pinning and limo-riding and awkward-photo-posing and dancing the night away. It was just FUN. I got to dress up, dance with this tall, handsome guy that I ended up marrying, and have a night out on the town. And almost ten years later, those are the date nights I still like the best.


Not everyone can take something like the Prom for granted.

That’s where Athena’s Warehouse comes in. They’re a nonprofit charity organization devoted to improving the lives of teenage girls in the Atlanta area and beyond, and one of their specialties is the Prom Project, where they distribute donated prom dresses to young women in need. Little things like that have an enormous impact on the lives of teenage girls, and that impact fuels self-empowerment where it belongs the most: in our youth.

Athena’s Warehouse had their 3rd annual adult prom fundraiser at Sutra Lounge a few weekends ago. My fellow Intern Alum Edwin (ha- say that one ten times fast) and I covered the event, mostly manning the Photo Booth but also sneaking off for some event photos here and there. (Check out Edwin’s post about it here.)

This year, the theme was “A Night in Paris”, which translates into Awesomeness of Exponential Proportions when you’re adding French-themed props to a Photo Booth. Berets, roses, mustaches, feather boas, and baguettes. REAL BAGUETTES. They don’t mess around with props, people. I WANTED TO EAT THE PROPS.

Thank you to Athena’s Warehouse founder Bee for having us be a part of the night. It was a tremendous honor to be involved in something so important as granting a young girl her dream of dancing at her prom.