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We’ve been ‘donating’ to since May of 2008 (see here).

For those who have no idea what micro lending is, the main concept is that in developing (third world) nations, the people who need loans the most, are unable to get them because they do not have the credit/collateral and banks just dont give loans for less than $1,000. Sometimes as little as $100 will make all the difference in the lives of an entire family from generation to generation simply because they got that small initial financial assistance that enabled them to break themselves out of the prison of extreme poverty.

If you think about a situation where theyre surviving on basically pennies a day (in American dollar terms) a loan of $5 all of a sudden makes their life exponentially greater and gives them the chance to continue raising their quality of life.

We’ve decided that we need to give more.

We’ve also decided that we will donate $25 or 10% – whichever is greater – from every portrait session or wedding to Kiva business owners.

Here is our Kiva Lender Page.

… and now for something totally unrelated:

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Our Latest Efforts at

These are the latest entreprenuers to receive loans from! thru – I decided to change things up this time – instead of choosing people who were already close to meeting their requested loan amounts – I chose people who had just started taking lenders and still had a substantial way to go.

(Our first entry and summary on this subject HERE.)

While I admit this is partly a distraction from other things on my mind – I suppose there are arguably worse things I could be doing with both my time and money. And yes, I am definitely at the very least, going to make the suggestion that you should consider signing up with Kiva and loan out the minimum $25 to one of our two people up above! (You’re so cool.)

Clearly you’ll receive no pressure from us on this matter – just try to keep it in the back of your head the next time someone ask you for money – someone as in that guy on the street corner, or even another NonProfit effort where a substantial portion of donated monies go to paying for the huge overhead/infrastructure of running such an organization – and the fact that you are guaranteed to never see that money again – whereas with Kiva – you have a 99.97% chance of getting all of your money back… so you can send it back out again to help someone else.

And if you do sign up – let us know ’cause that’s awesome and we can be Kiva Friends. 🙂

Oh. Our Kiva profile is HERE.