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Connecting | by +Krista

A few years ago, I came across this really awesome (and very poignant) quote- I found it (or it found me) at a time when my life was essentially flipped upside down. I was questioning things a lot: where I was, where I was going, and who Iíd chosen to surround myself with. And then, I found it. Iíd like to say it was scrawled someplace significant but it was probably doodled on the inside of a college textbook or somethingÖ but it basically slapped me in the face: ďPeople come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do.Ē And wow. It was exactly the lightbulb moment I needed. And while Iíve stumbled and backslid a few times since, that saying is now always in the back of my mind, like the good advice I donít always follow but do always remember- eventually. Because life is about connections. Like photography.

Itís easy to snap a picture of something pretty. Thereís pretty stuff all around us- a sunset, a bunch of flowers, whatever. But the challenge of creating lies in making something a little bit (okay, a LOT) better than something thatíd hang on the wall in a hotel room- and the best challenge of all is connecting. With a face: eyes locked, betraying the mind. With a moment: head thrown back in mid-laugh, shoes kicking up in the air. Or with a place: connecting so well that youíd swear you could pull a Mary Poppins and be inside that place in an instant. The connection is what I love most about photography- connecting with the camera, with another person, anything.

I find myself, especially at weddings, dropping my camera down from my face for just a moment during the first dance- because I love watching that connection between people in love. I sometimes hide around the corner of my living room hallway, watching my daughters and their own little connection: sisterly, fiery, loyal and loving- I stifle my laughter when my Little One fights back against her big sisterís bossiness with a bite. The connections in life- no matter how meaningful or superficial- are what make us.

And Iíve had lots of connections. I still wonder about some- as in, what the HELL was I thinking?- and I miss some. Regret some. Hold onto some. Let go of others. (Sometimes multiple times.) Every single connection really can be divided neatly into a category: season, reason, lifetime. I literally have a photographic memory- a blessing and a curse- and forever have those connections, no matter who they were or why they were, ingrained into my mind. And into my photography too. And that. is. awesome.

Betsy + Nick | Wedding Preview

You may have forgotten – but we’re also wedding photographers.

This past Saturday, while +Raven was photographing a wedding in Macon, Ga. and +Laura was photographing a product launch party – we spent the day with Betsy & Nick. Our last wedding was in Alabama back in early January – and honestly after the crazy traveling kick we’ve been on since November – it was kind of nice to have a wedding here in Atlanta for a change.

The wedding we photographed in Alabama took place on the Saturday right before the Snowpocalypse happened and ever since then we’ve been photographing in the studio and indoors. With a break in the recent days of rain – this was a nice transition back into shooting with primarily natural light – at least until the reception.

Now if you’ve read any of the recent Intern blogs – especially the ones about the studio sessions – you’ll know that I’ve been telling the Interns to get in closer and remember to focus on the details. While I’m not necessarily telling them to just take macro shots of an arm or eye or shoe – what I’m trying to have them do is practice showing me as much as possible – without having everything in the photo.

Yes – a wide angle shot of the entire space will capture and document the scene – and I’m guilty of shooting wide all the time – but shooting wide also means that you’re generally removed from the action. It’s one of the main reasons 95% of my photos are made with a 35mm prime lens – because it forces me to get closer.

Learning photography is also more than technical fundamentals of composition and gear – it’s about learning how you photograph. How you manage the schedule, what you tell clients to expect – how you direct clients, how you ask them to do this or that, how you tell them by asking them – or how you simply let go of shots you wanted in favor of building trust that can be used later on.

Because hey – this is a wedding day and even though we’re working hard to make you know, beautiful memories and all that – we can’t do it while ruining the experience for everyone. So we just… photograph and talk and talk some more… while simultaneously moving like invisible ninjas.

This entire day was full of beautiful.

Thank you Betsy & Nick.

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