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My Kind of Town | by +Krista

In case you havenít noticed, Iíve been sort of busy: and the best kind of busy at that: busy traveling! When I started the LeahAndMark internship a million years ago- and even more so when I officially joined the LeahAndMark family a few months later- I knew Iíd probably stay busy. (Which is awesome and kind of my thing- I just prefer to stay busy. Also. I prefer having an excuse as to why Iím always behind on laundry.) Busy, yes. Traveling, I only hoped. (Because guess what? Traveling is kind of my other thing.) And this summer, I checked off two cities Iíd always hoped Iíd get to see: Boston and Chicago. And Iíve even been able to see places I hadnít necessarily thought to include on my list- places like Iowa. Because guess what again? Iowa is surprisingly beautiful. Says the city girl who prefers crowds to clouds.

Iíd always pictured Iowa as huge farmland, stretching as far as you could see in all directions. Yellow fields. Blue skies. Barns and farmhouses and horses. And corn. Lots and lots of corn.

So after Mark and I landed in Chicago, zipped into downtown, and Instagrammed atop the Sears/ Willis Tower (because weíre photographers and we Instagram- true artists of our craft), we drove across Illinois and into Iowa.

Driving,†I realized that what Iíd imagined Iowa to look like was, in fact, completely true. Really. Farmland for miles and miles, in every direction around you. Blue skies. Yellow fields. (Soybeans!) And yes- thereís a lot of corn. But itís beautiful and actually took my breath away. Easily in the top five of the most beautiful places my eyes have ever seen.




Itís funny. As a photographer, you know youíre going to learn something new every single day. Sometimes itís a new lighting technique. A shortcut in your editing maybe. Sometimes you learn about the perks of flying first class. (Twice! Thanks, Mark!) Or sometimes, you learn that, as much as you may love one thing (a place, a city, a favorite bench in the park), beauty is unexpectedly hiding in places and things youíd never really thought about before. And adventure is hiding too. You just have to be open to discovering/ seeing/ experiencing new things. New places. New moments. New adventures.

If I kept myself closed off, Iíd miss so much. SO MUCH. Life. Family. Marriage and babies an houses and vacations. Traveling. Adventure. Lessons and mistakes. Places. Cities. Fields of yellow soybeans pressed against perfect blue skies. Mimosas in first class. And shooting these amazing, beautiful weddings that continue to take my breath away.

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HP + Glynn Preview

From the very beginning, Leah and I set out to attract clients that we like working with. We share a lot of ourselves online – and one of the main reasons is so that clients get a feeling of who we are as people – and not simply photographers. We tell our Interns that you shouldn’t try to compete on photos alone, or by simply charging the lowest rates.

Once you feel like your photos are up to par, you should compete by attracting clients who get what you’re all about.

Heather found us through our write up on Offbeat Bride – and never looked back. Nevermind the fact that at the time we had only photographed two weddings, had been in business for about 6 months, AND the part where she lives in the small town of Valparaiso, Indiana (Valpo!) and we live in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past year we’ve been able to build this business with lots of help from many people who simply took a leap of faith to hire us.

Heather was not only our first out-of-town booking, but our first out-of-state booking. Every wedding photographer says they’re ‘available for travel’ – but making that leap from local weddings to being flown out of state can be elusive. We weren’t expecting to book so many weddings up and down the east coast, but once Heather hired us – it’s like the dam broke and all of a sudden we were booked for Massachusetts, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, North Carolina, and more…

Our time with Heather & Glynn was also a little different because we actually stayed with Heather & Glynn at their house. I know. Who does that?

I blame it on my being a bit naive at first – and offering to save them some money by giving them the option of boarding us instead of paying for our hotel room. Hey – if you’ve ever been backpacking in a foreign country and made friends with people who invited you into their home, this doesn’t seem so strange. Except we’re in America and Americans have a very difficult time accepting such behavior from relatively complete strangers.

So after realizing what I had done, we decided to just trust that Heather & Glynn were the type of clients that we wanted, and everything would be great.

And they were, and it was.

After Heather booked us, I decided that from then on it was probably better to just always stay in a hotel instead of with the family. So I knew this trip would definitely be unique – and we would be spending much more time than usual with the bride and groom and their family. So of course, we photographed everything.

And hey – did you know that Leah’s pretty great at wrapping ribbon around the bouquet stems? See?!

And babysitting!

Yeah. We’re kind of all purpose photographers. Need help planning out your ceremony? Check. Need help with the ceremony seating layout? Check. (Of course, we’re partly responsible for the ‘theater-in-the-round’ setup for their ceremony as you will see later when the official photos get posted. Hey, Leah and I both did theater alright?!)

This window areas is in their home! And hey – you know about us + light.

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