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We Love Iowa Weddings | by LeahAndMark

We’ve been in Iowa for the last two weekends for a pair of amazing weddings! What’s also kind of crazy is that both couples you see here – don’t actually live in Iowa. Lisa & Luke (Lisa has the flower wreath) live in New York, and Anne & Dominic live in San Francisco. I cannot express how grateful, appreciative, and all out honored I was that they took a chance and flew us out to Iowa for their weddings.

Of course – these two couples don’t know each other and it was all by fortunate circumstance that their weddings were right after one another. In fact – you might recognize Anne & Dominic from their engagement session that I photographed earlier this year in San Francisco! [See Here] – I KNOW – they flew me out to San Francisco for their engagement session and then Iowa for their wedding. Didn’t I say I couldn’t express how appreciative and honored I am?! Anne & Dominic’s engagement session was also the very first time I started experimenting with my simultaneous video + photo super camera rig.

Which led to The Robot setup that I currently use with… 3 cameras.

Of course – none of the gear matters if you don’t make great photos – and if people fly you thousands of miles back and forth across the country then you really don’t have any options other than to make amazing photos. No pressure though.

Hey! It’s Monday! I’ll be in Raleigh, N.C. tonight, Austin on Wednesday, and then back in Atlanta for a wedding (an Atlanta wedding?! I know – it’s rare these days!) We have a lot of editing and finishing up to do this week but if you have any questions – just let me know.


Rachel + Kamil | Wedding Preview Part I by LeahAndMark

– Posted by Mark

You might have seen photos of Rachel & Kamil in yesterday’s post – and today we’ve got a whole bag more to show you. Actually – these aren’t from their actual wedding day which was the 3rd day of events. These shots are from the 2nd day of events and that day was just a warm-up to what would happen the day after.

Oh yeah – you may also remember Rachel & Kamil from their engagement session that I photographed over in San Francisco last October. YES. They actually flew me out to San Francisco just for their engagement session – I know – they’re a bit crazy and awesome and amazing – so we really tried to go all out for their wedding here in Atlanta. We photographed 3 days of events and on the final day there were a total of 4 of us for the event and running the photobooth. 

Keeping in line with yesterday’s post about storyboarding and catching multiple angles – you might notice that our team really tried to get multiple angles and viewpoints of everything that went on. Because it’s not enough to just take photos of interesting things – you need to actually make GOOD Photos that show us perspective and direct us to what you want us to see. At least that’s what we’re always try to do with our photos around here.

When you get to the end of these – don’t worry – we’ve got even more for you later.

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Patricia + Bryan | Wedding Preview by LeahAndMark

– Posted by Mark

This is Patricia & Bryan.

Their wedding took place in Evansville, Indiana. Indiana!

Now Patricia’s sister is Sharon – and Sharon was one of Leah’s many roommates in college. So we rented a minivan, loaded up the family (LeahAndMark + BabyRoX) and then we also brought along +Krista to 2nd shoot! I know – BIG ROAD TRIP! (Surprisingly – it was only about 7 hours to drive from Atlanta up to Evansville, Indiana – and BabyRoX was excellent! Of course, Krista & Leah took the opportunity to catch up on some long needed sleep (they’re both very busy moms!)

So hey! We all had a great time! BabyRoX was very happy to finally start working his first wedding with us and I’m sure Krista helped out a little bit too! ha.

Thank you very much Patricia & Bryan for having ALL OF US at your wedding! You. Are. Awesome.

(Check out this latest Wedding Home Movie! And check out the surprise at the 2:45 mark!)


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Stephanie + Alastair | Wedding Preview by LeahAndMark

– Posted by Mark

This past weekend we had two weddings. I flew up to Virginia on Friday to be with Stephanie & Alastair on Saturday – and then after getting back to the hotel around 1am – at 4:30am Raven & I hopped onto a flight back to Atlanta where I photographed another wedding until late into the evening on that Sunday.

Hey – it’s wedding season! And ours just goes from February until December. SO. Get ready for a lot of wedding preview posts and a lot more traveling – because we’re criss-crossing the country (and of course I do have a few here in Atlanta as well.)

It’s been a long time since I photographed Stephanie & Al for their engagement session. After finding us on A Practical Wedding – they flew me up to Virginia and spent a looong afternoon with me. I landed late that morning and they drove me all over Charlottesville – and then dropped me back off that night. SO – it was really nice to finally get to be there for their wedding. Because in case you haven’t noticed – we really like our clients. They’re awesome. We screen them to make sure they’re awesome (… no we really do…) and wow. Stephanie & Alastair, your wedding was badass.

Thank you very much.

Stephanie & Alastair. You. Are. Awesome.



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