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Wish you were here! | by +Krisandra

Get ready! A post about how awesome my vacation was! Yep, I am going to post photos from my vacation. No models, no wedding, no babies… none of that! Just pure tourist type photos (ok, there are a couple people here and there). You know the photos that have “wish you were here” written across the top. Yea, those.


I am the girl who at 30 something years old took her first vacation, a real vacation. The type of vacation where my only worry was if my flip flop was going to get washed away by a wave that surprised attacked me.

My boyfriend and I traveled 10 hours to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX) where we met up with a group of friends. And yes, I vacationed right as wedding season started. Why? Well, because at the beach it’s still considered “off season” and we got a great deal on a beach house! Although, this was not my first time in OBX. Last year I traveled to the same beach house to celebrate and photograph the wedding of one of my very best friends. You may have seen this image before.


But this time it was about collecting 10 lbs of seashells, flying a kite, reading a book, falling asleep poolside, watching sunrises, searching for sea glass, seeing a rainbow over the ocean, baking… actually relaxing! *see my instagram

I toured the Nags Head Fishing Pier.


I toured Jennette’s Pier.


And my big bucket list day trip to Rodanthe! Yep, from the Nicholas Sparks book turned into movie, Nights in Rodanthe. My girlfriends and I drove the hour to Rodanthe, North Carolina on the same path Richard Gere took in the movie to see the house, “Serendipity”! Although the house is not in its original location (it was moved a few blocks after the hurricane last year, yes they moved the whole house) it is still just as breathtaking as ever. Yea, yea, I like romance movies.


We stopped by the Rodanthe Pier on Hatteras Island. The pier was also in the movie. Even though it was still being re-built from the hurricane and quite wobbly we as far out on it as possible.

On the way back from Rodanthe we passed the Bodie Lighthouse. It’s pronounced like Body. Next year we plan to climb the 10 flights to the top. Told you these images are the stuff postcards are made from.

If you follow my *instagram or facebook then you have seen my week long journey, but if you don’t I highly suggest you should. Otherwise you might miss some pretty amazing stuff!

But, I am back refreshed inspired and ready to go! OBX, you haven’t seen the last of us! Countdown to OBX ’14 has begun.


Until then….

Work and Life Balance | by +Krisandra

Have you ever been so wrapped up in something that everything else just seemed to ….Disappear.


Something like a new companion, school, a project, or WORK? Everything else like family, friends, but mostly YOU? Where you don’t realize what day of the week it is you just know what you have to do that particular day because the calendar says so. Where you can’t seem to remember when the last time you talked to your friend actually was. Where you can’t remember if you answered that text message. When you are at a red light and suddenly remember you had better cook that chicken that has been marinating in the fridge or it WILL go bad.

This is where I am. RIGHT NOW.


This past weekend was busy for me. I auditioned for a television commercial, I photographed a family at the Atlanta fair, I snuck into an abandoned building and finally did a shoot that I had been planning for months, I spoke at a photography workshop, I even photographed a sideshow event. But, you know what else happened? I heard (more than once I might add) from friends, “Where have ya been? Why don’t we talk anymore”.



Mark (I thought was joking) said a while ago that the only time friends get to see him is if they are at the event he is photographing. He wasn’t joking. While I can sit here and justify it to myself that this is a good thing, it really isn’t. Yes, this means I am working hard at mastering my craft. Yes, this means I finally feel like I am in a good place with my photography career. Yes, this means I am producing great images. Yes, this means I am finally doing what I love full time. But… this also means I have neglected friends, I have neglected my house chores, I am so tired a nap turns to anxiety because I am not sure if it is 6:30 a.m. or p.m. when I awake. I have forgotten ME.

I can balance this! Work and life! Even if it means I have to start putting my friends, chores and ME on my calendar. If that is what it takes, then so be it.

I wouldn’t be where I am today or who I am today without you. I can’t forget who modeled for me before I really knew what I was doing. I can’t ignore the ones who supported me when I was 48 hours straight without sleep because I was working on my portfolio in school. I can’t neglect those who care.

This blog is dedicated to you.



Mike + Beki | Engagement by + Debra

Posted by + Debra.

Hello, Hello!

It’s seems some time has passed since I last posted.  Things have been busy, we’ve all been busy.  Wedding season is in full swing, Atlanta was bursting with color (and pollen), and I have been a happy little photographer shooting weddings, head shots, babies, weddings, people in love, old friends, and new places.  Whew.  It’s been a roller coaster and I LOVE it!

Meet Beki and Mike.  Isn’t she beautiful.  Good Job Mike!


I can say that, since I have been lucky enough to know Mike since, oh man, 7th grade or so.  We went to a tiny little school together, so we’re considered old skool, and I am thrilled to know his charming and beautiful future wife Beki.  She’s a real lady, and real pretty too.

I will be shooting their wedding next month, and I cannot wait!  It’s will be like a big work slash party slash high school reunion.  Mike and Beki are really fabulous people and so obviously in love.  I am honored to be a part of their special day.  The rest is just icing on the already awesome metaphorical cake.  Wedding cake that is.

Well, as for me, things have been in a state of flux, and change, and that may be the case for some time to come.  Me and my little family moved out to the big wide open and quite lovely state of Montana for the summer.  Yip, we’re hanging out in Big Sky country and it’s a HUGE change, but it’s quiet and peaceful, and I think it’s an awesome opportunity for the summer.  I have been in cities for so long, I forgot how many stars are in the sky.  No really, there’s SO MANY.

It’s mind blowing.  I look out each night, and am in awe of the natural beauty out here.

It was interesting to fly into Atlanta to shoot a wedding with Mark, then meet up with Mike and Beki for their engagement shoot, and then shoot another super awesome wedding.  In some ways I am living my dream of being a traveling wedding photographer.  Eep!  The wierd part was going from still kinda chilly not so green Montana to uber lush and green Atlanta.  When I left Atlanta prior the Wisteria was in full bloom and my heart wept at leaving, returning just a few weeks later to the early summer green made me feel…like a visitor in my home town.  I love Atlanta and am very excited to return for the upcoming weddings this season, and I am learning to love Montana for the things yet to be discovered.

See you next week! And hai, have an AWESOME weekend!

Hi Hi Tulie’s Birthday Dinner!

Let’s get right to it!

Hi Hi Tulie’s Birthday Dinner from on Vimeo.

And so… there were a couple of twitter/blog related gatherings scheduled:

And of course I went to Tulie’s birtday dinner… sadly, Leah’s been so stressed with Grad School + Part Time work that she couldn’t come. 

There are also the new surprise things I’m doing for supplemental um, income. No. I haven’t become the next Asian New jack City Drug Lord of Atlanta. Just odd stuff here and there.

About this video!? I think next time I’m going to pass my camera around and have people snap video themselves – simply for more variation in angles/shots. It IS kind of funny that I make these music home videos with just my Point & Shoot Canon Powershot. Someone should hire me for that. Lol. “I can make really blurry, shaky and out of focus music videos that look absolutely amateur - out of your home movies!”

I will say that I am absolutely, and incredibly fortunate to be in this circle of friends. The support has been much more than I’ve ever had from any group of people in my life. Partly because until this year – I never tried to make friends/be social/or even keep acquaintances. But literally everyone has been encouraging, and have offered what help then can, whether it’s actually taking my resume and passing it on through their channels or simply keeping their ears open for anything even remotely available that I would be a good fit for. So really. Thanks to all of them forever, and ever, and ever.

… and Hello! to any new people that are reading this after being given one of our new moo/friend cards. You’re so awesome.


Quick! Post!


But I wanted to post.  Because Mark is always posting and I am not.  And I know y’all miss me so very much.

What have I been up to?  Mainly, school and work.  I love school!  But also…

Topic the First: Friends!

Arianna and Anna.  Put them together and you get… AriAnna.  We like to hang out with these gals.

Topic the Second: Eating!  And Mark taking way too many videos.  All. The. Time.

Not very interesting, I know.  But this is what life is like with Markus Maximus and his constant camera companion.  I’m on the Real World.  Minus the roommates.

Topic the Third: Us!

Yay!  I think we make a great team.  Goooooo us!

Back in the ATL

I’m back in Atlanta after a whirlwind trip to Phoenix, which for the most part was great.  It was wonderful to reconnect with so many of my Phoenix friends, even though I still didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to!  But lots of excitement indeed at seeing Brandy’s new house, feeling Skye’s first contractions, seeing the new and improved HomeBase (where I used to work), and marveling at Melanie’s adorable, entertaining genius of a daughter.  Oh!  And dinner and Wii with Mark’s familia was awesome.  Great food, thanks to Myra and Mark’s mom.  Ryan is a rockstar at the Wii games.  And Mark’s BFF Amy always cracks me up.  I love all y’all!!  Can’t wait to see you in December, this time with Mark in tow.

I had the video camera, not the digital one, so you’ll have to wait for a Video Spectacular later!

Last night we went to a party!  Cuz we are fancy party people.  That pic up there is the view of the city from our new friends’, Ramit and Madhura’s, balcony.  Pretty cool, huh?  It was a little scary at first, but then we got used to it.  Well, sort of.  Mark didn’t really get totally used to being up on the 28th Floor…

Wheee.  We’re high in the sky.  We got to spy on all the pretentious folks at the W strutting around and trying to feel cool.  Oh, if you were at the W Midtown last night, that doesn’t apply to you.  Just everyone else.

It was a fun night.  Lots of good food, too!  Homemade hummus, delicious Indian nibbles that made me miss wandering around Delhi and Varanasi, and lots of nice new people to converse with.  I even found another White American Person that can speak Chinese!  Really well!  We like how people think we’re all cool for speaking Chinese when in actuality it’s a way easier language than French or Spanish.  Hah.  But go ahead and think we’re totally awesome.  We don’t mind.

Alright- time to get ready for a day at the lake.  Ciao!

My friend Chi & JNB

I went to an all-women’s college in MA. I was only on campus for my first two years, but in that time I met some awesome people… namely, Chi and Arianna. Arianna is from Atlanta, but hasn’t lived here since she went up to Mt. Holyoke. She’s currently in San Francisco, but she’s moving back here at the end of the month. So that’s super awesome and we’ll have crazy adventures together soon.

Chi is from Hawaii, and that’s where she is now. Hawaii is far, far away. And it is kinda sorta expensive to go there. Which is sad for us, because this means that I haven’t seen Chi in over 4 years. And that’s a really long time not to see one of your bestest friends. But! I have pictures and I have a phone and I haz internets, so at least we can keep in touch that way.

See? We’re all cute on Halloween in 2001. Awww. Anywho. Chi was a DJ at our college radio station, and I was her very frequent radio guest, Mr. McFeely. Cuz I’d pop in all the time like Mr. McFeely from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Which, by the way, is a creepy-ass name for a kid’s show character. But I digress.

I started this post cuz I was thinking about how I miss seeing Jennifer Nettles in concert. If you’re around my age and grew up in the Southeast, especially in/around/between Atlanta/Athens, GA, and if you also had great taste in music, you probably would have had the awesome experience of seeing Jennifer Nettles live. If you were REALLY cool, you saw her when she was with Soul Miner’s Daughter. And if you were a little less cool and slow to catch on, like I was, you finally jumped on the Jennifer Nettles bandwagon when she was starting Jennifer Nettles Band, after listening to Sacred and Profane 50,000 times on your friends’ borrowed CDs.

So, after spending my high school years going to concerts and falling totally in love with JNB, I was eager to share the music with my new college friends. Well… imagine my surprise when I walked out the door of my dorm room with Chi one day and heard Jennifer Nettles singing. Yeah… she was like…right there on the lawn in front of my dorm. In a tiny little town in rural western Massachusetts.


Well, Jennifer Nettles Band is, sadly, no more. Jennifer is now a country singin’ SuperStar with Sugarland and she’s made it to the Big Time, which she absolutely deserves. But, the selfish part of me definitely misses going to Variety Playhouse or Eddie’s Attic to hear her belt out her bluesy/folky amazingness that defined Musical Genius in my book. It is nice to see her new website, in which she offers a tribute to her old fans and her past. Not all artists do that. And maybe, just maybe, one day she’ll head back to Atlanta, sneak into Eddie’s Attic, and do a show. That only myself and 30 other folks will know about. That would be awesome. Almost as awesome as stumbling out of my dorm room and into her band.

StandUp for Kids and Everyone Else

Anna & Chris came over last Tuesday evening and hung out. Sure it might not sound like much – but you have to understand that this was the 1st time that Leah and I have ever had anyone over to our place (on purpose) to just hangout. Our last place was so unbearable that we just never had anyone over – ever – at least not for hours at a time and just hanging out.

Oh Look. A Sandwich!

This is the turkey sandwich that Leah got for me on her way home last night. It’s from Alon’s Bakery in the Virginia-Highlands area and ummmm yeah – it ROCKED as much as this picture makes it look. That was a Great sandwich. I don’t even really like sandwiches that much (I say that… and then I realize that yeah – yeah I do.) Oh. Here’s another look! Food! Food!

… I’ve been really busy with things at work and life in general (school/work/school/not having a working dryer) – and I feel like I haven’t been reading people’s blogs lately – but I have! I just haven’t been commenting as much since I’ve been reading them all thru NewsGator – I think someone else said the same thing happened to them. But still. Ummm Don’t know where I was going with this. Y’all are awesome? Right!

In other news – have you ever tried to make your own social network? Like, say your name is Leah – and instead of Myspace, you create LeahSpace – where everyone gets their own individual ‘page’ and everyone can network with everyone else and blah blah blah.

Background!: StandUp for Kids is completely volunteer run except for like 2 people (maybe just 1) – and in each city a group of organized volunteers go out onto the streets on a regular basis and hand out food and hygiene packs to homeless youth. Some cities only have ‘street teams’ and other ones – like here in Atlanta, have actual Outreach Centers. At the center, we also give out the food/hygiene packs but also provide a dinner, shower facilities, computers, legal help, medical care (nurse!), ID/Social Security cards (help getting), and even housing aid.

But again – all volunteer run.

Enough of that though. SO. Birthdays are sometimes the end of the line for kids and their time spent at StandUp – when they turn 22 they are no longer eligible to receive our services. Last night one of the regular youth had her 22nd birthday and so, along with goodbyes – there was cake.

Oh it’s getting Late. I love Leah!

The heat is ON!

Actually, the AC window unit and some fans are on in the LandM household. But we work best under pressure, and with our big move less than 48 hours away, the pressure is definitely on! The actual packing goes pretty fast… but we still have a bit of that left to do, plus taking apart a bookshelf, a desk, unhooking our electronics, and my least fave part: cleaning. I bet James and Terry are soooo sad to be in Phoenix right now, because they’ve helped with at least 5 of my moves in the past 4 years. And now they have to miss out on this one, which is probably the biggest one of all, since we actually own furniture now and we’re actually taking it with us. Minus the sofa that is still on the curb. I need to call the City about that…they were supposed to pick that couch up last Tuesday.

Anna and Chris are total rockstars and they brought over a huge case of beer and a bazillion boxes last week. Then Anna packed our huge Ikea bookshelf in like 10 minutes. Then they tried to do more, but we wouldn’t let them. Mwahaha. Really, we just like to put stuff off to the Very. Last. Minute. So, any guesses on what I’ll be doing at 4 a.m. Monday?

Okay….I’m really going to pack some more now. Really. Ciao!

Anna’s Place A

Okay, so I originally posted this morning, and Mark said he wanted to type some in it, so I said okay.

Then he changed it up!

And I liked mine the way it was.  So I’m posting it again.  Hmph.

Continue Reading…

Anna’s Place B


These are shots we took when we visited our friend Anna (of Anna & Chris!) back before we went to Summerfest – I never got around to posting these shots ’cause um, well it happens often and we keep doing things and then those get pushed to the front and shots from days like this get pushed to our filler days or when we simply just haven’t had the time to edit/upload the new photos (like ones from last night’s art show @ Dresscodes.) But still! It’s Friday! Seriously. Seriously, thank goodness it’s… well, close to the weekend.

I didn’t really get nearly as much as I had hoped last night, what with the thing and then also having to go over to the house sitting place and turn on the lights, try to convince the cat to come inside and feed her – which we didn’t do since there was another cat in the yard and so the rightful cat decided to fight/scare off that other cat away – since y’know, it was encroaching on her property. But we left food on the back porch (as instructed) and I checked it this morning – all gone so she probably ate it.

This whole letting your cat outside for the day or night is crazy to me – simply because I’ve never let One-Two or Three-Four out and about. Never. Which is good and bad for reasons I’m unaware of, but at this point, they’re not going out there – even if they think they want to – and the few times they have escaped for a second – they freeze once they’re outside and run back inside anyways.

Photo Removed

This shot and the 1st one up above are my imitations of Jan Vermeer paintings and his window lighting.

I’ve been going to the same spot for coffee in the mornings – Bagel Boys Cafe – near work and recently, they’ve started giving me the whole ‘regular customer’ treatment – which isn’t hard since I usually only get a large coffee, and rarely get a sandwich (they’re good there by the way) – but yeah, I forgot how nice it is to be a ‘regular’ somewhere and have the staff actually remember you. Even if they don’t know your name (even if they did, they’d probably only remember my drink anyways – you know, that’s just how it is when you serve coffee or drinks all day) but still, I’m apparently sucker for any amount of recognition. It also helps that they have really good flavored coffee (I’m over being a coffee purists and wanting to only taste the natural flavors of coffee.) They have this chocolate macadamia nut flavored blend… and then a good vanilla hazelnut one… just add half & half and I’m good – I don’t even need to add my usual 2 cups of fake sugar.

Okay. I just got the hang of Twitter – but now I’m lost on how useful/accessible plurk is going to be – of course, that could just be me since um, it took me until yesterday to upgrade the WordPress version around here – and it was only a matter of two clicks since we use Bluehost.

Enough rambling, let’s get to the end of the work day already!


No More Photos

No More Photos on this blog!

No just kidding. I do have questions though.

Well, mainly just one. Are you generally confused as to who writes each entry (is it Leah? is it Mark?) or can you generally get the gist of things from reading the text? Either way, how much does it really matter to you? – since the writing is done at about a 9/1 ratio. Okay. I guess that’s two questions.

In an attempt to figure out how I met MelMaples and how long I/we’ve known her, I went through my LJ account and realized that I used to make blog entries with no photos. Entire paragraphs with nothing in between them except space. Who knew I could get so wordy? Maybe I had more to say back then. Oh yeah, we also didn’t have cameras that work as well as the current ones.

Is it bad when you have to move in 12 days and you haven’t packed ANYTHING? Seriously. Is that bad? Because it’s true. True enough that I could feasibly stress out about the whole thing except I take solace in the fact that I could technically throw everything into boxes and sort it all out later – as long as I had enough boxes – which I do not. It’s just that collecting/buying all these boxes so that we can pack everything and move 6 miles down the road seems like a big hassle. Sure, we’re hiring movers and that’ll make EVERYTHING easier, but we still have to pack it all up so that they can just carry the boxes over with the furniture. Pack. Pack. Pack.

Actually. It’s going to come down to a simple matter of throwing out everything we don’t need and throwing everything else into boxes. Which again, is simple enough as long as we have enough boxes. And ‘collecting’ enough of them could feasibly cost as much in time as it does to just BUY them. So. Um. The end of that thought.

Tonight we’re stopping by Dresscodes – the clothing boutique in Downtown Decatur that our friends Karen & Brett own/operate. They’re having another gallery showing for an artist who is showing art in their store (they rotate them on a regular basis.) So ya know, if you’re bored around 6pm and happen to be in Decatur, stop in and let me take a picture with you! Oh. I suppose you should also check out all of the clothes and art and stuff that’s there too. I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Okay. Just one photo. Have a great day.


One-Two! Three-Four!



Ah nevermind. Following Melissa’s instructions, ‘Posted by’ is clearly added at the bottom AND I even finally got around to updating the WordPress version we’re using here.


Now I wanna do more coding edits! and throw more junk on this place! (I regularly try out different widgets/plugins on the sidebar – to see how they look/usefulness/interesting and stuff like that. That’s why some things appear and disappear every now and then. PLUS – obviously if it’s too wide then it can’t go in the sidebar no matter what. And every now and then, I even think about changing themes! But then I look around and there’s just nothing else compelling/looks good enough to change it up – besides, we’ve only existed four months. Ah. I guess I’ll leave it alone.