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How to have a completely stress free wedding

Weddings are bonkers. I’m not sure they were always this way – but today – they’re often just flat out crazy bonkers full of bonker balls and more bonker bonkers. (Say bonkers again! I dare you!)

SO. You want to have a stress-free wedding. Is that possible? I mean yes – of course it’s possible. But how do you do that? I googled it. And many of the tips consists of basically doing as much planning up front as possible. And/or paying someone else to take on the stress so you don’t have to stress – which means that you hired a great wedding planner to do everything for you. 

How to have a Stress-Free Wedding

That’s just transferring the stress. Unless you don’t have to stress out about money. Many of us do. We’re not supposed to because ‘money isn’t real’ – but it’s real enough to our tiny brains that it might as well be real. (I’ve been listening to too much Alan Watts lately so bear with me.)

Oh yeah. Back to it. How do you have a completely stress free wedding? IDK. Be dead. That’s about the only way to be completely stress free. (But even the dead don’t seem to be stress free sometimes – that’s why they’re like, haunting us or you know, hanging out around.) OH. Right. Focus. 

Atlanta Wedding Photographers LeahAndMark & Co.

OKAY. The way to have a completely stress free wedding IS……. to just get married and then have your wedding later. (Like elopement style.) BOOM! Take that! Ha! NO seriously. It’s totally a viable option. What’s getting married anyway? I mean – ‘legally’ it’s some paperwork. Spiritually it’s two people being all I promise these things to you. Community-wise it’s people around you that celebrate your Union and LOVE… Arguably – it’s NOT most of what the wedding industry and magazines are selling. Unless you’re talking about amazing wedding photos. Those are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED or else you’re just not really getting married. (I kidddddddddd. No I don’t.) (Yes I do.)

SO. You get married. And then you’re like – aw yeah f*ckers try to stress me out now! I’m already married! HA! 

Okay. Sure there are logistics – but much fewer than all the planning that goes into the BIG GIANT IDEA OF A WEDDING. And you might get some blowback from your family – but come on. It’s your life. 

IT’S YOUR LIFE. (Both of you.)

Simple Wedding Ideas With No Stress

And that means that other people will just deal. They will. And you know what. No one is going to kill you. They’ll still want to celebrate with you somehow – but they won’t kill you. 

But really. As I write this – I’m asking myself WTF AM I DOING. I basically have a job because people spend A LOT OF MONEY on WEDDINGS. There aren’t any real photographers that make an actually good living off of just ‘elopements’. (I know I know – sure there are. They’ll email me. But come on – we know they’re not making a living off of just elopements.) 

Maybe I’m just… I like you to have options. All of them. I want you to have all the options you want and not think that you have to go through with some kind of wedding that you don’t want. 

But if you don’t want amazing wedding photography – then you’re dead to me. DEAD TO ME.


Mark Tioxon


WOW Wedding Contest Finalists!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Wow Wedding Contest | 11 Alive |

Hello! We’re Leah and Mark – Atlanta based wedding photographers and a few months ago we came up with the idea of giving away a FULL WEDDING to one lucky couple here in Atlanta. The rules were simple and we received an overwhelming number of entries – but now we’re down to our finalists couples! So read below about each couple, check out their engagement photos (all photographed by us here at – and then click on the links below to vote on your favorite couple!

The couple with the most votes by Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 4:59pm will win a FULL WEDDING!

And now… presenting our WOW Wedding Finalists:

Ronnie & Brent

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Wow Wedding Contest | 11 Alive |

A WOW Wedding has always been a dream of ours, but financially out of reach. This opportunity would give us the chance to finally bring our families together and share in the love we’ve felt for each other these past 11 years. We understand we may be a long shot, but we think Atlanta is progressive enough to see a loving, committed couple break down some barriers. I hope you let our love for each other out shine any prejudice. Thank you for your time and consideration. - Click here to vote.

Elisa & Dwight:

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Wow Wedding Contest | 11 Alive |

Dwight and I are happy, full of love, and we are already married. However, we had to cancel our wedding and ceremony because my mother lost her battle with Breast Cancer on the day we had planned to marry. My mother made me promise to still have the wedding despite what happened with her, but I just wasn’t strong enough to do more than a private ceremony in our Pastor’s office a few days after we celebrated my mother’s life.

I’m from Oregon and Dwight is from Minnesota, so we never had the opportunity to have our families together to celebrate our love for one another here in Atlanta. I never wore my wedding dress (which I still have), we lost our deposit at our reception spot and we would just love the opportunity to have a real wedding! I always dreamed of wearing a wedding dress and I honestly get sad every time I see a wedding on TV, in the movies, or on pictures or profiles of my friends. I would love to have wedding pictures to post in our home of our special day! - Click here to vote. 

Tameka & Roc:

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Wow Wedding Contest | 11 Alive |

I am a Transit Planner by day and an amateur genealogist/cemetery hunter by night. Thankfully, my “rock” is much more interesting. He’s handsome, charming, and overflowing with goodness. I met “Roc” on May 25, 2007. A chance meeting led to the relationship of a lifetime. We had an immediate physical and spiritual attraction. He, a personal trainer from Cincinnati, was helping his recently widowed mother and younger sister, Betty. I had recently transplanted from LA and was not looking for a relationship.

The moment he invited me to a bookstore my “inner nerd” rejoiced. This perfect first date led to two years of discovery, trust, love, and understanding. In May 2009, Roc’s mother, Myra, passed away from a stroke leaving 12-year-old Betty in our care. Eerily enough, the month before her death, Myra said to me “Betty looks up to you and I want you to be her godmother”. I accepted and almost three years from that date, we are a family. - Click here to vote. 

Terri & Ryan:

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Wow Wedding Contest | 11 Alive |

Terri is disabled with Rheumatoid arthritis and can no longer work. Ryan needs surgery for a heart defect he has. Neither of them have insurance. Ryan works at his dad’s auto repair shop in Flowery Branch to provide for the two of them. They support and love one another greatly. They wanted to get married last October but can’t because they cannot afford to do so. They have faced many trials and tribulations in the last year. They want to get married soon. If they win this they would be so elated and less stressed. Then Ryan could focus on trying to get his surgery out of the way. - Click here to vote.

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