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Summertime | by +Krista

There is probably no more obnoxious class of citizen, taken end for end, than the returning vacationist. You know the type- struggling to readjust to reality, where no one brings you frosty pink drinks, your shoes are no longer filled with sand, and the fabulous beachy hair is a thing of the past. This week, that type is me. Don’t judge. You’ve been there too: bitten by the vacation bug and on a quest to dig your toes in the sand, curl up with a good book, and just be away

So last week, in our efforts to pass our own vacation bugs onto our children (and because it’s just really hot here lately), we packed our car to the brim- overflowing with floaties and swimmies and the fixings for piña coladas- and drove to the beach. The Gulf Coast, to be specific. The very same beach I grew up going to every summer: sugar white sand and the best seafood (period), standing on your toes and straining to see Mexico across the water. I could write love stories about the Gulf. Poetry. Novels. Instead, I blast Sublime with my windows rolled down and revel in the cliché. Because I’m at the beach. On vacation. Bring it on.

Since having kids, our trip down the beach is completely different every summer. It’s the evolution of my children’s personalities, their ages, the let’s-eat-sand quotient that tapers off around two. Last summer, our Little One was eight weeks old. (That’s how serious we take vacations around here. Eight weeks old, no sleep in sight? To the beach!) This summer was the best yet: my older daughter is at last old enough to want to concentrate on the intricate seashell details of her sand castle for hours on end and my youngest is content to literally just sit in the sand and hold a shovel. It was awesome. Here. Hold this shovel for five hours.

And so for our week at the beach, a week that passed much too quickly, we just relaxed. (Well. As much as you can with two kids, which surprisingly, was a lot more than we’d anticipated.) I kept a constant supply of Sangria at our fingertips. We played miniature golf. We ate like kings. We had dinner rolls, literally as big as my kid’s head, thrown at us from across a restaurant. We drank more Sangria. We slept in. We collected seashells and flew kites and indulged in world-class people watching from behind our shades. (It’s no Venice Beach, but it’s certainly interesting.) We took our four-year-old on her very first rollercoaster (and didn’t scar her for life too much).

Oh, and hey. We even spent a day in Pensacola at the Naval Aviation museum- and saw a Blue Angels “practice” show. (But really, it sort of blows “practice” out of the water. They break the sound barrier. Sonic booms. Crazy maneuvers and flying in formation. Amazing.)

Just like with our mountain trip last month, I didn’t worry too much about my camera. I used my DSLR. I fought with my point-and-shoot. I snapped pictures with my camera phone. Whatever. It wasn’t a wedding- it was vacation… and it was lovely. Sure, I still intuitively frame things in my mind every single moment of the day. And yes, I bribe my children into cooperating for just one more picture… Aaaaand sometimes bribery works out better than other times.

But the beach. It was a perfect week. No sharks. Lots of oysters. (On my dinner plate. Not in the ocean.) Endless “Summer Rental” movie quote wars between the Husband and me. (Click it. You know you want to.) My parents came down for the last part of the week, and it was the best déjà vu to watch my dad with my daughter, running straight into the ocean like two peas in a pod- just like he did with my brother and me when we were kids. Awesome, perfect week. Also. The French are onto something, guys. Thirty days of guaranteed vacation time every year? Sign me up. I’d totally wear a beret for that.

 There is probably no more obnoxious class of citizen, taken end for end, than the returning vacationist. ~Robert Benchley

Jennifer & Russell’s Wedding by +Raven

When I first got in contact with Jen & Russ, and she told me about their upcoming Ocala, Florida backyard-farm-DIY-tea-length-zoot-suit wedding with a bourbon bar, alcoholic cupcakes, and s’mores pit, I was beyond psyched.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

You may remember Jennifer & Russell from their engagement session we did in Little Five recently.  They were just as awesome at their wedding.  🙂

Jennifer had been collecting glass from absolutely everywhere, building up what would become the table centerpieces and a large part of the decor for the wedding.

She painted the invitations. Each set of parents walked one of the couple’s dogs down the aisle.

Her dress was an ombre tea-length custom-designed number, and his suit was a custom made authentic 40’s zoot suit.  Dad even wore a 40’s political pin.

We played with her childhood horse, she wore a necklace her mother made her, SHE MADE THE BOUQUETS AND BOUTONNIERE from felt.

Guys, it was awesome.

Jennifer and Russell, you’re awesome.

Thank you so much for having us.  🙂

Miami | 2nd Shots by +Raven | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

– Posted by +Raven [First Wedding Preview by Mark] | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay WeddingWhen I was in High School, I was a theatre geek. Still am, actually.

Though I never made it into the production classes {those which put on performances people actually attended}, I dutifully took Acting I, II, and III. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty good. My teacher always complimented me, as did the other kids in the class. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

But one time, we got to partner with some of the kids from the production classes. It was my first on-stage kiss, and my first kiss ever, come to think of it. A Neil Simon scene. The guy I was working with was someone I greatly admired, someone I looked up to, someone with acting chops. Our performance came and went, but the comments from my teacher always stayed with me. She said it was the best I had ever done. And she’d seen me work through scenes for four years. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

I remain convinced that the better the people you surround yourself with, the better you are. I felt challenged when I was acting with him. Felt like I could be even better. Felt myself BE better.

And it was the same when I worked with Mark for the first time, down in Miami, Florida for Liz & Cristina’s wedding. Wait, first time? I know, it’s hard to believe. But Mark and I hadn’t ever shot a wedding together until Miami. Wouldn’t know it from how we worked together, though. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding
Working with Mark for the first time was a pleasure. I love seeing how other people run shoots, especially weddings. And Mark? He’s fast. I mean damned fast. I got to see how he works a wedding. How those shots come to life.

It seems weird, I know, but I’m still learning. I don’t ever plan on stopping, either. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

Liz & Cristina are . . . how can I put this? FRAKKING AMAZING. Even before we met, in fact as soon as she found out I was shooting her wedding with Mark, she contacted me, listing the things we have in common and the reasons we should be friends. I fell head over heels for these two. And she introduced me to The Supersizers, something for which I shall always be grateful.

Recently, I found myself wondering what to call my partner, Nick. “Boyfriend” seems almost contrived, and really doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of our relationship or my feelings for him. After meeting Liz & Cristina, I decided on “partner”. To see the two of them together is to completely and utterly understand how love is supposed to work. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

I know, love isn’t “supposed” to be anything. But they are it. They were more than together. Even before they were symbolically united as one person, they were two halves of a whole, and it was so radiantly obvious. They knew each other to an extent I was blown away by. Just being in the same room as them – hell, just in the same room as ONE of them – you feel brighter. They really are partners in life {and in crime!}. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

As we photographed the wedding weekend, I was a lucky witness to how they complemented each other, matched perfectly, worked together. The wedding was so beautiful, so well put together, so orchestrated while still being incredibly laidback.

Their wedding was one of the most absolutely happy events I’ve ever seen. Everyone was amazing. And I almost cried, TWICE. And although I’m a crybaby, weddings just don’t tend to get me often. Except this one. | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding | Miami Wedding Photographers | Gay Wedding

Thank you, Liz & Cristina. Thank you. I wish we could hang out EVERY DAY. Because you’re that awesome.