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This is the application page for the ONLINE Photography Internship – for the real-life-in-person internship application/experience – APPLY HERE.


If you don’t live ITP in the Atlanta area – you can still intern with me – through our online internship! I know – it’s amazing right? 2016 and the future is now. Online Photography Internship. WUT. Yup. Yeah. I KNOW.

OH – you’ll still be doing intern work for me – just different work than you would if you lived in Atlanta. Most of the same requirements as listed below – except you won’t get the chance to carry bags of heavy rocks. It’ll be a lot of webinars, live streaming the workshops, and you guys watching my screen while I do boring editing and watching anime in the corner of my screen.

Seriously though – if you’d like to work with me for the next two months – and learn a literal sh*t ton of photography information – let’s do this.

Application for the ONLINE Photography Internship down at the bottom – and again the In-Person Application is here.


A while back we operated one of the largest photography internships in the country for three-ish years. 10+ interns every three months for several years. Because we were crazy.

It kind of went like this:

And this:

Then we stopped. We sold almost everything we owned, left town for a year and traveled.

And now we’re back.

I’m back. I’ve been through a lot. I’ve learned a lot. I’m different now and yet the best I’ve ever been.

I’m full of sugar, and nice, and STFU.

And I’m looking for some great interns to work with this summer for two months – June and July. Eight weeks of Awesome. These people will do a lot of work for me – no lie or misunderstanding about that. But I’m going to provide a ridiculous amount of knowledge for them to take from my head – and I’ll show them things that no one else really does because other people are just normal.

I am not normal.

The last few years I averaged 43 weddings per year – and one of those years I shot more than 50. Not just my company. Me. Weddings I booked – not weddings for other shooters. I generally block off three-four months of the year to go travel and not photograph any weddings at all – and I still pack in 40+ weddings a year. I don’t have a photography degree, or art degree, or design degree – but photography is my thing.

I am not normal.

And people still hire me. This is my portfolio. Real weddings with real people – not a styled shoot in the bunch.


I’m not looking for normal photography interns. I’m looking for ones that start at ridiculous and go up from there.

This is what I’ll cover during the eight weeks:

  • Composition
  • Exposure
  • How to shoot with manual settings – faster
  • Physicality of Shooting (it’s not your camera that can’t focus – it’s probably YOU)
  • Workflow (from cards to computer to export)
  • Lightroom editing
  • Photoshop editing
  • Off-camera flash
  • Posing
  • Talking like a person who knows WTF they’re doing
  • Website (how to not have a sucky website)
  • Portfolio selection (picking photos that help book clients)
  • Wedding Day Flow (how to manage the wedding day so you’re not awful)
  • How to respond/handle client inquiries
  • Client-Meeting role play/what to say so clients don’t run away from you
  • How to get clients to sign the contract and not wait 3 months (we average 1 week)
  • How and what photography to ‘practice’ – perfect practice makes perfect. Not just practice.
  • Reception lighting
  • How to be a great 2nd shooter (too many people are awful at this)
  • Blogging (we have 1,098 posts published here – so we at least know how to… keep blogging)
  • SEO
  • Getting ranked in Google (our site has bounced around from page 1-5 depending on the search term – and many of the past interns’ sites are the same – we show up – how about your site?)
  • How to do things on social media so you’re not annoying AF, and so that a few people actually see what you post.
  • How to work harder at this photography thing than you ever have before.
  • How to be yourself and still get clients to hire you (unless you’re a creepy MF then uh, maybe go do something else and stay away from kids.)

What you will do as an intern:

  • Blog every week in your intern blog (Required. Miss one week and you’re dropped.)
  • Pinterest things for me (Required. Don’t meet the weekly quota and you’re dropped.)
  • Post everything to your own social media accounts
  • Instagram things
  • Teach me snapchat
  • Host a workshop (cause you’re all not coming to my house)
  • Watch me do boring editing things
  • Carry my bags full of rocks because I just wanted you to carry something heavy
  • Laugh at all my jokes (it means you’re paying attention)
  • Take selfies with me
  • Wear animal/monster masks
  • Probably do bad karaoke with me
  • Setup your own shoots as required
  • Maybe work a wedding with me
  • Maybe drive me to a job because that makes me feel like a BOSS
  • Be here to learn a few things – or everything


This photography internship last two months – June and July. – mostly weekends, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mondays.



Deadline for the application is Friday May 27th at 12pm NOON.

(Tip: Write as much as you can.)

(Pro Tip: Write As Much As You Possibly Can.)

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Email by

We get a lot of questions about our photos. How do you take them? Where is the light? What type of camera do you use?

Sadly, people don’t realize that when they ask us a photography question, they’re in for an excited stream of consciousness flow where we tell them everything we can in the span of 2 minutes.

We have a light here! And Here! And over there! We had to slow the shutter speed down to 1/30th and f/1.8 because man, the light in there sucked. Oh, and I had to use a tracking maneuver + the McNally kung fu grip because they kept moving AND it was dark in there!

So yeah. You could say we like making photos. A lot. Times Infinity.

But we can’t keep what we know to ourselves ’cause that’s no fun and we want our friends (you!) to have as much fun as we do.

So we’re starting Email by – it’s our weekly email where we send out tips and tricks and other ideas. Basically – things that are rolling around in our heads that somehow help us make our photos – and that we would otherwise keep to ourselves for fear of embarrassment. I mean really – there’s a huge section in my head devoted just to DIY photography gear made from parts of things from IKEA. If you’ve ever thought that your gear was pretty low-tech and even ghetto – I’m pretty sure that I’ve made and USED something way, way worse – in public, and for an event. Trust me. Very few things stop me from trying/doing whatever I think it takes to get the photo I have in my head.

Those were just a few of the sessions we photographed during our 10 hour photo shoot last Tuesday while we were in Phoenix.

Even from this short video you can tell that our setup isn’t fancy. We have some $10 flashes from ebay (they pretty much have two settings – On and Off), an umbrella, and then models who’ll struggle through my not so great posing ideas until we get to something pretty awesome. Couple that with some know-how-to-use-my-camera stuff and you’re pretty set.

Of course – that’s all gear talk.

You probably don’t have ‘gear’. You might not even have a DSLR. It doesn’t matter – because according to the stats office, something like 98% of DSLR owners never get off the automatic setting.

Automatic is where mediocre lives and if you’re using it – it’s one of the reasons why your photos aren’t exciting.

And Leah and I are all about making photos that we find exciting.

Honestly? Our learning curve was pretty steep. It wasn’t until last year that we seriously picked up our cameras and ever since then we’ve been running. Hard. We know a lot and there’s still so much to learn. We’d like you to sign up for our weekly Email so we can give you a few of the things we’ve picked up, and throw some random ideas at you – because we’re ALL ABOUT IDEAS – and we’re even more all about fun ideas.

Our first email will go out this coming Monday, March 22nd. Although we’ll continue to post pictures and stories to our blog – our Email will tell you how we really made the photo, what we were thinking – but more importantly, some methods you can actually use – no matter what camera you have.

Sign up and be our friend!

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