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How to DIY Your Wedding Day Hair (or not)

I know. WUT? How could anyone possibly do their own hair on their wedding day? The thought of such a thing is flat out BONKERS.

Except for the part where you probably generally do your own hair most of the time. Of course – doing your own ‘wedding day’ hair depends on what and how you want your hair to be on your wedding day (say ‘wedding day’ again – I dare you to!)

How to Do Your Own Wedding Day Hair (or Not)

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Over the past 8+ years I’ve been photographing weddings – I’ve seen a lot. People doing their own hair (shock) people doing their own makeup (OMG!) and then of course people just sitting there while everyone else fixes them up. You may or may not know what you want right now – if you want a professional hair stylist or make up artist to take care of you – or a friend – or you’ll just do it all yourself. So where do you begin?

An easy start is your wedding dress (or you know – suit – or jumper or… outfit.)


If you’ve already selected your wedding dress – then you can start to envision what hairstyle would be good or most flattering for YOU, in your DRESS. If you want to show off your neck, or if you want to highlight your five-head (I joke!) or if you want a flower crown or antlers (seriously – antlers? why is that a trend?!… of course if you’re wearing antlers for your wedding then I LOVE YOU.) ummm Oh yeah – tastefully messy and unkept in the back or some kind of bump-it up-do… right – you can imagine/visualize what you may look like with a certain hairstyle and how it’ll compliment your dress. Well – how it’ll compliment YOU.

So start collecting photos of potential hairstyles.


And then try to do them yourself. Try to do them with a friend. If you can’t do them well – then that means you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT DIY your wedding day hair. Makes sense right? If you happen to be able to do your own wedding hair during your test – hair spray the F*ck out of it, throw in 200 bobby pins and wear it all day long to see how it holds. See what adjustments or fixes you’d have to do throughout the day. Basically – TEST IT OUT.

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Again – if you can’t do your own hair – that’s okay.

Either change the hairstyle you want for your wedding or just hire a hairstylist. (It’s really that simple.) You may decide that hey – maybe you DO like a simple style and you CAN do that. Or you decide – NO. This has to be done right and you need GIGANTIC TEXAS HAIR reaching up to hi-five GOD HERSELF.


Now remember – you want to look good TO YOU. I know you’ll ask other people what they think – but make sure that you feel comfortable with your hairstyle and how it feels and looks. Because you’re about to have four billion photos taken and that hair will probably be in almost ALL of them.



How to DIY Your Wedding Photography

(Good/Great) Wedding photography isn’t cheap.

But you’re still going to ask yourself – is there a way to DIY my wedding photography? Or maybe you’ll ask yourself – how can I get decent wedding photography without paying the ridiculous rates that professional wedding photographers charge these days?

Well. Okay. I’ll tell you how to DIY your wedding photography. Seriously.

1. Ask specific people to take photos at your wedding. 

Sounds obvious right? YES. It IS obvious but you must also make sure that they understand what you are asking. Make it clear to them that you want THEM to take the semi-or-completely-OFFICIAL photos of your wedding day. If that sounds like too much pressure for one friend to handle – spread it out over several friends/family. Let them know they’re part of your official ‘photography team’ for your wedding day.

How to DIY wedding photography

2. Break it up throughout the day.

Each person doesn’t have to take photos the entire time. You can give them blocks of time. Like three friends during the ceremony. And three different friends during the reception. Or whatever. Oh – and let them know you’re not expecting art. Just clear, not blurry shots of what’s going on.

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3. Write a list of photos you absolutely want (a shot list)

A few weeks before every wedding – I send my clients an online form for them to fill out. The form collects the final information for the wedding day – such as the schedule and addresses. There is also a section where they can enter any specific shots that they absolutely want. Whether it’s photos of heirloom jewelry, special gifts, or special groupings of friends that I might not know about – they can write it down so that I know to MAKE SURE I get it. Do the same thing for your friends. Don’t go crazy – but if you do have a few ideas – share them with your friends that are being so gracious as to photograph your wedding.

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4. If possible – provide them with cameras.

This is easier than you think. You can also just purchase 10 instafilm cameras and pass those around. Or you can rent a couple digital cameras and do the same thing. OR if you’re brave – just ask people to use whatever camera they can get their hands on – and you’ll understand. Remember – you’re opting to DIY your wedding photographer – you get what you get. That doesn’t mean that it’ll be bad, or horrible – but have some real expectations. Of course – providing the gear to your friends can only help things along.

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5. Have a Plan to Collect Your Photos

If you’re DIY’ing your wedding photography – then you definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY should create a hashtag for your wedding. And make sure it’s posted so that everyone KNOWS to use your wedding hashtag. That’ll make it easier to find all those random instagram/twitter/facebook images from your wedding day.

As far as the photos from your friend-photographer team? Collect their memory cards. Or better yet – if they provided the camera, then YOU may want to provide the memory cards. That way all you have to do it collect the cards at the end of night (or designate a friend to do it) and you HAVE THE PHOTOS. No chasing down people weeks later, hoping they didn’t lose or erase the photos from that day.


6. Hire someone ELSE to edit your photos

Seriously. Of course if you didn’t end up with too many photos – then you can probably edit them yourself. But if you ended up with hundreds photos… you may want to ask a favor from another friend… | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

7. Just let it all go and believe that it’s all going to work out.

Look. Photos just might not be your thing. That’s okay. Seriously. It’s O.K.

When you make the decision to DIY your wedding photography – you need to also make the decision to not really give a f*ck if things go… not that great. You have to be okay with possibly not having as many photos as you would’ve liked. Or not having photos that meet the quality you were hoping for.

You can find just as many ‘success’ stories of couples that went DIY with their wedding photography, as you can find horror stories. So don’t worry too much.


OH. But if you’d like to practically guarantee that you’ll get ridiculously amazing wedding photos – click here.