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Why You Should Use Pinterest in Your Wedding Planning

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Many wedding photographers (and planners and floral designers) secretly complain to each other about how Pinterest is ruining brides. Or creativity. Or originality. Or something like that. They complain that brides all just want those Pinterest photos, even if their wedding is nothing like that mason-jar-sunset-glazed-farm-museum-warehouse-magical-scene-with-unicorns.

Maybe. Or… maybe f*ck that.

Maybe photographers should shut the hell up and just take photos. Oh no – this wedding is full of pretty stuff to take pictures of, again. Oh no, not another client that actually cares what their wedding/reception looks like. Oh no – a wedding full of pieces semi-derivative of a post-neo-pre-farm-classic theme I already photographed this  year. (Okay probably no photographer says that last one.)

Getting married? Pinterest all you want. Do it. Collect ideas. A lot of them. Some of them will be useful and others useless. Some will even cloud your judgement and that’s okay. It’s still your wedding. Your vendors are still there to do the jobs you hired them to do. When you hand over your Pinterest “inspiration” boards to your photographer/decorator/planner and they’re full of things we had at the last 40 weddings – GOOD. Whatever. It’s your wedding.

How else are you going to plan the perfect Star Wars/Anime/Dinosaur themed reception? – Pinterest B*tches! That’s how!

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Meeting 2012 Head-on by +Raven

Well, my turn for a new year’s post.

Since joining Pinterest a few weeks back {and yes, I’m obsessed}, I’ve seen a ton of really awesome inspirational things. Words of wisdom, little reassurances, awesome images others have taken, etc. My favorite one by far, though, was this: “My 2012 New Year’s Resolution: Be Better.”

I’ve taken it as my resolution, as well. It really covers all manner of things, all of the things I want to – when you break it down – be better at or about. Fitness, my fashion sense {which is getting better}, my photography, how I treat people every day, how I treat myself, how I spend my time.

There are a lot of really awesome things coming up in 2012 that I’m so excited about. There’s going to be a lot of traveling, including South Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, and even a bit back home in Atlanta.

I plan on exploding with awesomeness this year. So, watch out. <3

You.  Are.  Awesome.