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Anime Weekend Atlanta | Pt. 2 | Light

Last year I photographed the Lolita Fashion Show at Anime Weekend Atlanta by myself. This year I had the Army of Interns along with me. While I had them shooting the standard wardrobe coverage shots – I went out into the back hallway, got kicked out twice, and then kept asking different people until I found one that said I could shoot back there.

This is how we go about lighting our photos. The shot above was the service hallway/commercial kitchen area of the Cobb Galleria conference center. There’s even more hallway behind me in this shot. While the lighting wasn’t exactly this bad – it was pretty bad, especially for photography. So we start by adding some light and seeing where it lands.

Adjust the white balance.

Alright. Too much light, too much lens flare.

Hey look. There’s a cool shadow – and now we have a sort of corridor of light shining from that side doorway.

Now we compose the shot.

Put a model in, and there we go. Done.

That’s basically the process. Even though we’ll have an idea of how we want things to be lit – you have to test it out. So we set up lights as fast as we can and we GO. That’s it. Set up lights, test, shoot.

And that’s basically what we do with our Interns. We set up lights, take photos, see where the light hits, and make adjustments. Sometimes you have time to be very particular about where the shadows land, and sometimes you just have to move on. In situations like the hall cosplay setups – we aimed for some interesting light but with a setup that’s very flexible. We wouldn’t have much time to make adjustments when we’re only getting 3 frames for each person/group.

More coming soon. Thanks for reading.

Anime. Weekend. Atlanta. 2010. Photos. Cosplay. Leah. And. Mark. Steampunk.

A General Stroke of Randomness

Whoa. It’s slowly been getting warmer and warmer here in Atlanta. We’re moving to our new apartment in Inman Park in about a month and we just can’t wait! The place is great but the location is even more fun. Especially after growing up deep in the suburbs of west Phoenix – we’re talking 91st ave when it was the edge of town and to the west was corn fields as far as you could see.

I really like living here in Atlanta. Like a lot. So much that I’ll use like in three sentences in a row.

It’s been even more fun since I/we actually started being more social and hanging out the yelp crowd – just like I like it – many acquaintances with no commitment so none of that being obligated to friends (that’s just me – Leah’s on the waaaaay other side of the spectrum.) So it’s awesome. Plus – they like food. Plus – they LOVE bacon.

*****Warning: Nerd Topic Approaching!!!*****

Even though I was never really all that great at it – I kind of miss cosplaying. (Note: my cosplaying pretty much consisted of choosing a character that doesn’t wear a shirt and was some variation of a warrior/fighter/monster/samurai – so it was always relatively easy – not like our famous-top-secret-ex-cosplay-still-current-friends who totally rocked more than your face!) I am really considering going to THIS and actually cosplaying – I’ll probably just start out easy and do an updated variation of my generic samurai – really, this mostly just entails me getting back into shape. But come on – almost four months of time? It’s a lock. Especially if I continue with the CrossFit workouts + diet.

And now that I just spoke of working out: Cupcakes!

Leah got me these for my birthday back in March. Yes. They were as great as they look – only slightly better – as you can see we couldn’t even wait to take a picture before tearing into them.

Oh. That watermelon up top? We’ve kept it in the refrigerator and it’s seriously just F’in awesome on a hot day. Slice by slice I just cut into when I get back from the gym and it’s better than anything. Well, not better than ice cream but obviously that would defeat everything.

Almost Friday.