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Photography Studio Interns Wanted

We are LeahAndMark & Co. and we’re looking for a handful of Interns to work with us over the next three months.

Part training program, part studio internship (with our Commercial Photography company, Project5A Studio.This is our Portfolio

Our company is expanding and with the increase in business and projects we’re now moving into a new studio in a few weeks.

We’re not like many other photography studios. We get crazy ideas and we run with them. We ‘start’ at ridiculous and take it up from there. We love photography. This isn’t our hobby and we make a living doing this. We’d love to have you working with us.

First off let me just say this is HARD WORK,  I was told that before I came into it, and I have been doing photography for about 4 years now, I’ve been part of an extremely rigorous BFA program at Georgia State University, and it does not compare to what you experience while working with LeahandMark. – Intern Joshua (Season X)


Then I was an intern. And I knew I could create again. The confines of the lens became a sanctuary and gateway. Something familiar but completely new territory. Something I wanted to explore but never fully conquer. I gave myself the three months to see if art was supposed to be apart of my life. If it was, three months would be more than enough time to figure it out. So I dove in, head first. – Intern Jo (Season Six)

Before I did this internship I worked, but I didn’t work hard. I didn’t realize how much I could knock out in a weeks time when I just got up and did it. I think the main reason so many  photographers aren’t able to really get their business to thrive is not because they suck at photography, but because they are lazy. Or if they are working hard, they are pouring their time and energy into becoming better at their “art” instead of figuring out how to get clients. Mark is the hardest working photographer I know. He will show you how to hustle and teach you the meaning of hard work. - Intern Meagan (Season Six)



  •  setting up lighting equipment and backdrops
  • carrying equipment and supplies
  • general computer work
  • social media marketing
  • attending events and photoshoots
  • manage event photo galleries
  • attending team meetings
  • photo editing
  • contacting potential clients
  • other duties as assigned


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be a reliable, dependable, self starter
  • Photography experience / student preferred
  • Must have dependable transportation
  • A working DSLR camera
  • Laptop Computer
  • Cell Phone

It’s okay if you have a day job – we do ask that you’re available to work on weekend mornings or evenings or all day depending on our business needs. It’s only three months!

What will you get out of this Internship? 

  • Real Photography business experience (shooting, marketing, working with clients, etc.)
  • An opportunity to make contacts and network with established companies
  • Work side-by-side with full time photographers
  • Attend Intern-Only workshops (all of our workshops are for interns only – not the public)
  • You get to work with a badass crew of photographers that make things happen.

Deadline for Applications is Friday, October 11th, 2013.

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Food Photography with the Intern Army

Atlanta Commercial Food | Product Photography |

– Posted by Mark

Last Monday the Intern Army and I photographed some food in the studio.

Now you’ve probably noticed – we don’t photograph products or food around here that often – so it’s definitely not one of our ‘specialties’. However – this has been a very interesting and educational process – and I’m not even talking about the taking pictures part. That’s actually the easy stuff. The interesting part has been everything we’ve done to really understand what the client wanted as far as the content of the photos, but more importantly, the overall look, feel, and impression left by the photos – along with how to achieve those impressions that we wanted the viewer to have after seeing each photo.

For example – one of the 20 products we shot is a line of different granola. Instead of just showing good, clear, glossy photos of the granola – you want to show people how they might actually EAT the granola. How it might be used and consumed – instead of just taking beautiful photos of a product, you’re taking beautiful photos of the product in a way that’s familiar to the end user. While at the same time, in line with the style of the brand in its current state, or even helping to redefine the brand in a new way. So different from say, being an arrogant wedding photographer/artist that shoots with THEIR VISION and ONLY their vision – you need to really understand and deliver what your client wants and balance that with whatever artistic ego you feel like holding on to.

Atlanta Commercial Food | Product Photography |

And there were a lot of different individual pieces and products – so I brought in the Intern Army and we set up three stations in our Studio.

1. Packaging
2. Raw Ingredients
3. Styled (even though they were all technically ‘styled’)

Oh – and this time I was smart enough to hire our Stylist, LoriGami to work on the shoot with us. While my ego might argue that taking/making these photos is hard work – the truth is that the real reason these photos are successful is because Lori did a great job making everything look amazing. When we needed different options, different setups, or new ideas – Lori handled everything. Props, setups, food wrangling, and more.

All we did as photographers was manage the light, and take the photos. Well – of course light is kind of a big deal – especially if you’ve ever tried taking product photos without proper lighting.

See? – we were like a product-photo-factory that day and we definitely knocked out an amazing number of shots in those 7 hours.

And yes – by the end, we had probably eaten more granola that day than we have all year.

Atlanta Commercial Food | Product Photography |

Atlanta Commercial Food | Product Photography |

Atlanta Commercial Food | Product Photography |

Atlanta Commercial Food | Product Photography |

Atlanta Commercial Food | Product Photography |

Atlanta Commercial Food | Product Photography |