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Interns | Weekly Vol. One

We operate the largest Photography Internship in the country. Currently we have 11 Interns and every Friday at 9am they must post a blog entry. This is the weekly summary.

Intern Heather: “The river shoot, for me, was definitely my first threshold. I had to break away from old patterns of thinking.† I had to actually stop thinking at all, well, the critical thinking on my craft.”

Intern Joshua: “When presented with challenges†and when you are placed in unfamiliar†circumstances†you either†act†or you†do not. All of your experience, knowledge, and expertise mean absolutely nothing if you do not†act.”

Intern Karley: “I really struggle with being comfortable having my picture taken.”

Intern Tanisha: “At first, I held back quite a bit. I was nervous, I did not know intern Stephanie at the time and I did not want to get in her way. I missed a ton of shots and I just sucked for a while.”

Intern Bonnie: “On the drive home I began to process everything and only then did I realize what an adventure I was truly going to have over the next 3 months and beyond. †I want to become a rockstar photographer.”

Intern Alexander: “This is my first internship with anybody.† Iíve never interned before in my life.”

Intern Delilah: “At first, I stayed comfortably along the edge of the river.† Shooting from the sidelines† Ė thinking I wouldnít have to get in.† Or, get wet. †I was wrong.”

Intern Chad: “I had been looking at the blog posts from other interns in previous seasons about their various experiences and what to expect. It was so much more than what I expected”

Intern Stephanie: “I was† pretty much telling myself† too much sun, Iím not going to get any good pictures – what am I even doing here?

Intern Patricia: “I purchased a 50mm lens a few years ago because I heard it would be great for portrait shots.”


To Live

I have a confession. Iím not really an outdoorsy girl. And yet, youíre looking at photos I made last weekend- made while I waded neck-deep into the Chattahoochee River, dodging fish and snakes and maybe a flesh-eating bacterium or two. Huh. How do you like that?

My photography pushes me like nothing else Iíve ever known. Clearly, because under normal circumstances, Iíd be much more content back on shore, book in one hand and something fruity and frozen and topped with a little umbrella in the other. But Sunday was the River Shoot. It was like Christmas for me. (Which, ahem, is saying a lot, because I also happen to be head-over-heels in love with Christmas. Just so you know.) Also, in case you were wondering how best to pull off your OWN model-in-the-river look and where to buy some of the jewelry†that one of my lovely models†are wearing, check out Dazzle Me Designs. You’re welcome.

Thereís something about going outside your comfort zone, not only as an artist but as a human being, thatís just really good for your soul. I donned raggedy yoga pants, hoisted my camera above my head, and just walked into a frigging river like I owned the joint.

Leaving your comfort zone is scary. And itís scary no matter where your comfort zone is. The day of this shoot, mine was obviously on dry land, but beyond that, itís staying behind. It takes a lot to take a deep breath and leave what you know, diving into the unknown with fear or trepidation or butterflies or anything or everything.

You can stay where itís comfortable. A lot of us do. But youíre not really living. Youíre just existing. But then the day or hour or moment will come along where youíll read something or hear something or do something that wakes you up from this cozy little hibernation that you hadnít even realized youíd fallen into. Something jolts you- maybe itís a something, maybe itís a someone- and suddenly youíre awake and the restlessness is gone. And you know what you have to do to stay alive. You live.

And you will get scared. If youíre lucky, itís just a fish that gets a little too friendly in the Chattahoochee. But worse can- and will- happen. The trick is actually really easy: so ridiculously simple, in fact, that most of us forget it altogether. Live. Donít just exist. Live.††