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A Good Weekend

It was quite the awesome weekend. We did lots of stuff – with our very social 4th of July – and then we kind of just spent the weekend together. Hanging out, unpacking, building Ikea furniture (we put the sofa together, and then our big bookshelf (photos later of course!)) and then ate and ate and ate. Seriously. The food is making me tired. SO…. cutting back on that now. At least the amount that we eat out – and then also the stuff that “I” eat when we eat out – cause I have no controls. I enjoy the stuff too much and it just makes me tired – especially since I know the difference between now and when I eat ‘right’ as far as energy foods and stuff like that. Ya know? As opposed to the general sluggish feeling of beer, and fried foods. (But they’re oh so good.)

Breakfast @ Belly again – but we took some photos outside this time. This is the Coca-Cola wall. 🙂

Oh. And don’t worry – we rock at cooking (hahaha, no we don’t – well, we’re okay – Leah ROCKS at baking though) and we’ll take photos of that food. Obviously we’re not going to give up the food photos. They’re just ‘our thing’ ya know? Man. Just think what it would be like around these parts if I had never been told about the ‘macro’ setting.

Running. Yes. I know I’ve mentioned how I was going to pick up running – and for me – I did. That means I’ve gotten to the point of running around 2-3 miles a day (on those days when I go to the gym) pretty well – but I’m going to have to raise that now. We’ll see right? Right. (Oh, and don’t think I run fast – a 10 minute mile is excellent for me – I was an offensive lineman when I played high school football – we run 5 feet at most during each play so it’s not like we were anything like Kenyan marathoners.)

Tuesday. Tuesday our internet gets hooked up. So no more ummm….tapping into the neighbor’s signal. Thank you neighbor. This past week would’ve been completely unbearable without your low signal/regularly dropping wi-fi. And still… Um. Let’s be awesome this week. Tomorrow. I’m gonna hit you with many, many food photos. Dead or alive you’re coming with me. (For some reason, Robocop popped into my head just now.)


Food Photos Because We’re Hungry

Eggs & Avocados - Food Photo

We didn’t realize that we already had two dozen eggs so Leah bought another dozen – so we’ve been eating eggs every morning lately + avocados! We didn’t buy bread so it’s just the two items + coffee! ‘Cause obviously, more than anything else, coffee is a breakfast staple (for me at least!)


Okay look. I just haven’t had the time to cook-up my 3 small meals that I eat while at work (all part of my six small meals a day-lose-weight-build-muscle-plan) so, I’ve been cheating and splitting up panda express food. But wait! Before you all out laugh at me, let’s look at the nutritional facts… ah nevermind. Ah um. Okay. The short run-down. Compared to their Orange Chicken which is about 500 calories + like 14 grams of fat per serving.

If you choose mandarin chicken or kung pao – that’s roughly 250 cal per serving + white rice which is something like 380 cal per – SO. If you get the lunch combo with 2 entrees and white rice, then divide it into two – that’s two ‘meals’ at roughly 600 calories… um. Okay. When you do the math it’s a lot I guess – but not compared to eating the whole thing at once. 1,200 calories in one sitting? AND that’s with the lighter entree options – just think if you get the orange chicken for lunch, the math works out like this: 

(500 cal per serving X 2) + (760 cal. 2 servings of rice in a to-go container) = 1,760 calories for lunch.

And now to negate all that ‘health’ talk – up above is the ‘Sunrise’ bagel sandwich – Oh, it’s so good - from my usual coffee stop before work – Bagel Boys Cafe.

Sea Salt Bagel Sandwich from Belly General Store

This is a sea salt bagel sandwich from Belly the General Store in Virginia Highlands. Leah gets these and loves them. Oh. Below is a picture of the ‘General Store’ – look, it looks all vintage and ‘old time’ – kind of like the Cracker Barrel except this place isn’t full of ‘vintage’ garbage and knick knacks that you shouldn’t ever buy.

Belly General Store in Virginia Highlands Atlanta

But still, this place is one of my favorites because of one thing. Their Nutella & Banana Panino sandwich. Forget doing the math (’cause I’d die) – I don’t see a reason for ordering anything else on their menu. I haven’t ordered anything different and I won’t – simply because I know that no matter what, I’ll wish that I had chosen to get this sandwich instead. In fact, here’s a link to our first post + video about Belly.

Nutella & Banana Panino Sandwich @ Belly General Store

It’s Thursday! Just one more after today and then we’re free for the weekend… free to pack, do homework, sleep in, eat more food, workout, and just generally rock this life.