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Day Two Quick Summary Before Bed – 2AM

It’s nearing 2AM here in Beijing and I’m just up finishing some work and then posting really quick. First, here is Leah saying good morning today before we went out and about. (tomorrow is my turn to be ummmm.. embarassingly awesome – we’ll get better as the days go on)...

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One More – Beijing Morning

It’s 6:30 am here, we woke up early since in Atlanta, it’s Wednesday afternoon and not Thursday morning. We’ll be here at the Red Lantern Hostel for our entire stay in Beijing – so it’ll be our base of operations. I like it, it’s down a dark alleyway and off...

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1st Day of Travel – Incheon & Beijing

LOOONG day of Travel, but all of it pretty exciting. -As far as that 14 hour flight to Korea – I have never watched so many movies in a row – I think I saw four while drifting in an out of sleep. We stayed up late the night before...

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