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MacKenzie & Ryan | by +Krista

Through my journey with everything I’ve done and everywhere I’ve been this year, I’ve met a lot of people. A LOT OF PEOPLE. A LOT OF REALLY AWESOME PEOPLE. Amazingly talented, artistic, funny, kind people- honestly, the gaggle of people that have come into my life this year are unlike any others I’ve ever known. Clients. Brides. Grooms. Families. Friends. Children. Performers. Artists. And most of all, fellow photographers from every far-flung corner imaginable… and some that went to high school right down the street from me.

Paralee is kind of a legend. She was the very first Intern- ever- and everyone who knows her thinks she’s the sweetest thing in existence. And so, when I got an email out of the blue from this Very Famous Paralee, asking if I’d like to partner up with her on a wedding in Savannah, I felt like I was entering this new level of being a photographer. My internship may be a thing of the past, but the challenge of what I’m doing never ends- and it’s never going to– and the idea of doing something OTHER than either second-shooting or lead-shooting, but instead, truly building a partnership for a wedding, almost literally split right down the middle, well, I was intrigued- I’d never photographed a wedding that way before. That, and I was thrilled and honored to work with Paralee.

The wedding was lovely. The weekend was lovely. The bride and her family, whom we stayed with in an incredible house right on the beach on Tybee Island, were lovely. The groom and the families and the friends and the beach and the entire three days… just lovely. Really. There was a lot of loveliness going on. The bride’s sister walked her down the aisle. There were fabulous yellow cardigans involved. From a First Look on the beach… ON THE BEACH… to a dock-side ceremony right on the bayou… to the envitable shrimp and grits as synonymous to Savannah as the Spanish moss that I miss again already… it was all just perfect. And fun. And romantic. And… lovely. It’s weddings like these that make me want to get married all over again- to my husband again of course- he humors the shrimp and grits thing so I think I’ll keep him.

Thank you to MacKenzie and Ryan and your families for everything- for opening your home to us and welcoming us so warmly into your family for the weekend. And I made a new friend out of the weekend- Paralee, thank you for everything and I’ll see you at the next one!

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Peyton + Gabriel | Wedding Preview

-Posted by Mark

This is Peyton & Gabriel. They flew me over to Wilmington, N.C. a few months ago for their engagement session and last weekend was their wedding. With only 10% chance of rain the week leading up to their wedding day – apparently mother nature saved it all up for their ceremony. Fortunately – that didn’t stop Peyton or Gabriel – and if the bride & groom aren’t waiting for the rain, neither am I.

So it rained. And we hung out. It rained harder. We stepped out into it. And shot.

I was totally unprepared gear-wise. Fortunately, my gear is as ridiculous as I am and like an extension of myself – it’s always up for the challenge. (Okay – I know, I know, that was probably a bit too far in the personification of my camera gear.)


Peyton told me that she was having a wedding at the beach, but not a beach wedding. With that in mind, I assembled my team – Alumni Intern Jenna, and Current Intern Tricia. We left Atlanta at 4am, arrived 7 hours later, grabbed a cup of coffee and started shooting.

The weekend was awesome. Peyton & Gabriel were even better than that.

DDR Break!

Peyton & Gabriel, Thank You.


-Posted by Mark

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Audrey & Eric by +Raven

-Posted by +Raven

If you were to ask me what my one goal is when I meet a client, I wouldn’t tell you that it’s to book the gig. This is, of course, one of my goals, but not the main one.

My main goal is to get to know them. To become friends with them.

I measure my success with a client in if I feel like I can hug them at the end of our meeting. No, really.

I want to be friends with every single person I come into contact with. Even if they don’t book me.

I want to be friends with you.

This is Audrey and Eric, one of my wedding couples from fall of last year. They. Are. Awesome.

From the very beginning, shooting Audrey and Eric never felt like the typical photographer-photographee relationship. I felt like I had known them for years, and I was SO comfortable with them. We joked around, we giggled, we took silly pictures. And then, months after their wedding, we shot their bridal/groomal session. And it felt exactly the same.

I knew that bubbles would fit this couple perfectly, and it did. We ran, we jumped, we played with bubbles, we climbed trees, we played in the river. This couple simply exudes happiness and brightness, and I knew I had to show you that through their pictures.

At the end of their wedding last year, Audrey told me that someone had asked her if we were long-time friends. Audrey told them no, but that she wished we were.

I have never in my entire life been so flattered. Thank you, Audrey & Eric. Let’s stay friends.



-Posted by +Raven


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