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Wish you were here! | by +Krisandra

Get ready! A post about how awesome my vacation was! Yep, I am going to post photos from my vacation. No models, no wedding, no babies… none of that! Just pure tourist type photos (ok, there are a couple people here and there). You know the photos that have “wish you were here” written across the top. Yea, those.


I am the girl who at 30 something years old took her first vacation, a real vacation. The type of vacation where my only worry was if my flip flop was going to get washed away by a wave that surprised attacked me.

My boyfriend and I traveled 10 hours to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX) where we met up with a group of friends. And yes, I vacationed right as wedding season started. Why? Well, because at the beach it’s still considered “off season” and we got a great deal on a beach house! Although, this was not my first time in OBX. Last year I traveled to the same beach house to celebrate and photograph the wedding of one of my very best friends. You may have seen this image before.


But this time it was about collecting 10 lbs of seashells, flying a kite, reading a book, falling asleep poolside, watching sunrises, searching for sea glass, seeing a rainbow over the ocean, baking… actually relaxing! *see my instagram

I toured the Nags Head Fishing Pier.


I toured Jennette’s Pier.


And my big bucket list day trip to Rodanthe! Yep, from the Nicholas Sparks book turned into movie, Nights in Rodanthe. My girlfriends and I drove the hour to Rodanthe, North Carolina on the same path Richard Gere took in the movie to see the house, “Serendipity”! Although the house is not in its original location (it was moved a few blocks after the hurricane last year, yes they moved the whole house) it is still just as breathtaking as ever. Yea, yea, I like romance movies.


We stopped by the Rodanthe Pier on Hatteras Island. The pier was also in the movie. Even though it was still being re-built from the hurricane and quite wobbly we as far out on it as possible.

On the way back from Rodanthe we passed the Bodie Lighthouse. It’s pronounced like Body. Next year we plan to climb the 10 flights to the top. Told you these images are the stuff postcards are made from.

If you follow my *instagram or facebook then you have seen my week long journey, but if you don’t I highly suggest you should. Otherwise you might miss some pretty amazing stuff!

But, I am back refreshed inspired and ready to go! OBX, you haven’t seen the last of us! Countdown to OBX ’14 has begun.


Until then….

Are You Winning?

I was a little nervous about writing this blog…but then I cured it with my brain!

We all see life through our own set of lenses; some metaphorically and some literally. Sometimes what we see is received and translated quite clearly by the outside world and at other times is quite confusing.

Now, this week through almost every channel of mass media, Charlie Sheen has given us a glimpse of his life from his own perceptual lens. In his own words, his life is awesome and beautiful and healthy… thanks to the fact that he is winning! and possesses the rarest of blood types from the tiger variety…uh…what!?

So if you’ve been as confused as I have by all his random ramblings, you might have an idea of how I sometimes feel about others perceiving my photographic work and even the blogs I write. What I see and hear in my head always makes sense to me and I’m usually pretty stoked about the final product. Then I wonder if others will ever understand what I’m putting out there…and then I question if it really matters if they get it.

Truthfully, you’ve just got to put everything you’ve got into what you do and in turn put everything you feel like exposing out there for others to interpret. AND, you’ve got to do it without apology.

So, until I figure out how to acquire this “tiger blood” I keep hearing so much about to make me super awesome and amazing, here is what I offer out to the world today: 🙂

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