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Falling down | by +Krisandra

So, what happens when the words don’t come? I sit in front of my laptop and get distracted by anything and everything because I can’t come up with something interesting to say. Something that makes you ponder. Something that makes you say, “wow, yea, I get that!”

I have youtubed the Gang Related soundtrack and wound up on New Kids on the Block music videos. Listened to the Ghost World soundtrack and ended up on Christmas songs- yes, Christmas songs. I tried to convince my boyfriend we needed to go and have a nightcap somewhere… on a Sunday… at 11pm. Anything to avoid writing; anything to avoid getting personal.


The truth is… during a shoot this past weekend my whole week came into summary by way of a mud puddle. I fell down. I literally fell down. Not only did I fall down, but I did one of those movie type splits down- in mud. Luckily, my client was behind me and didn’t do the same graceful maneuver. I got up and found a stick to scrap the inch thick mud off my behind, leg and shoes and answered “YES, I am ok!”



[enter cheesy metaphor here] The truth is… the last couple weeks have been a roller coaster for me. I was laid off  (laid off?!) from my “day job” of 3 1/2 years, I took on the role as photo editor with (yay!), and it took me actually landing on my behind to realize- I AM GOING TO BE OK!

I am one of those people who worry about every little, and not so little, thing. It has always been preached to me not to quit my “day job” until it affected my photography or vise versa. So, you can imagine my worry. This is not how I planned things. It wasn’t suppose to happen like this! Or maybe, just maybe, this is the way it’s suppose to happen.


Truth is… I want to show you images, but I want to tell you stuff too. I don’t only want to talk about f stops, ISO, and other technical mumbo jumbo. I want to tell you stuff too, perhaps personal stuff. Like how I can get so caught up with everything that is happening around me (work) that I don’t see what is right in front of me (a BIG mud puddle). I warned you about the cheesy metaphor!

Atlanta Boudoir Photographer | Krisandra Evans |

The truth is… sometimes you just need to find a stick, scrape the mess off and keep going. It took me falling down to realize it’s just stuff. And guess what? I’M OK!

Male models vs Female models | by +Krisandra

Looking back at all my past sessions since August when I started with LeahandMark as an intern I have only photographed two male models, yes only two males. One of which was a newborn. Why is that? Is it because female models are prettier? Is it because I am a female photographer and I studied more female posing? Is it because I just happen to know more female models? Well, yes to all of the above.


When I saw the location for the intern group shoot was a railroad museum I knew I wanted a male model. It’s not to say that male models aren’t “pretty”, because they really can be. Yes, I do know way more female models. And you know what? It turns out I can pose a male model just as easy, if not easier, than a female model.


Female models can go into “hard modeling”. Hard meaning into over posing, (which Mark explained to the interns during the shoot). Looking back at some my images makes total sense. With females I tend to let them and put them into over exaggerated model poses when I run out of ideas for posing. Thus far, I haven’t found this to be a problem with the male model.


Yes, I did ask my male model to try some poses which he wasn’t comfortable in. The same type of pose the female model was able to do because she was more flexible and comfortable with her body. She was able to contort herself and still be aware of what she looked like in the pose. Even some gender neutral poses still only look nice by one or the other sex given the location.


Is there only so much you can do pose wise with a male model? Is it all about posture and facial expressions with a male model? Body language?



There aren’t a lot of male models out there (I’ve been looking) and if they are out there they are not making themselves known. This photographer will keep looking. A good model is a good model – male or female. Time to see what is out there.