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ICE – Holiday Spectacular 2013 | Day Two

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Indie Craft Experience Holiday Shopping Spectacular 2013!

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Summer ICE 2013!

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Day One. 

Day Two.


This past weekend our team covered Atlanta. All of it. Well – it felt that way. We had photographers at the Atlanta Fringe Festival, The Georgia Music Awards, and of course the Summer Indie Craft Experience (ICE)!

We’ve been at ICE for the last… 25 years so this time we wanted to do something a little different for our photobooth. After a good dose of coffee and coffee and coffee – we decided that we wanted a moving backdrop, something that changed for every photo and something that would kind of force people to interact/adjust to the moving backdrop.

Basically – we regularly come up with some of the most unique & creative photobooths around – so for Summer ICE we came up with this:

And it kind of felt like this:


And you can see that the ‘backdrop’ changed for every photo:

0091 0092 0093 0094

Check out the galleries!

Day One. 

Day Two.



All photos by LeahAndMark & Co.

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Wedding Dress Gallery | Part One

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The other day I was getting into a pretty heated discussion with a bride over whether or not I was seeing more mermaid style dresses (she preferred to call them trumpet style) this year or if I was seeing more A-line dresses. I got distracted though and started going on and on about how I wish more of my brides would pick empire waist cuts because those are kind of my all time favorite.

Yeah – hellooooooo that conversation would never happen. Ever. With me. Never. Come on! Wedding dresses?! You think I can tell the difference between them? They’re all… wedding-y. They’re big or small or short or long or big… or… different shades of white… or not white… but most importantly – are they heavy and can I duct tape them to the wall somewhere? Alright – it’s not as if I won’t ask questions about your wedding dress during our initial consult/meeting. I’ll totally be all like, “Do you already have your dress? Oh, what cut is it? Did you get it with the peplum skirt? I think that’ll look amazing!” Well… I might not say those exact words… or any of them… but still… IDK. Yeah. Wedding dresses. They’re great for photographs.

And I like making photographs. THAT’S ALL I WANT TO DO! I wanna make amazing photos of everything on your wedding day. YES you’re beautiful and LOVE LOVE LOVE and all that – and I’ll even get caught up in all of the love flying around on your wedding day like cocaine and strippers at a 10 year old’s birthday party back in the 80’s! (maybe that was just my birthday party?) – and no matter what type of dress you have – you’ll look amazing because you probably have people around you that wouldn’t let you look anything other than drop dead beautiful and blah blah blah.

Oh hey. Here are a few of the wedding dresses that our brides have worn this year so far.









Wedding-Dresses-LeahAndMark-0010 Wedding-Dresses-LeahAndMark-0011 Wedding-Dresses-LeahAndMark-0012












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Wedding Day Hooray | 2013

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On Being Different at ImagingUSA!

(See the photobooth galleries HERE)


Earlier this week was the big BIG photographers conference ImagingUSA! Nearly 11,000 photographers from all over the country (and world!) were in Atlanta to attend workshops, buy gear AND SEE US!

Okay – they didn’t know they were there to see us – but they soon found out that we had the MOST AWESOME PHOTOBOOTHS EVER. I say Photobooth(s) because we had two! A different one for each of the two days that we were there. Actually – it was a little bit odd being the only booth there that was really just a collection of photographers being kind of awesome and goofy. We weren’t selling anything, we weren’t being informative. We were just running our crazy looking photobooths.

Ha. And we were definitely NOT the most polished group of folks there! Of course there were other ‘photobooth’ companies selling their super slick boxed setups – and then there was our photobooths with crazy wires snaking everywhere, high powered wind fans, and overhead cameras! We didn’t even have a ‘sign’ the first day because I was too busy shooting a wedding the day before and I forgot to make one. It’s a tricky thing though. Being at a conference like this you don’t want to look embarrassing… especially since our group is kind of a ragtag team of photographers that do… sort of weird stuff. You know. Like a blood wedding. Or we make Wedding Home Movies that aren’t ‘perfect’ like the other ‘Cinematic Wedding Filmmakers’. So it was kind of like being the freaks and geeks booth among the huge Canon and Nikon showrooms.

Yeah. And that’s okay!


I mean – remember – a little over 3 years ago Leah and I weren’t photographers. We didn’t attend photography school and we’ve just kind of hustled our way into the business. We don’t do things correctly but we have a knack for getting things done… somehow.

Actually – when the PPA hired us to do two different photobooths – off the top of my head I suggested an ‘overhead’ photobooth. At the time… I didn’t really know exactly what that would entail, but I figured that our team could definitely come up with whatever we needed. So that’s what I sold the PPA on – the idea of an overhead photobooth and then we just needed to execute that somehow…


You can barely see it there – but that’s our little photobooth where we made awesome NOT-Photobooth-like photos! Have you EVER seen photobooth pics like these?! No flat lighting here! On the first day we wanted it to kind of be like a… fashion booth – so we setup a roll of grey seamless paper, three lights, wind machines and let it go!



Then on the 2nd day – we brought in Alumni Intern Andre to help us out and build our overhead photobooth. THIS was awesome. Sure more than half the time is was just US in the photobooth because people didn’t want to lie down, or take their shoes off – whatever! We had an amazing time making crazy photos! (Although eventually LOTS of people did join us!)

Of course – there are MANY photobooth companies here in Atlanta and lots of photographers offering their own versions. I say this without being obnoxious but there is a reason that PPA hired us and our photobooths.

Not because we can do crazy things, but because we’re willing to do them when other people can’t or won’t be crazy. Or weird. Or even possibly fail. Because oh man – it seems simple now – but that overhead photobooth could’ve gone horribly wrong.

Fortunately we have a team of really amazing people and they all showed up to work and make Awesome.

(Thank you Joy, Elaine, Krisandra, Luiza, Andre, and of course Leah and BabyRoX!)

ImagingUSA | 2013 | Photobooth |

ImagingUSA | 2013 | Photobooth |

ImagingUSA | 2013 | Photobooth |

ImagingUSA | 2013 | Photobooth |


ImagingUSA | 2013 | Photobooth |


What I’ve Learned | 2013

If you want to succeed, you have to make many, many more friends.

You know, I’ve never thought that this wouldn’t turn into something more. Back when I started shooting – while I still had my day job – I was really afraid that I would fail at this, so that kept me going. It was about the same time that Leah was finishing grad school so we were going through some major transitions. I knew things were aligning – but there was always that nagging fear that this would be added to my list of failures.

It’s a constant struggle to balance being patient with always being ambitiously in-the-moment.


Since my son was born – I’ve become much more protective when it comes to family (including our Intern family) – and much more ruthless when it comes to business. 

I’m a fat kid trying to be thin. All throughout elementary and high school – I was a fat(er) kid. Not like round – but I definitely categorized myself as fat and I have deep stretch marks on my arms to remind me.

I’m hyper aware of how things look on the outside. That’s photography. There’s a lot of flowery BS said about capturing emotion but that’s not what I do. I take pictures of people doing things. The trick is getting them to do things. Something. Anything.

The only reason we’ve had any level of success is because of how hard we work. I’m ridiculous about it, and I wish I could work 8 hours straight. But I can’t. So I end up working 3 hours here, an hour there, and then 4 hours after Leah’s gone to sleep. I don’t know how everyone does it but that’s how I do it. I don’t think I’ve really conveyed that to our Interns. The clock has 24 hours in a day. Sleep is first optional then required.

Building your own business has to be an obsession. At least for the first two years.

Balance? Most people need a new definition of balance in their lives. Thirty minutes of love – family or sex – holds a lot more weight on the scale than 10 hours of being stuck in an office. Equal time for different things isn’t balance.

I’m probably unbalanced too often.


The Internship seems so obvious now. It didn’t start out that way of course and even now we have to ask ourselves if we want to do it again, and again. It’s a true internship/apprenticeship. We don’t pay them anything and I teach them more than they work for me.

I know people have different learning styles and that I have a different teaching style. If my style doesn’t work for you then you should probably go find a different teacher. This isn’t a school for special people. This is work.

Sometimes you have to cry.

I don’t know how anyone thinks they can succeed as a timid photographer of people. Go shoot landscapes if you’re timid. Photographing people is about connecting with them on their level while at the same time telling them what to do. You don’t have to talk to boss someone around.

I have a small family and I think I always wanted a big family. So I surround myself with people. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy photographing weddings. All of a sudden I’m a part of the family. Leah has a big family – about 11 times the size of mine.


Three months is the perfect amount of time for an Internship. It’s also too short. When the interns start they all have this crazy sense of urgency to learn everything they can in the first 3 weeks and then ask how they can get better. I usually just tell them to keep shooting.

You have to get all of those obvious shots out of your system. Just like writers and their first novels.

It’s a mind trip. It’s three months of amazing peer support while at the same time it’s three months of insecure self evaluation. You have to learn to control those thoughts and keep working.

Phoenix Children's Museum |

I’m a petty person. I haven’t gotten less petty over the past two years, I’ve just tried to shut up and not move. My natural inclination sometimes is to snap back, so instead I have to just sit there and stop thinking until the moment passes.

I believe in myself and it borders on delusion.

I generally don’t read photography business books. Those ideas aren’t interesting to me and I know every photographer and their mom is reading the same book. I hope they are. We’re able to succeed doing what we do [differently] because every other photographer out there follows the same business plan. We try to play a different game altogether.

How’s that for generic business hype-talk?

I need a life coach.


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