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Weekend Lore

The weekend was kind of tiring – and I feel like I didn’t get much done. I just wasn’t focused. SO this week will have to be better. Tonight will have to be better – I have a considerable amount of homework to knock out – I always have a considerable amount on Monday night (it’s due.)

I did clean my closet – a huge accomplishment, trust me.

Waiting on my new computer to arrive – eventually. Sharing a single computer (aside from our little net laptops) is weird…

Signed up for – downloading as many of the files as I can before my initial subscription runs out. I think it’s pretty good, the audio/dialogue is much more interesting than other teaching methods – and the variation of situational conversation is quite substantial. I feel like even if I just ‘listen’ to the lessons everyday then it’s sticking in my head somewhere and building – unlike other teaching tools/programs where it never really makes an impression. I DO need to find time to practice writing characters.

This weekend kind of flew by and here we are on Monday. I’ll need to think about this more.

Who’s that girl?

I have a tendency to surprise people.

I like that about me.

C’est tout.


BeatWatch – Running Out of Time from BeatWatch on Vimeo.

One of the things I bought after Christmas (with the gifted money) was the Four-Disc Collector’s Edition of Blade Runner. Now, I know that to some people it’s a slow movie – but it moves at the pace that nearly ALL noir films move, so it’s on par with its genre. If you’ve ever seen it on television and even remotely liked the movie, you should get a dvd/blu ray copy and watch it on the best widescreen HD television you can find. For me it’s at least in the top 10 if not the top 5 visually great movies – ever. And that opinion includes all of the things beyond simple, flat imagery – mood, nuances and vision among all of the other criteria.

In other news – the day we got back to Atlanta, my laptop died. Oh it was expected – I have been getting an ‘iminent hard drive failure’ notice for the past year. And there are probably some things that could be fixed (power supply would be the first check) – I decided on a replacement since that laptop was roughly 5 years old (it was a year old when I bought almost 4 years ago.)

Since I’m not into building systems anymore (I never really was – that was and is still the area for my brother and father) – I decided to order one from Dell – they had the best ‘deal’ by several hundred dollars lower – oh, and I decided that instead of a laptop, I’d get a desktop – with a 3ghz processor, 4 gigs of RAM, and a 24 inch monitor. Sadly, it won’t arrive until the end of this month.

Innocence from Marc Sarro on Vimeo.

While I originally thought that the 2nd Ghost in the Shell movie was slightly self-indulgent, I think I’m changing my mind – or rather, I think I’m okay with it now. Oh, and a re-release of the movie will come out on January 13 – from Bandai instead of DreamWorks – who released the FAIL version (ha, I guess there is no english dub, and then the subtitle track is actually a hearing impaired track – which means that it has action descriptions like ‘footsteps’, ‘gunfire’, ‘door opening’…)

In other news… I finished reading Call of the Wild, and White Fang. I liked Call of the Wild considerably more. Currently, I’m reading this book:

Now… there are some criticisms about this book – specifically that it’s near fiction in its depiction and interpretation of Chairman Mao… and even before looking up what other people have said about this book – I could tell from reading the first few chapters that the authors really couldn’t help themselves from expressing their contempt for Mao. They attempted to come off a somewhat scholarly – and did considerable research, however the writing oozes with their hate for this man who did considerably terrible things. While I don’t think that they were incorrect in most of the events they document, I do think that their interpretation of Mao’s motivations range from generally correct – to completely biased, false, and even made up. If I were an academic, it would be difficult to not label this book as historical fiction. Still – it’s a good read and since so much of history is shaped by those who write it… I’ll make my best attempt at finishing the book.