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Georgian Terrace Wedding | Atlanta is Amazing

Ponce City Market Wedding | Georgian Terrace Wedding

How about a Georgian Terrace wedding? Sounds great right? Planning a wedding in Atlanta while you live in New York can be very challenging – ha – it’s probably closer to being difficult than challenging. BUT – it can be done! What’s great about Atlanta is that there are SO MANY wedding vendors (well, that’s good and bad for different reasons) – which means that you CAN find all of the people and help that you need; even if you don’t live here.

Georgian Terrace Wedding

Ponce City Market Wedding | Georgian Terrace Wedding

Ponce City Market Wedding | Georgian Terrace Wedding

That’s what Sadio and Siedric did – and wow did they plan a great wedding day. They started their day getting ready at the Georgian Terrace hotel – and then we did their first look/portrait session at Ponce City Market – AND THEN the ceremony took place at Agnes Scott College AND THEN back to the Georgian Terrace for the reception at the Livingston restaurant. SO yeah – we made a good trip around Atlanta and back that day.

Ponce City Market Wedding | Georgian Terrace Wedding

Among all the things that they did right was that they made PLENTY OF TIME for their photography and videography. I know – of course I’m going to stress making time for your photographer (since you know – I’m a wedding photographer) – but really – if you’re planning a big day, with several locations – AND you want it documented well along with your own portrait photos; definitely schedule enough time for the photography. I’m not talking about hours and hours (because come on) but enough time. That will vary depending on who you hire for your photography but also on what you’re planning for your photos. Georgian Terrace wedding.

Ponce City Market Atlanta Wedding

Ponce City Market Wedding | Georgian Terrace Wedding

For example – even if you’re not going to multiple locations across town – say you’re at a farm or country club with 50 acres of lush land and gardens and fields. If you don’t want all of your photos to take place 10 feet from your ceremony location, MAKE TIME to travel out to the fields, or hills, or rivers or whatever. If you have to walk – make sure you bring along some flats to walk in so that you’re not hiking in high heels the entire way. Your photographer can absolutely help you out with the logistics (and if they can’t – well, fire them.) Georgian Terrace wedding.

Ponce City Market Wedding | Georgian Terrace Wedding

But YES. This wedding was GRAND. And these two were great the entire day. I’m not even saying that through gritted teeth – they literally were GREAT the entire day. Putting up with me, with my crazy ideas, but also having their own ideas as well. Because you know – at this point, 8 years into this wedding photography thing – I’m totally open to any and all ideas for the photos as long as we have time for it (cause you know, time is the most valuable resource we have and it’s the only thing that’s limited and blah blah blah).

Agnes Scott College Julia Thompson Smith Chapel Wedding

Ponce City Market Wedding | Georgian Terrace Wedding

Now – small segue – I’ve noticed as a general rule – the smaller the wedding party (bridespersons/groomspersons/ wedding party persons) – the more flexibility or even open time you have for other things like photos, or relaxing. It’s just easier to have to hang out with 3 close people as your wedding party than 10. And you don’t have to split your time with as many people during the getting ready process. Having said that – sometimes I’m completely wrong and it’s absolutely AMAZING having a big wedding party getting ready with you and celebrating your morning. It just depends on the people, your schedule, and other things that I couldn’t even quantify that probably don’t matter in the end anyway. Georgian Terrace wedding.

Right? Right. Yes. 

Ponce City Market Wedding | Georgian Terrace Wedding

But these two? Seriously, considerably, absolutely, full of Awesome.

Need help planning your wedding day schedule? Check out this link! And our friends at A Practical Wedding as well.


How to Help Your Stylists Give You Perfect Wedding Hair! | Vlog

Since I was getting my ‘hawk refreshed – I figured that I’d cover a few tips on helping out your stylist for your wedding hair!

A few months before your wedding – find a hairstylists and have a ‘trial’ session. If they’re a professional stylists – they’ll ask you questions to narrow down your ideas and get a better idea of what you want your hair to look like on your wedding day.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | The Estate on Piedmont | LeahAndMark & Co.

You will want to bring anything you can to the trial with you. Photos of your dress, and then also photos of you IN your dress as well. Having those will help your stylist get a better idea of how your hair will sit on your head with the dress on your body. Sounds like common sense right? And it is – but this is wedding stuff we’re talking about so common sense GOES OUT THE WINDOW! Cause you know – weddings are bonkers!

Bring any photos you’ve gathered as well for ‘hair’ inspiration – and then also any colors, or fabrics or really anything you might want your stylist to incorporate somehow into your hair for that day.

Another good idea is to make sure you know what you DON’T WANT. That’s almost as important as knowing what you do want – and it’ll cut down on the wasted time of going through bad ideas that you were never going to like in the first place 🙂

Alright! If I don’t see you on your day, have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Waverly Hotel | Cobb Galleria | LeahAndMark & Co.

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