take off

while another intern season winds down, and a new round of applications ramps up, there are changes upon changes happening at LeahAndMark. exciting, necessary ones. ones that you just may want to be a part of. new plans, new faces, and things moving in a … Continue readingtake off

we are

I think I’ve stalled long enough into january to not feel obligated to write about the new year and fresh starts and rah! rah! rah! 2013! I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions. it’s just another day, really. but…there is something about starting or finishing a … Continue readingwe are

rain | by +elaine

this has been a strange week. but I’ll take strange. wholeheartedly. with open arms. and be glad. because while my week has been filled with introspection and taking stock and appreciating the people in my life, people I know are having a tragic week. a … Continue readingrain | by +elaine

Rising Above

Posted by Contributor Gabriel – Wow, it has been a long time since I have had the privilege of posting to all you LeahAndMark readers, but I am excited to be able to write here and share my latest shoot. Life has been crazy busy, I have … Continue readingRising Above