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while another intern season winds down, and a new round of applications ramps up, there are changes upon changes happening at LeahAndMark. exciting, necessary ones. ones that you just may want to be a part of. new plans, new faces, and things moving in a million directions. always moving. and part of that change is me.

in my do SOMEthing post last month, I wrote: “get up off your ass. get going. do SOMEthing. I won’t promise that it won’t be mortifying or embarrassing or painful, whether physically or emotionally. you may fail. or cry. or throw up. or be rejected or laughed at. I’m not saying that any or all of those things won’t happen. I’m only saying it just might be worth every bit of it.” and wouldn’t you know it, those damn words have been pecking at me ever since.

and so, under the heading of Practicing What I Preach… I’m off to DO. to still shoot and blog and learn and grow and share, just over at where I can fully indulge all my narcissistic tendencies with abandon.


schuckenfill 2012-9513


but before I go, let me tell you about the wonder that is the internship. because now is the time to start writing your application answers. and because it’s important to know, because then maybe you’ll see just how hard it is to leave the safety net that is Leah. and Mark. and Baby RoX, and Joy and +Krisandra and +Luiza. each internship season is this beautiful coming together of people with disparate backgrounds, and varying levels of knowledge and experience and passion. all of them with the goal of learning more. doing more. becoming more.

I’m not going  to blow smoke up your ass. it’s difficult. it’s exhausting. filled with potentially clashing personalities, and seemingly impossible demands and schedules. (and then there’s mark’s tendency to give the largest, heaviest gear to the teeny tiniest intern.) if it was easy, everyone would get into the internship, and you wouldn’t be challenged, and it wouldn’t mean a damn thing. but the stuff that makes it worth it are the amazing friendships and incredible opportunities and settings and experiences, so very many incredible people as resources, and the testing of your limits and convictions to find out what you’re made of.


one classy bitch-7136


from the Season SeVeN internship, Krista and I became LeahAndMark Pluses. which is really just another name for Uber-Internship (or Internship 2.0). more learning, more work, more awesomeness. mentoring the new interns, building our portfolios, and being given ample room to figure out a lot of things for ourselves.

out of our season alone, at least 4 of us (Edwin, Eric, Krista and I) springboarded from the internship into pursuing photography as a profession. and that was just one season out of the ten so far. there were also alumni interns Jo and Raven and Gabriel and Debra and Whitney. and still others. just think of the exponential possibilities of artistic awesomeness they’re all putting out into the world.

get on the bus


and regardless of what the internship has yielded for all of us, personally and professionally, we’ve each of us taken something away from it. and then made it our own.  that’s an amazing gift to have been given. to have been helped along our individual paths toward becoming…well, whatever it is we are to become.

everyone leaves the nest. some take a flying leap, others need to be gently poked and prodded, and still others need to be tossed, flung and/or have their fingers pried from the edge to begin their flight. and yet, we all go.

so now it’s my turn. to unpry my fingers. and fly.

we are

I think I’ve stalled long enough into january to not feel obligated to write about the new year and fresh starts and rah! rah! rah! 2013! I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions. it’s just another day, really. but…there is something about starting or finishing a project or significant event on a clear, clean point. I’m anal enough to appreciate that. because I’m the kind of person who is bothered by things like widowed words, and mathematical remainders and orphaned socks. I appreciate things like the symmetry of a person dying on their own birthday, or twins marrying sibling twins. (wow, this post got weird, fast.)

so instead of a drawn out telling of what 2012 was like (craptastic, with sparks of life-alteringly amazing), and what my hopes and dreams and plans are for 2013 (winning the lottery, and getting a pony), I’ll share with you using my own measuring stick. not of time and calendar, but of family. because my days are gauged by their health and happiness and homework. their extracurricular events and travel and behavior reports. their emotional drama, and independence versus mother-clinging. the juggling of schedule and mom-taxi-ing. their packed lunches and never-enough-snacktimes and dinner requests. this is the stuff I capture and keep, to post on facebook or tuck away in memory boxes.

so right now, no showcasing of weddings or realty or events or models or food. instead, family. this family:

schuckenfill 2012 WQ-9513

schuckenfill 2012 WQ-9532

schuckenfill 2012 WQ-9604






schuckenfill all kids quadtych

because this is how I was brought up. family. family family family. sometimes the first to attack, but always the last line of defense. built-in playmates. people who are related friends and everyday witnesses. understanders of jokes and references and house-language that other people find puzzling. this is what I want my children to understand and to feel and to treasure. being together, and the everyday-ness of it all.

Wednesday by Leah: Night Weaning While Co-Sleeping

For the past several months, Jonah has been nursing at night for comfort rather than to eat. While I’m always willing to comfort my child (duh!), I’m definitely ready to comfort with cuddles instead of nursing all night. He’s started nursing way more frequently than he did when he was younger – he really just wants to use me as a pacifier all night, and I’m sorta over it. I’m also dropping weight like crazy, and it’s directly a result of breastfeeding. I’m gonna disappear if my son keeps nursing so much! So we have begun the weaning process around here.


We also co-sleep, which makes night weaning extra tricky… the snack bar-pacifier combo is right there, Jonah doesn’t even have to get out of bed, and who wouldn’t take advantage of that? So Mark and I discussed how to approach this. We could transition Jonah to his own room to expedite the process. He already naps there. But we didn’t like that option. We really love co-sleeping, most of the time, and we are just not ready to stop…plus Jonah’s room is alllll the way upstairs and that’s too far away for our liking. So the other, more palatable option was for Mark to comfort Jonah when he woke up at night, and for me to sleep in the other room for a few nights so Jonah got used to falling back asleep without nursing and without being too tempted. We actually briefly tried the whole night weaning with me in the bedroom, and that just made Jonah ANGRY. He knew what he wanted was right there and he couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let him have at it. The boobs, they are too hard to resist!


Night weaning with me out of the room was definitely the best option. And it’s actually been much easier than I thought it would. Sunday marked 4 nights of weaning, and I was back in bed with my boys. Now *I* can comfort Jonah at night with cuddles and he doesn’t expect to nurse. I put Jonah to bed last night around 7:30 and he woke up 3 hours later and I was able to get him back to sleep without any fuss OR any nursing. He started to wake up again at 3 am but he rolled over and went back to sleep, snuggled against daddy, and didn’t try to claw my shirt off me or anything of the sort. This is huge progress, y’all!


He still nurses around 4 times a day, and I’m not ready to cut those out yet, but I’ll gradually drop a session at a time over the year. There are aspects of breastfeeding I love, like always having a free, nutritious snack on hand, and there are aspects I don’t love, like leaking – still! – and milk stains and Jonah pulling my shirt down whenever he wants to nurse. I’m so thankful we have been able to breastfeed but I’m definitely ready for Jonah to start weaning. I knew nighttime would be the toughest, and I’m glad it’s going smoothly so far. The first 2 nights were the roughest, with Jonah waking up about every hour and needing rocking and singing to fall back asleep, but 2 sleepless nights are definitely worth it to me and Mark in order to have many many nights of peaceful sleep. This process has actually strengthened the bond between Mark and Jonah, too. Jonah loves cuddling up to Daddy at night now, not just Mommy. And Mommy gets lovely, uninterrupted sleep. It’s fantastic.

1.16.2013-2 (2)

And can I just say how much I love watching my boys sleep all snuggled up together? It’s the bestest.

Wednesday by Leah: One Year

This weekend, BabyRoX is turning one. Wow. Did it go by fast? Yes and no. Those hazy newborn days seem SO far away, especially when I see my brand-new niece and how tiny and helpless she seems. And it’s crazy to think about a time when Jonah – since he’s not so much a baby anymore, I guess I’ll start using his real name – wasn’t a part of our lives. But at the same time, I’m shocked at how quickly we got here. The bouncing, grinning, trying-to-talk boy who blows raspberries on my cheeks and tummy, who loves eating broccoli and olives and lentil soup, who pulls on kitty tails and scales stairs at lightening speed… not so very long ago he could barely hold up his head. He slept A LOT. He nursed A LOT. He was my Zen baby. He taught me how to slow down. And now he’s teaching me how to speed up again.

This past year has been filled with more joy and love than I could have anticipated. It’s been a time to trust my intuition, to gain confidence as a mother, to get to know this precious being who joined our family. To learn from him. To learn how to teach him. To be fully present and savor the time that I knew would go by too fast.

And as we prepare to celebrate his first year of life, the sadness at the end of the baby era is fading – a little bit of that will always be there, because I do so love the baby stage – but I am eagerly looking ahead to this next year. To all the firsts – walking, talking, going to Disney World, cooking and making art and taking nature walks. More hugs and kisses. More singing and dancing. More laughter and yes, more tears. To getting to know Jonah even better as more and more of his personality comes out. I can’t wait to hear his thoughts, his take on the world.

I watch my sister with her sweet little girl, and I am so excited for her to go through this journey, too. For however difficult those first days and weeks might be, the joy and love is so much more – so worth the sleepless nights, the marathon nursing sessions, the stress and worry that come with being responsible for a tiny baby you love with all your might 24/7. It’s a HUGE transformation, becoming a mom. I can’t fully express how huge. I am more of myself because of Jonah. I am more aware, more compassionate, more present, and more self-ish, because I want him to have the best version of me. I have to take care of myself to be in the best space, physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually to be the mom I want to be for Jonah. And I have to be gentle with myself, and oh-so-forgiving, because I’m not the best version of myself 24/7. And that’s ok, too.

So many adventures ahead! This past year has been the very start of an amazing journey. Happy One Year, Jonah. You fill our lives with light and love. Smiles and hugs and kisses and raspberries! And let there be cake!



Wednesday by Leah: Being my own best friend

So last week, our awesome new website was inundated with boudoir photos. My mom wasn’t too pleased with this. My best gal pal was also concerned. (Love y’all both!) While some may view boudoir as risqué, I think our team did a great job taking beautiful, tasteful photos and also writing about the courage and sense of self-worth/love/appreciation a boudoir session both requires and help creates.

And it also got me thinking… how am I treating myself these days? I wrote a bit about making time for myself, and that’s important – and something I’m getting better at! But as I made time for myself, I also made time for being extra-critical of myself. My never-ending to-do list. My stress about paying bills. My feeling two steps behind. Always pulling my hair in a pony tail. Etc. Etc. Etc.


So I decided to give myself a mental boudoir session of sorts. Strip myself down, emotionally. What do I need? How do I feel? And what I need is to be my own best friend. To treat myself the way my friends treat me, and the way I (hopefully) treat them. Instead of letting that critical voice berate me, I need to talk myself the way I would talk to an anxious, stressed-out friend.

Breathe. You’re doing awesome. It’s gonna be ok. Let’s do some yoga and have a glass of wine.

Not only is it of the utmost importance for my own self-care and life balance to treat myself with kindness and respect, but it is also exactly what I want to model for my son. I don’t want him witnessing a frazzled woman being down on herself. I want him to see me for who I really am: a confident, joyful, present, enthusiastically peaceful woman.

I’m a good friend to others. And I’m starting to be a very good friend to myself. Which makes for a super awesome mama. And that makes everyone a little bit happier!

Wednesday by Leah: Taking Time for ME

I have a super cute baby. He’s also super sweet and fun to be with. And I love him an insane, intense, ridiculous amount which makes me not so inclined to leave him. But I’ve also realized that if I don’t take SOME time away, for myself, that I start to get a little…. crazy. It’s a strange sort of Catch-22. The thought of being away from him is not happy. But Leah without any alone and adult time is not so happy either. So I’m trying to carve out some baby-free time each week. And more than just the time it takes to take a shower.

It’s hard.

It’s easy to make excuses not to.

Like… oh, he’s teething and extra-clingy and needs me. Or hey, I took an EXTRA-LONG shower today and even shaved my legs and put on lotion, so there’s my me-time for the day. Or I was supposed to have a date night with Mark, but the bank account is a little low this month and we really shouldn’t spend any money and the time could be better spent cleaning our house.

Y’all know what I’m saying? Luckily, I have other people in my life who remind me that I need to take more time for myself. And I need to make date night a more regular occurrence. So I’m working on it. We have more than two people we will trust to watch our son now! That’s a step in the right direction. We keep getting more and more business each month, so even if the bank account seems low now, I can at least spend $6 for Mark and I to get out of the house and have some frozen yogurt. And NOT talk about work! (That’s another challenge when you own your business. It’s so easy for all conversations to lead to work!)

Date Night!

We’re working on it. I definitely don’t have the right balance in place yet. But I’m also trying to be gentle with myself as I figure out how to have balance now that BabyRoX is rocking our world. So I don’t have it all figured out, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know the secret recipe! And in the meantime I’ll plan the next date night and NOT cancel it. Baby steps, right?


rain | by +elaine

this has been a strange week. but I’ll take strange. wholeheartedly. with open arms. and be glad. because while my week has been filled with introspection and taking stock and appreciating the people in my life, people I know are having a tragic week. a week filled with loss and sadness. affecting them personally and profoundly, while it only touches me peripherally, if at all. separate stories of strangers. car crashes. boating accidents. hit-and-runs. news stories. friends of friends, a friend of some family. gone. all of them young, taken shockingly. abruptly. it’s not like it isn’t always happening, but sometimes it brushes up closer than you’re used to. closer than you’d ever like it to be.

in 2009 Jen Newman, owner and creator of Lillibands, started LilliCares in memory of her younger brother, Ret, who lost his battle to Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2000 at the age of 15. he asked his family to “give back” and help children and their families fighting these terrible diseases. in june, a group of children from Avondale Estates, GA spent the afternoon packaging up and delivering Lillibands and Ninjabands to Egelston Children’s Hospital. they spent time with the patients and were able to learn first hand about what it means to be fighting cancer. I was lucky enough to be a part of this, and to have Intern Christina with me to capture some of these images.

I see bewilderment and anger and oh-so-much sadness all over my facebook newsfeed. from so many different corners. and I see love. love love love. so much love flowing. through remembrance. through words, stories and pictures. my cousin wrote this about a dear young friend of my west coast family who was killed in a hit-and-run on her 30th birthday on monday:

“it is true.
good-byes are always hard.
but they’re the hardest because the hellos were so wonderful.
the great pendulum of life.
this is a little fall of rain compared to all the sunny days Claire Rose gave you.

blessed are we who feel the light in all these storms.”

I see Jen and her family talk about Ret. always laughing and smiling and remembering all the sunny days he gave them. and all the good and happy and love? they send it out into the world, and give it especially to those who need it extra much. because he asked them to. and because that’s the kind of people they are.

I know that all these stories are ultimately not at all about me, but I do what everyone does when they are reminded about how ephemeral life is. I look up out of the busyness that is everyday and stop taking it for granted, if only for a moment. I appreciate it all. I hold on to it and embrace it while I can. I squeeze my husband’s hand. I hug my kids extra long. I kiss them as they sleep and whisper in their ears of love and sweet dreams. I cross my fingers and my toes. I close my eyes and make a wish to keep those that I love safe. and I feel the light in the midst of all these storms.


Rising Above

Posted by Contributor Gabriel –

Wow, it has been a long time since I have had the privilege of posting to all you LeahAndMark readers, but I am excited to be able to write here and share my latest shoot.

Life has been crazy busy, I have been working full time, building websites on the side, getting ready to join a startup company, supporting my wife who is nearly halfway through her doctorate program at Life University, spending as much time as I can with my two kids and trying to squeeze in as much photography as I possibly can. Yup, it never ends, but it is worth it…

I have always taken the perspective that I want to do as much as possible with my life, doing everything I can to not say no to an opportunity, even if it is something that makes me uncomfortable, or stretches me out of my comfort zone. So when Heather Cobbs, a branding and social media strategist helping companies inspire and connect with their audience, asked me to join up with her to help with the re-branding of the website for Integrated Financial Group here in Atlanta, of course I said yes, then she asked if I was ok with doing a photoshoot in a small plane…..

I dunno if I have mentioned this, but I don’t particularly like flying. It is not that I am scared of flying, it just sets me on edge. And no, it is not because I haven’t had the opportunity to fly much, I have spent extensive time in the air over the past 5 years, and it just isn’t the most enjoyable experience for me. But…. I had an awesome opportunity, and I wasn’t about to say no because it made me feel uncomfortable, plus, I always told myself that I might feel different about flying if I ever had the opportunity to fly in the cockpit.

After a couple reschedules due to weather, me and Don Patrick of Integrated Financial Group were able to meet up and head skyward last Saturday morning.

The purpose of the shoot was to profile Don. In addition to his position at Integrated Financial Group, Don flys for AngelFlight – an awesome cause that arranges free air transportation for people that have a medical need that can’t be filled in their local area – he has also been flying since he was 16. I was expecting to be nervous, but as we loaded up, it felt like the most natural thing ever. No jitters, no nervousness, nothing. If anything it was the opposite. Peace, calm, escape. It was in a word amazing.

Even when Don turned over the controls to me for 30 minutes, nervousness stayed at bay and instead I was able to just take in the experience and enjoy being in the air, it was intoxicating. Oh, and I got to take some pretty awesome pictures too.

Don’t let the business of life, or your own apprehensions get in the way of saying yes to some amazing opportunities, you may find out some amazing things about yourself…

Now I just need to find out how to add flying lessons to my life and budget 🙂

retro | intro -spective | by +Elaine

I’ve have lots of names. lainie, e, shorty, laine brain, nain. and now I’m +elaine. and I like it.

getting an updated portfolio together had me sifting through all my intern shoots. and reviewing what I had in my portfolio before. hard to believe there was even a time in my photography life before my leahandmark internship. it’s amazing to see where I was with my skills and knowledge and experience then. and where I am now.

before, I was hired for the occasional gig, but mostly I just showed up everywhere with my camera. parties, the pool, backyard concerts, school events, playdates, parks. but now my work is filled with babies and children and couples and drag queens. product shoots of granola and books and headbands and dresses and shoes and bread and houses. people new to the country, or on stage speaking or rocking out, or getting married, or breaking boards. models crouched in trunks and strutting on runways and posing in rotted out buses and old trains. so much cooler.

I look back on my “before the internship” work and my “during” work, and now that I’m in the “after” phase, I can’t wait to see what what my portfolio will be filled with next.

with a new role as a + at comes a new blog location. no longer in the intern section, mark told +krista, +mishaun and me to (re)introduce ourselves. coming up with 200 pictures to whittle down to 20 for our portfolios, posting a blog and showcasing our work… all of this reminds me of the incredulity I felt the first night as an intern when mark told us we had to have 20 images and a blog up by that monday morning. 20 IMAGES! it seemed a ridiculous amount and there was no way I had that many images that were good enough. and just like then, once I got a grip and settled down to work, I find I have more than enough pictures I’m happy to use to fill my portfolio and to post on the blog as I introduce myself. again.

so hi, I’m + elaine, and I’m happy you’re here. now let’s get shooting.

One of those Weeks {+jo}

Jo Arellanes | photographer | night photography | train photography | extended photography | Atlanta GA | Dublin GA | | | cityscape | train yard (2)


{text and images by +jo}

A lot comes to my mind right now.

I think an 18-wheeler ran me over while I was asleep. I’m that tried right now. But that’s my own fault and I need to keep working.

The lyrics “I’m on the edge of glory and I’m hanging on a moment with you” ring in my head. I think my subconscious is playing games with me. The lyrics are self explanatory and subtle at the same time. You probably connect to them very differently than I do. Lady Gag wrote the song ‘Edge of Glory” for/about her grandfather’s death. My grandmother and grandfather have been an my mind a lot recently. They have been extremely important people in my life. Though my grandmother died when I was twelve and my grandfather died when I was sixteen… I still cry about loosing them.

It’s really hard to write about this…even now.

I only saw my grandfather a handfull of times the last four years of his life. This was after spending practically everyday with both him and my grandmother for the first twelve of my life. The absence hurt… and still does.

I remember the night my grandmother died. My cousin and I were playing cards in the room across from hers. She always listened to NPR when she was laying down. She clicked the radio over and Eve 6’s ‘Inside Out’ played in its entirety. The song went off. The radio went off. Soon people were rushing around the small house and she was taken to the hospital. I had seen her go to the hospital many times. I had stayed with her countless nights. But this time was different… so many family members were there. It didn’t feel the same. I remember holding onto my cousin as we watched our grandmother wheeled out of her room with a respirator covering her face. I don’t remember what the paramedics looked like. Just legs rushing by. I remember my cousin crying out. I held her tightly.


That’s the last time I saw my grandmother…
the first time I saw my grandfather cry.

The last time I saw my grandfather was a over a year later. It was hard going over to see him. The family dynamics completely changed  after my grandmother was buried. My grandparents lived for each other. They spent well over fifty years together. They were soul-mates. I grew up surrounded by that love. The last time I saw my grandfather he slipped a few mementos into my hand and told me “They are ment to be yours. For you and only you.”

It was my grandmother’s cross – the one she wore everyday. She never took it off.
There was a patch from my when my grandfather was in WWII.
A gold necklace of his that he loved – my grandmother gave it to him – but could not wear because he was allergic.

I don’t know what his last moments, months or years were like.
I don’t know what his edge of glory looked like.

I think about all these things durning this time of year. Every year. It’s unavoidable.

This year I found a photo of my grandfather taken while he was serving during WWII. It is one of three photos I’ve ever seen of him when he was young. The other two were staged portraits shots, one with my grandmother and the other after the war was over. This photo shows him goofing off with military friends. A group of them are holing up a young woman so she can kiss her soldier hanging out of a ship’s window. The only person looking at the camera is my grandfather. That mischievous grin plastered all over his face. His infectious smile that always made my grandmother light up and giggle like she was twenty years old again.

I have so many projects I’m knee deep into. This past week had extreme highs and lows. I screwed up, fumbled, accomplished, saved, learned, worked through life and still made it to the other side. I will always do this.

But this time of year I always find myself standing at the edge of glory remembering my grandparents. Missing them. Loving them. And knowing without a single shred of doubt: They are together.



Wednesday by Leah | Thank You Everyone

BabyRoX | LeahAndMark | Wednesday by Leah | 3 Months

– Posted by Leah

BabyRoX | LeahAndMark | Wednesday by Leah | 3 MonthsBabyRoX will be 3 months old next week! I can’t believe it. Now that I’m getting back into “work mode” I’m ever-so-thankful that I am self-employed. There is NO way I could leave my lil man and go to an office 40+ hours a week. Or even 20 hours a week. I would’ve quit my job. These days are too precious and this time is too fleeting for me to miss so many wonderful moments. Yet at the same time, I need to be working – for financial reasons, of course, but also because as much as I love being a mom and spending nearly all of my time with my sweet boy, I’m also more than a mom and I need to spend time on those other parts of myself, too. I love our business. I love the people we’re lucky to work with – clients and other photographers alike!

BabyRoX | LeahAndMark | Wednesday by Leah | 3 Months

So this week’s post is less informative, less reflective, and more just a big, huge, gushing THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone we work with, to everyone who hires us, for making this awesome life of ours possible. Mark and I say EVERY day – usually multiple times a day – how grateful we are to get to spend so much time with BabyRoX. To see his precious smiles and respond to his adorable gurgles. To show him the world, to watch him take it all in. He comes to meetings with us and he’s even been on several shoots already. Mark and I take turns playing and/or napping with him so the other one can focus on writing blog posts, responding to emails, answering phone calls. It’s busy and sometimes crazy, but that’s how we roll.

BabyRoX | LeahAndMark | Wednesday by Leah | 3 Months

Even when we are super busy, we make it work (thanks to our +photographers and interns for taking on extra work, and to our free babysitters – aka grandparents). And even though things get hectic, we still get to spend WAY more time together as a family than if we had office jobs. Being self-employed can be stressful and scary at times, but I am now convinced it is worth the risk, worth facing down the fear of failure, worth the blood/sweat/tears/late nights/early mornings. It’s worth it ALL to get to call the shots, be our own bosses, and make as much time as possible for our child.

And we couldn’t have a business if we didn’t have clients. So thank you thank you thank you a million times over! We love you. You make this possible for us. You. Are. AWESOME.

BabyRoX | LeahAndMark | Wednesday by Leah | 3 Months

Introducing | Season [SeVen]

Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship

After two weeks of Intern Applications, and then a crazy 36 hours for the 2nd round Applications – we finally arrived with our list of 8 interns… which turned into 7 interns – which is completely appropriate since this is the Seventh Season of our Internship.

We also moved into a new studio space at the Atlanta Goat Farm – a mid-Victorian industrial site on 12 Acres with 12 turn of the century brick structures. What we lose as far as indoor studio space (our last one had roughly 10,000,000 square feet) we gain in… ridiculously amazing outdoor shooting areas (the Walking Dead and a few other productions film there every now and then.) We’ve actually photographed at the Goat Farm several times in the past:

[Blood Wedding] [Clockwork Carnival] [Back Alley Food Photos] [Low Country Boil] [Lighting 102]

Some are brand new applicants, some applied four times, and some took +Jo out for drinks to be here. Whatever it takes.

Oh yeah. This is Season [SeVen]

Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship

They’re all standing in the ‘set’ designed by our new stylist – LoriGami. Um. What you see up above with the 7 Interns is what it looks like when the lights are all turned ON. What you see below is what it looks like when we do our jobs and make the lights look like something worth seeing.

Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | LoriGami

LoriGami’s going to be working with us throughout the season, designing and styling a few more shoots. She’s a professional stylist that works on you know, serious photoshoots – so we’re ridiculously fortunate to have her on our team. (We’ll do a proper intro post later this week.)

Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | LoriGami

(Just a note about this light setup. LoriGami created the shadow of the pirate ship to show up on the back wall – and originally our lights were overpowering it. So we used a softbox, and feathered the light just enough to ‘light’ Lindsay (the model) and control the spill and not washout the pirate ship shadow. If you refer to the photo up above with the Interns – you can see that we didn’t have much ‘room’ to work with – only about a foot between Lindsay and the back wall. So the light had to be sharply cut and controlled. I think it worked out.)

Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | LoriGami

And now…

Introducing Season [SeVen] (click here to view all of their blogs)

Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | Elaine
Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | Edwin Kang
Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | Marie-Alice Menager
Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | Erik Meadows
Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | Matthew Druin

Atlanta Photographer | | Photography Internship | Nnenna John