This is a fake smile. Well, not really a fake one – but you know, I can’t ever ‘smile’ for the camera, so I have to start fake laughing – otherwise it won’t look right. Photo taken this morning in um, you know, our um, set … Continue readingDaily

From Here On Out

Hello! How are you? Well, according to the counter, we have 52 days until our wedding. Plenty of time to finish getting ready I suppose. Plenty of time to blog too. So. How about we blog everyday until then. Sounds awesome. Especially considering the relative … Continue readingFrom Here On Out

A Thin Dark Waltz

Posted this to my facebook a few days ago – but I’m out of any other material right now so it’s getting posted here also. I’m just been having trouble making anything – aside from the fact that we haven’t really left the apartment too … Continue readingA Thin Dark Waltz


BeatWatch – Running Out of Time from BeatWatch on Vimeo. One of the things I bought after Christmas (with the gifted money) was the Four-Disc Collector’s Edition of Blade Runner. Now, I know that to some people it’s a slow movie – but it moves … Continue readingVisually

Naxi Hospitality

Yunnan province has many different minority groups, and Lijiang is home to several, but primarily to the Naxi people. The Naxis are ethnically Tibetan, speak their own Naxi language and use a pictograph writing system- the oldest still in use, in fact. They are a … Continue readingNaxi Hospitality