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Wedding Day Schedule Driving You Crazy?

Creating a Wedding Day Timeline isn’t nearly as difficult or challenging as people think it might be.

We Make Amazing Wedding Photos for You

Whether you’re having a large wedding or a small wedding – a lot of the same stuff will happen. You get dressed, you have a ceremony, you have a party – and the entire time you have a photographer following you around and even directing you sometimes for your amazing wedding photos.

If this is your first wedding (insert some kind of joke here) – then you might not know how a regular wedding day goes down. Well that’s why we’re here! To help you out with that! Below is a regular, traditional, awesome wedding day schedule and timeline. This example is partly from your photographer’s point of view and covers an 8 hour timespan. During your planning, START with this wedding day timeline and then MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Seriously – jack this thing up. Twist it around, turn it inside out – it doesn’t matter – it’s YOUR WEDDING RIGHT?

Just don’t touch the allotments for photography… just kidding… no really… don’t touch them.

SAMPLE WEDDING DAY TIMELINE (8 hours of coverage)


Your wedding photographers will photograph details such as the dress, shoes, jewelry, bouquet, and of course cover all of your preparation process such as getting your hair & makeup completed, and having a great and relaxing time with your bridesmaids as they get ready as well.

2:00                        BRIDE GETS DRESSED

Now is the time to finish getting ready. Don’t worry, your photographer doesn’t have to photograph EVERY part of putting on the dress. What we like to tell brides is “We’ll be right around the corner. Go ahead and put your dress on, but the moment you feel comfortable and covered enough – but not finished – let us know and we’ll come in and start photographing.” What is comfortable is different for everyone, some people are VERY comfortable and others want to be more covered. We leave it up to the bride to decide.

3:00                        GROOM MAKES FINAL PREPARATIONS

It’s at this point that we’ll move over to the groom’s side of things. Since we generally don’t need or want photos of the groom and his groomsmen literally putting their pants on, we’ll arrive when they’re nearly finished getting dressed and just start photographing everything – quickly. Same as the brides side, we’ll capture all of the details and then also group photos of all of the groomsmen.

3:30                        FIRST LOOK (and then bride & groom portraits)

You won’t have to worry about planning this at all. We’ll find the location, set the groom up in position, and then bring the bride in to surprise him. We kick everyone out of the area so it’s a private moment between the two of you and your photographers

4:00                        WEDDING PARTY PHOTOS

After your first look and portrait session, we’ll bring in your wedding party to complete all of the wedding party photos with the two of you.

4:30                        HIDE THE BRIDE & GROOM

Of course – the groom doesn’t always stay hidden and often times will walk around greeting guests – but generally this is the time for the entire wedding party to relax, get a drink, or cool off/warm up if the weather’s being crazy. Your photographers will take this time to finish photographing the ceremony site and ceremony details. They may also sneak in and photograph the reception space if it’s ready as well.

5:00                        CEREMONY

This is where you get married!


We RUN the family formal session like we’re on a crazy mission to get them finished in record time. We do this EVERY TIME too. Literally. I don’t care if you have 100 people or 10 people for the family photos – we will GET. THEM.DONE. and then you can still get to the last part of your cocktail hour. We want you to be able to spend as much time with your guests – this is about you and not us stealing you away just for our amazing photos (well, it’s not ONLY about that)

6:00                        PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTOGRAPH RECEPTION SPACE (before guests enter!)

6:30                        RECEPTION BEGINS!

6:45                        GRAND ENTRANCE ANNOUNCEMENTS & First Dance

7:00                        DINNER IS SERVED

7:30                        SPEECHES & TOASTS

7:45                        SPECIAL DANCES (Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, etc.)

8:00                       OPEN DANCING

8:15                        CAKE CUTTING

8:30                        BOUQUET TOSS


Wedding Day Timeline | Couple in the Mountains

Of course this is just a sample wedding day timeline – but it should give you a good idea of how your wedding day can be scheduled – and you can see how all of that time just literally disappears. Sure – when your photographer tells you that their base package starts at 8 hours of coverage you think to yourself 8 hours is plenty of time! But when you actually write it all down from start to finish – 8 hours of photography coverage can seem like just enoughor not enough to cover everything.

Sample Wedding Day Timeline 

Something to note – your reception can happen ANY WAY YOU WANT. Sure there needs to be some sort of ‘dinner’ portion for your guests – but other than that – the order is UP TO YOU. You can do all of the things DURING DINNER if you’d like (special dances, toasts, etc.) or you can space them out as the reception moves along. You can skip them. You can have a 30 minute hora dance spectacular if you’d like (totally had that happen – and it was AMAZING.)

Questions? Ask us. Need more help? Check out our good friends at A Practical Wedding.


So when you’re making and creating your wedding day timeline – just think about how awesome and beautiful and easily your day will flow!

Callanwolde Fine Arts Wedding Venue & Weddings

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Callanwolde Fine Arts Center | Wedding | LeahAndmark & Co.

A Callanwolde Wedding at Callanwolde Fine Arts is a great wedding venue because it has the ability to transport you to a different place – in a good way. The grounds have a certain feeling to them that isn’t like any other venue in Atlanta. I’m not sure what it is exactly. But it’s not any one thing individually. It’s the combination of everything that’s there. From the gardens, to the grassy areas, and the trees and flowers – to the building facade that’s reminiscent of a castle but not exactly. To the side patio area that almost feels like you’re in the French countryside. Or the grand staircase with the back lit stained glass windows. Or the classroom feelings of the up stairs getting ready spaces. All of it. It all transports you to a place that doesn’t feel so modern, or even so Southern the way that so many other wedding venues in the South tend to do. 

Callanwolde Wedding Fine Arts Venue

Callanwolde Wedding Fine Arts Center

Callanwolde Wedding Fine Arts as a wedding venue lends itself to your creativity. You can really set it up to go in a few directions. Classic and timeless. Or a little big magical and fairy-like… or even medieval and whimsy if you like. Or just plain, flat out elegant (that’s a thing right?)

Your photographer will definitely have an endless supply of ideas at Callanwolde as well. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate and it’s raining – there’s a good bit of cover to work with around the building – and you can always sneak a few minutes outside when the rain does take a break.

We’ve photographed several weddings at Callanwolde Fine Arts and they’ve literally always, always, always been amazing. 

Atlanta Wedding Photographer. LeahAndMark & Co. Callanwolde Wedding Fine Arts Center. The Best Photographers. In. Atlanta.

Need help creating a wedding day timeline? We have you covered.

Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

Playa Del Carmen; Mexico; Destination Wedding Photographer; LeahAndMark & Co.

There are many reasons why you should consider a destination wedding and also hiring a destination wedding photographer. The Caribbean? Playa del Carmen? Mexico? Jamaica? Cancun? The first and most obvious one is because you want to get married at some amazing or specific location, but you happen to not live there. See? Simple. Because you want it that way. 

Playa Del Carmen; Mexico; Destination Wedding Photographer; LeahAndMark & Co.

Another reason is convenience. Maybe it’s convenient for the two of you. Maybe it’s convenient for one side of your family. Or just for the most important person other than the two of you (like for example if your mother/father/relative that you MUST have at your wedding, can only travel so far/has travel restrictions – then you definitely want to do what you can so they may attend.) That might include having the wedding closer to that relative. Which may mean that you are traveling to them. 

Why You Want to Have a Destination Wedding Photographer

Playa Del Carmen; Mexico; Destination Wedding Photographer; LeahAndMark & Co.

OR. You happen to live someplace that you don’t like that much. And no one else lives there either. So you pick a different place. One that’s in the middle of everyone. 

Whatever your reason – along with all of the usual logistical concerns – you will want to consider how easy it will be for everyone else to attend your wedding. If everyone is having to fly into town – is it nearby a decent airport? If everyone can drive – is it a 2 hour drive or a 8 hour drive? That changes things dramatically. Think it through for your guests (at least the ones that you WANT attending your wedding ha.)

Destination Wedding Photographer LeahAndMark & Co.

Playa Del Carmen; Mexico; Destination Wedding Photographer; LeahAndMark & Co.

Still. Having a destination wedding can be as easy or as difficult as having a wedding down the street. Literally. Think about it in the same way as moving houses. Whether you’re moving down the street or across town – you still have to move ALL THE STUFF. Whether you’re getting married down the street or across the country – many of the same wedding things and parts still have to happen. Like a ceremony, and reception, and parking, and bathrooms, and food… all those same things. Right? Right. 

Reasons for having a Destination Wedding Photographer in the Caribbean or Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen; Mexico; Destination Wedding Photographer; LeahAndMark & Co.

Basically – have the wedding where you want to have the wedding – where you REALLY want to have the wedding. And if that means you’re getting married in the Caribbean then oh well I guess that’s what you’ll have to end up doing!

Need help creating a wedding day timeline? We have you covered.

And if you need ideas – check out this book for planning.