Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

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This is a subject very dear to our hearts – mostly because there are so many god awful wedding coordinators that are useless and difficult at the same time. (In the same way there are so many bad “rockstar” photographers as well.)

Still – we always recommend hiring a wedding coordinator. Or designer, or planner, or whatever title they’ve created for themselves – someone to coordinate your crazy wedding day. (It’s crazy. You might not think it’s crazy, but it’s bonkers.)

We’ve worked with some amazing planners that could do magic at the drop of a hat. Need a new venue the week of your wedding because your first one turned out to be total F*ckers? Taken care of. Need someone to tell your photographer that he needs to stop being a self absorbed diva? DONE.

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Your wedding is too important. There are a lot details and things that need to happen that you don’t know about. Not because you’re dumb – but because it’s not your job to coordinate weddings 50 weekends a year. You’ve never had to coordinate the flow of 300 guests from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception while the bride and groom have been kidnapped by the photographer for photos, the band is loving the open bar too much, and the caterer is an hour behind schedule!

Hire a great wedding coordinator. You won’t know everything they did for you – and that’s kind of the point.

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A few wedding planners you should consider:

Stella-Harper Events (Atlanta, GA.)

Natalie Bradley Events (Athens, GA.)

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