Blogging Perspective

Blogging Perspective

Every now and then I forget that I am fortunate enough to able to do what I do. Iactually forget how fortunate I am to be a full time photographer – and to be doing it relatively well. It’s easy to take for granted that we book enough work to provide for the BabyRoX, to fund the Internship – and even pay our Creative Director. Of course – spending money has never been a problem of mine. Gear. Coffee. Chinese food.

How does this happen? Because at some point my hobby, my interest, this photography – turned into a job. Of course that’s what I wanted. We generally don’t call it a ‘job’ when we describe our dream of ‘doing photography full time’ – but that what we want. We want photography to replace our day jobs.

And then come the long hours of editing.

And then comes the blogging. Or not blogging. And having writers block, or blogger’s block – when really it’s not that wehave to blog it’s that weget to blog.

I don’thave to edit. I freakinget to edit amazing photos of people that trust me.

But really – this is about the blogging. It’s a requirement around here for our Interns and our +Photographers, and me, that we all have to blog every week. Just one day a week. And still we often times fail. Because it’s easy to not blog. Nothing happens. And then more of nothing happens.

Weget to blog.Youget to blog.Iget to blog.Let’s stop complaining about it.



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