what goes around, comes around | by +elaine

product shoots are always a good change of pace. versus models. sometimes it’s good to have subjects that don’t move. not having to wait for hair or make-up, or just the right expression. of course, that also minimizes happy surprises. but still. an almost totally controlled shooting environment? that’s just good stuff.

Good Karma Coffee House is owned and operated by Sharonda Frazier (full disclosure: friend and co-worker), and began when she started creating allergan-free foods for her daughter . and if you know Sharonda, you know she doesn’t do anything halfway. she purchased gluten-free foods, and she grabbed what recipes she could find, but dared to want them to taste good. so she started experimenting, and creating, and the results were fantastic. bread that tastes like bread, waffles that taste like waffles. muffins, oatmeal, cookies, pies. soups and breakfast sandwiches. all free of gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, or shellfish. and now she’s running a bakery that’s making lots of people happy.

I initially stopped by the store to support her business. and kept coming because it’s yummy (the banana chocolate chip muffins were my favorite, but now I think it’s the ham & cheese waffles). and now I work here, because mama wants to save up for new camera body.  it’s amazing to see the joy on the faces of those who are living gluten-free. especially the kids. “you mean I can have ANYthing in the case?!” (I’ve seen a few adults do a happy dance as well.) in a world where most places have only one gluten-free option, if any at all, this place is like the disneyland of food options. with excellent coffee thrown in. which I know because after 40+ years, I’ve finally started drinking coffee.

so stop by Good Karma. not (just) because it’s allergen-free, but because it’s damn good. plus I’ve got mad barista skills you should see.