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May 2012

retro | intro -spective | by +Elaine

I’ve have lots of names. lainie, e, shorty, laine brain, nain. and now I’m +elaine. and I like it.

getting an updated portfolio together had me sifting through all my intern shoots. and reviewing what I had in my portfolio before. hard to believe there was even a time in my photography life before my leahandmark internship. it’s amazing to see where I was with my skills and knowledge and experience then. and where I am now.

before, I was hired for the occasional gig, but mostly I just showed up everywhere with my camera. parties, the pool, backyard concerts, school events, playdates, parks. but now my work is filled with babies and children and couples and drag queens. product shoots of granola and books and headbands and dresses and shoes and bread and houses.†people new to the country, or on stage speaking or rocking out, or getting married, or breaking boards.†models crouched in trunks and strutting on runways and posing in rotted out buses and old trains. so much cooler.

I look back on my “before the internship” work and my “during” work, and now that I’m in the “after” phase, I can’t wait to see what what my portfolio will be filled with next.

with a new role as a + at comes a new blog location. no longer in the intern section, mark told +krista, +mishaun and me to (re)introduce ourselves. coming up with 200 pictures to whittle down to 20 for our portfolios, posting a blog and showcasing our work… all of this reminds me of the incredulity I felt the first night as an intern when mark told us we had to have 20 images and a blog up by that monday morning. 20 IMAGES! it seemed a ridiculous amount and there was no way I had that many images that were good enough. and just like then, once I got a grip and settled down to work, I find I have more than enough pictures I’m happy to use to fill my portfolio and to post on the blog as I introduce myself. again.

so hi, I’m + elaine, and I’m happy you’re here. now let’s get shooting.

To Live

I have a confession. Iím not really an outdoorsy girl. And yet, youíre looking at photos I made last weekend- made while I waded neck-deep into the Chattahoochee River, dodging fish and snakes and maybe a flesh-eating bacterium or two. Huh. How do you like that?

My photography pushes me like nothing else Iíve ever known. Clearly, because under normal circumstances, Iíd be much more content back on shore, book in one hand and something fruity and frozen and topped with a little umbrella in the other. But Sunday was the River Shoot. It was like Christmas for me. (Which, ahem, is saying a lot, because I also happen to be head-over-heels in love with Christmas. Just so you know.) Also, in case you were wondering how best to pull off your OWN model-in-the-river look and where to buy some of the jewelry†that one of my lovely models†are wearing, check out Dazzle Me Designs. You’re welcome.

Thereís something about going outside your comfort zone, not only as an artist but as a human being, thatís just really good for your soul. I donned raggedy yoga pants, hoisted my camera above my head, and just walked into a frigging river like I owned the joint.

Leaving your comfort zone is scary. And itís scary no matter where your comfort zone is. The day of this shoot, mine was obviously on dry land, but beyond that, itís staying behind. It takes a lot to take a deep breath and leave what you know, diving into the unknown with fear or trepidation or butterflies or anything or everything.

You can stay where itís comfortable. A lot of us do. But youíre not really living. Youíre just existing. But then the day or hour or moment will come along where youíll read something or hear something or do something that wakes you up from this cozy little hibernation that you hadnít even realized youíd fallen into. Something jolts you- maybe itís a something, maybe itís a someone- and suddenly youíre awake and the restlessness is gone. And you know what you have to do to stay alive. You live.

And you will get scared. If youíre lucky, itís just a fish that gets a little too friendly in the Chattahoochee. But worse can- and will- happen. The trick is actually really easy: so ridiculously simple, in fact, that most of us forget it altogether. Live. Donít just exist. Live.††



Goodbye: A Shift by +Raven

Raven was an Intern during Season Three – and happily – she just kind of hung around for the next few years. She has been instrumental in the growth of our business and the overall Intern Experience for the seasons following hers. She has also been our go-to photographer whenever we were already booked and need someone to help out with clients. Over the past few years she’s criss-crossed the country photographing weddings and helped out tremendously with the education of our Interns.†

Even with me being much more critical than needed, and often times generally difficult – she’s put up with a lot from me – and at the same time there has been no one else that I would recommend more often to clients over the past few years when Leah and I were unavailable. Raven is everything that she says she is and more than she realizes. – Mark†


– Posted by +Raven

This, officially, is my last post with

It’s extremely bittersweet to be writing all this, because though I’m very sad to be leaping out of the nest, I’m SO excited to be breaking out on my own.† I’ve been a part of since October of 2010, about 2.5 years.† WOW.† Two and a half years.

And really, I was involved even before that, because I’d applied for Seasons One & Two of the internship, too.† {Though my timing was off both times.}† And even before THAT, I was signed up for the newsletter.

So it’s weird, saying I won’t be such a big part of it anymore. But it’s time for me to leave, to go out on my own, stand on my own two feet.

I’ve always said I was “part of the family of photographers,” because that’s what it’s been to me. A family. And family never truly leaves you.

Having said all that, I’ll still be around the place. I’m still going to be involved in the seasons of the internship, teaching the editing class, shooting with interns {and occasionally with Mark}, and helping out wherever I can, simply because I love it.

But I’ll also be out on my own, still at†Doin’ my thang.

Thank you, Leah and Mark {man, it’s hard not to type those as a run-on} for everything. For taking me on, and helping me grow, both as a person and as a photographer. I love you guys, and I don’t plan on disappearing, so get over it. You’ll be seeing me again.

Thank you, interns, for being so awesome and eager and willing and READY.† You’re great.† Let’s go shoot something.

And thank you, dear readers.† You’re so beautiful, inside and out, and I can’t WAIT to meet you all.

Thank you all, for a wonderful and unforgettable last 2.5 years.

You.† Are.† Awesome.