The Tempest {week4/5}

The Tempest {week4/5}

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I’m sure visitors to Barrington Hall in Roswell are wondering what on earth is being constructed behind the historic house. Amonstrousset is looming over the lawn where, on most nights, a group gathers to stick together a larger-than-life concept. North Fulton Drama Club hascertainly stepped up to the task of creating their version of Shkespear’s Tempest. The cast and crew is working tirelessly to create a piece of {steam powered} magic for you.

Games of trust, actors constructing, constructors acting, and everythingin-between. It’s what community theater is all about. These people congregate nigh after night, week after week in hopes that they can share a story with the world. A story as fleeting as a blink of your eye.

Take a look at their journey:









Next up in this series: meeting the people behind this project and those that will appear on stage.

”Silence is the perfectest herald of joy; I were but little happy, if I could say how much.”




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