The Tempest {week 3}

The Tempest {week 3}

{Photos, words, video by +jo | music by the piano guys}

This week was intense. So many things happened… I think I should break it down into different parts. Are you ready?
Here we go.

{Rehearsal }

There is always a beginning to every journey. This group of people fearlessly barged past any notion of trepidation and threw themselves into this project full force. My kind of people. This week was filled with building the basic blocking of every scene. You need a skeleton before thefibrousmuscles can take root to form the meat of anything.


What is wonderful and veryuniqueabout this group is the honest feeling of security everyone shares. They come together to create. No bickering, no politics, no outsidenonsense. It seems to be a rare bird nowadays but this group has captured it effortlessly.




Did you know about these guys? Because they started out as just a couple… then the next day there were dozens more… and by the weekend they had taken over the property. It was insane how thickly they covered the almost everything. It’s no wonder because they are attracted to white and the giant house that is know as Barrington Hall is white. No one could escape them. They were there and trying to take over. Everything.



{Costuming Bonanza!}

Nikki and Alyssa went on another shopping spree. With certain events coming up very quickly the group really has to step their game up and start constructing the costumes. I think I’ve said this before, but it must be said again. They make the costumes by hand. Every time.That’s a different kind of crazy. But also the kind of crazy that brings together amazing people.




Converting, drawing,mapping, measuring, cutting, pinning,schemingand dreaming. These ladies know how to manipulate life into magical things.




Now here’s a doozy for you. This is an outdoor theater production. So on Saturday these dedicated thespians gathered to get down and dirty to build the set from the ground up. Only a few basic platform were previously constructed. The rest is brand new to this show. The trick to all of this will be the weather-proofing. Because, you know, mother nature doesn’t always like to cooperate with us silly humans.

This set is going to be amazing. I can’t wait for you to see it. Heck, I can’t wait to see it. There are some epic things on the way. If you are a fan of theater, Shakespeare, steampunk, sci-fi, or just life – this show is for you.





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And if you didn’t get you fill through the photos, check out the video that covers many more moments from this past week of work.


North Fulton Drama Club really knows how to put on a show.

Jo Arellanes | Atlanta Photographer | Atlanta GA | | | | nfdc | Steampunk Tempest | Shakespeare | The Tempest | Actors | Community theater | roswell (10)


I have had a dream, past the wit of man to
say what dream it was.




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