Season for Printmaking

Season for Printmaking

I’m in Arkansas for my annual family visit. So this isn’t going to be the normal rambling post I tend to do. πŸ˜›

I help out at a studio so I can printmake again. It’s amazing and freeing. I’m working on three different projects at the same time. One an etching:

Block cuts of lucky insects, healthy herbs and favorite flowers:

And cards for the holidays:

Printmaking is something I’ve considered receiving my master’s degree in someday. (I graduated from SCAD with a degree in Sequential art {comic books} with a minor in Printmaking and Performing arts with a minor in Dance.)

Christmas Card Prints by +Jo Arellanes | Little Star Girl Studio

If you are interested in the cards – check out my etsy store.
I was working like a crazy person trying to get more cards printed before I left town – and I did. But I left town without the cards or the file to be able to post them in my little store. Ha! Lesson learned, I suppose. So! Keep your eyes out at the end of the week. I will have more cards up. πŸ™‚
I hope you are staying warm and your holiday season is filled with joy. I know mine is.


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