Natalie & Robert’s Wedding Preview by +Raven

Natalie & Robert’s Wedding Preview by +Raven

I met Natalie & Robert through a couple we had the pleasure of meeting last year, Chris & Chastity. Since the two couples know each other through church, and therefore both chose to get married there, Nick & I had the complete and utter pleasure of shooting at the Abundant Life Church in Lithonia for the second time.

There is something so unbelievably cool about returning to a venue to shoot, especially when it means seeing past couples {hey Chris & Chas!} again. We knew exactly where and how we wanted to shoot, and had so much fun with everyone. At the risk of sounding like every other wedding photographer, there was so much love at this wedding, and it was just beautiful.

I teared up during the ceremony. And parts of the reception My tearing up isn’t much of a feat in itself, but with weddings, it’s different. It doesn’t happen terribly often. {I’m picky about crying at work, haha.}

This wedding, like all others, came with its own share of unique challenges. Ones that we were only too happy to overcome. And I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that just a few weeks before, I was shooting a couple with Intern Sooji in PITCH BLACKNESS and then I found myself shooting 25% of the formals and pretty much all of the couple’s pictures in the same situation for this wedding. Everything is practice for something else, even when you think you’ll never use it in “real life.” It’ll happen. Trust me.

Natalie & Robert are ridiculously in love, completely perfect for each other, and it was a B-L-A-S-T to be a part of their wedding.

Also, Robert & his mom started their mother/son dance with tradition, then broke into a dance montage started off by Thriller. Momma has some moves. I’m just sayin’.

Thank you guys again, so, so, so much.

Natalie & Robert, you. Are. Awesome.

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