Gabrielle + Quinton | Wedding Preview By + Debra

Gabrielle + Quinton | Wedding Preview By + Debra

When I first met Gabrielle and Quinton we were sitting outdoors at a small cafe.  The entire conversation I kept seeing them steal shy glances and share secret smiles.  At one point, I thought the napkin holder on the table between them would fly ten feet into the air because of the electricity between them.  It was obvious immediately that they were, and are, deeply and madly in love with one another.  I was thankful at once for the happenstance connection that had brought them to me as a photographer for their wedding.

It turns out that they are both very creative and resourceful people, our banter easily moved around from details of the day, the amazing story of their friendship blossoming into a deep and abiding love, and who else knows.  We talked about everything, and I watched them share their story, and could feel the love they shared.  It was a rare and delightful thing to encounter, the intensity of them is energizing and exciting.  As the wedding day approached I chatted multiple times with Gabs, I knew the moment I saw her initial G chat message of ” taps microphone, is this thing on” pop up on my computer I had made a new friend.  A vivacious, funny, and witty friend at that.

As a photographer I always become invested in the people I shoot, after all I am sharing moments of their lives, being entrusted to record events to shape memories for years down the road.  It’s a calling, and not just a fact of picking up a fancy camera.  On their wedding day   we all hugged multiple times, and they trusted me to take them walking through downtown Atlanta to shoot some memorable and lasting photos.  we traipsed around Fox Theatre, popped into the Livingston and borrowed somebody else’s wedding guests, and stood on the corner laughing at the multiple people honking and cheering out the car window.  It was a day to remember.

My second shooter was the wonderful Alumni Intern Whitney from Season Four, and I was lucky to have her there.  Throughout the day we oohed and aahed over photos, laughed with the wedding party, and all in all had an amazing day.  Thanks again for everything Whitney, you are awesome.

The wedding party photos involved me hopping out into the street.  Literally, jumping into Piedmont Ave between red lights to get just the right amount of space for the shots.  Thankfully I had ten sets of eyes to call out when cars were coming.   We take our art seriously around here at 😉

Big special thanks to Gabs and Quinton for having me be a part of their special day.  Best of luck to you in the future, I look forward to watching and capturing the momentous occasions to come.  Ya’ll are awesome!  <3

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