Beth & Tim’s Wedding Preview by +Raven

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Beth and I never actually met until the day of her wedding. I always think situations like that are so funny; they remind me of blind dates. Situations where I get to walk into the room and go “Sooo . . . who’s my bride?!” With a big, crazy smile on my face.

Luckily, this one was pretty easy to figure out.

Beth is pretty fantastic. She let us do our thing, and posed like a freakin’ professional. Tyra would have been proud. Girl did a fabulous job.

She got ready at a B&B near the Trolley Barn, the wedding venue, and if you’re saying to yourself “wait, there are B&B’s near Inman Park?!” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’d never been to a B&B, but had always wanted to, so I was a little thrilled. I was also {more than} a little thrilled that we got to sample some STUNNING sausage biscuits from a diner down the street. I say down the street, but on foot it felt like 10 days away.

I digress.

At the risk of becoming repetitive, the wedding was a lot of fun. You can really tell Beth & Tim love each other. They both have super fun families, Tim’s sisters especially {and incredibly talented; one sang during the ceremony and they both played strings for it}. The wedding was beautiful – we were lucky enough to bring some of the flowers home with us at the end of the day: FAB.

Beth & Tim: THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are awesome. 😀

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