Wednesday by Leah: Pregnancy Brain | Atlanta Maternity Photography

I almost forgot to write a post today. Why? Because I forgot it was Wednesday. Why? Because since getting knocked up, I have become moderate-to-severely cognitively impaired. No joke. It’s a miracle my wallet hasn’t been stolen, because I’ve left my purse in too many places to count – from dressing rooms to restaurants to public restrooms. (Yes, I actually left my purse hanging in a public restroom. Fortunately it was a busy one, and the lady who went in the stall after me caught me while I was washing my hands. Yet another good reason you should ALWAYS wash your hands after using the loo!)

I’ve also spent 10 minutes tearing through my apartment in search of my cell phone while I was TALKING on my cell phone. I’ve overfed our cats on numerous occasions. You want me to meet you for lunch on Thursday? If I don’t immediately put it in my calendar – and check my calendar first to make sure I don’t have anything else booked – I just might stand you up. Do you know how douche-y I feel when a friend or family member asks me to join them for lunch and I have to say, “Hmmm, let me check my calendar”.?

I used to have an amazing memory. I could keep dates and appointments in my head, remember what I needed from the store and to pull down my underpants before peeing. Usually. But now I’m just a mess. Thankfully, I don’t have any truly important responsibilities at the moment other than keeping Jonah safe and healthy. Which really means keeping myself safe and healthy, which I can usually manage to do with a little help from my loved ones. | Atlanta Maternity PhotographyTurns out there is an actual biological basis for this pregnancy brain thing. According to this study, preggo women experience brain shrinkage during pregnancy.The scientists aren’t sure why exactly – but the Dr. Oz book YOU: Having a Babycites at least two reasons for the shrinkage. First, the brain’s cells and connections restructure themselves – perhaps to block out other thoughts so that you can focus on your baby. Again, no one is sure why this happens. But the brain actually grows again after delivery and forms new/better connections to help you take care of your child.

Secondly, the brain is around 60% fat and needs fatty acids (omega-3s) to keep the neurons healthy and firing – but you’re also growing another human with another brain inside of you, and the fetus gets the nutrients your body needs before YOU get them. So unless you’re taking in tons of good Omega-3s, you can expect some loss of brain fuel. Which means it’s a good idea to get some supplements. And if you hate fish oil as much as I do, but are still willing to take a fish oil supplement for the DHA and EPA, you might thank me for telling you about Barlean’s Omega Swirl. It’s a fish oil supplement that really and truly does not taste fishy. Even when you burp it up. I promise. It actually tastes quite yummy. (Another tip: Whole Foods will refund your purchase even if you open it, taste it, and don’t like it, so it doesn’t hurt to try it out.) Okay, you should really thank my midwife for telling me about it, so that I can tell you about it.

Anyways, pregnancy brain is for real, yo. And apparently I’ll be smarter and less forgetful again in a few months, unless sleep deprivation keeps me in a fog. Until then, just smile and remind me the day before if I’m supposed to meet you for tea. Thanks!

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