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Photobooth by LeahAndMark

20 Jun ’11
Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

You may or may not have noticed – but we have a photobooth now. No really – a real one.

Actually, we have three photobooths. Our team had 2 weddings and an adult prom to cover and we had a photobooth at two of them. I’ll admit, we’re a little late to the party as far as photobooths – but we’re here now and we think you should hire us (Okay – we always think you should hire us.)

We didn’t invent this type of photobooth – but we have three of them now and we think you’d like to have one at your next party / event / wedding / teeth cleaning, etc. The setup? It’s no secret and there’s no point in making it seem magical. Basically we have a mounted camera, a monitor, and a remote control (and of course lights).

We give you the remote, you take a picture, and it shows up on the monitor. Repeat. Over and Over again. The key difference between this setup and one where it’s a photographer taking your photo – is that you can see the shot immediately after you take it – AND then you can make adjustments. Oh – and did I mention you can take 1 photo per second or more? It’s your own mini-photoshoot if you want it to be!

All of the photos get uploaded to our galleries where everyone can download a web-sized version to keep, and they can also order prints if they’d like.

Check out our Photobooth Galleries RIGHT. HERE. (Oh that’s another thing – your galleries will usually be up by lunchtime the next day.)

Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

All of a sudden, everyone is much less self-conscious about having their picture taken – and once they get the hang of it – it’s more like they’re just watching themselves on tv (because of the monitor) – and who doesn’t like that!?

Still. We’re pretty new to the photobooth scene here in Atlanta – so what are we gonna do? We’re gonna run a special. Why? Because you deserve a photobooth at your party!

Since we like to keep things simple around here, let’s keep things simple:

Photobooth Special by LeahAndMark:

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Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

Atlanta Photobooth Rentals by

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