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Sometimes you need to go and feed a giraffe.

Sometimes life starts to get so crazy that you begin having a hard time keeping up with yourself…

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, Editorial, Vintage, +Laura, LeahAndMark.comSince my SXSW tour in Austin, life has been quite a whirlwind… So much so, that recently I decided that I needed to buy a daily planner so that I could keep my life a bit more organized… Upon purchase, I promptly began to fill said planner with all the “stuff” I felt I needed to do on a daily basis. Upon review, my head went straight back into whirlwind mode after realizing there was no time for “me”. So, back to the car where I decided to drive to Phoenix and Dragon to purchase books about how to make my life less hectic.

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, Editorial, Vintage, +Laura,

From Book 1:

Chapter 1: “How to make your life less hectic”
Suggestion 1: “Stop filling in your daily planner with the “stuff” you feel you “need” to do”


Admittedly, I’ve been away from the virtual world as I’ve been trying to figure out how to make everything in life that I want to do work together. Whenever you decide to take a plunge and turn a hobby into a career, you are going to have some serious growing pains. And, if your’e anything like me, you want everything to happen RIGHT NOW! I have wanted to accept every photo opportunity that has come my way all the while thinking I’m Wonder Woman (which I’ve been told I bear a striking resemblance to Ms. Linda Carter.) But, the reality is, is that you can’t be everything to everyone because then you end up being nothing to no one.

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, Editorial, Vintage, +Laura,

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, Editorial, Vintage, +Laura, LeahAndMark.comUntil now, I felt that becoming a better photographer meant filling my planner with as many shoots as I could squeeze into one calendar day, week, month, etc… However, I have realized that the two do not go hand in hand. Photography is about slowing down instead of speeding up. Sometimes you have to step back and wait for the perfect moment to capture the “right moment at the right time” shots instead of shooting incessantly. Or sometimes you have to say no to people that are requesting your services because you know you need time to research, study, or just do a shoot for yourself in order to become a more focused, productive, and healthy person.

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, Editorial, Vintage, +Laura,

Sometimes, you have to say, “Im sorry, but I must go feed a giraffe right now.”

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Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, Editorial, Vintage, +Laura,

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