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It’s a funny thing – up until now, our strategy has been that we don’t have a Facebook company page. Every photographer (and their mom!) has a Facebook company page – and it’s literally one of the first things they do when they decide that they’re going to pursue photography.

Us? We went the opposite direction. If you wanted to be our ‘friend’ or follow us on Facebook, then you had to actually friend us. Photography is a very personal thing and we wanted you to hire us the photographers, more than just to ‘buy photos’.

However – we’re now at the point where LeahAndMark.com isn’t just ‘Leah‘ or ‘Mark‘ – and it’s really our family of Alumni Interns (and current interns). So while we’ve resisted having a company page all along, we changed that a few days ago.

Now we want you to ‘Like’ us. All of you. And your friends. And your family. So we’re running a promotion. But not just any promotion. Check it out:

Like our Facebook page and enter to win a:

Free Portrait Session Anywhere East of the Mississippi*

  • – Any kind of portrait session
  • – ANY Location East of the Mississippi (*Continental US & Puerto Rico)
  • – Winner can ‘gift’ or transfer the prize to a friend or family member

  • – EVERYONE can enter (you do not have to LIVE East of the Mississippi)
  • – I (Mark) will travel to the location of your choice
  • – Three (3) hour photo session
  • – Maximum 17 people
  • – Session Must take place on either a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • – Session Must take place during the month of September 2011
  • – Winner will receive a Dvd of all finished hi-res images
  • – Sweepstakes ends at midnight on July 5th, 2011
  • Official Rules here

And that’s pretty much it. Everything.

The only requirement to be able to register is ‘Liking’ our Facebook company page.

Again – Just ‘LIKE’ our Facebook Company Page, and then you can register to win a free portrait session anywhere in the continental United States, East of the Mississippi (and Puerto Rico!)

Even if you live in California – if you win then you can give the portrait session to friend or family member that lives East of the Mississippi! Seriously, it’s transferable and we believe an excellent gift.

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, LeahAndMark.comHow can we do this? No seriously, how can we offer to travel anywhere up and down the east coast for a portrait session? Well honestly, all of the traveling that we do for weddings has kind of taught us a few things – and flying or driving for photoshoots isn’t a problem at all.

I’ve flown into Ojai, California for the day for an engagement session. I also flew into Wilmington, North Carolina and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania just to shoot for a few hours, and then hop back on a plane to Atlanta later in the afternoon – and that was for another engagement session and a family portrait.

Seriously. Like our Facebook page. Enter the contest. Let’s meet somewhere east of the Mississippi.

Good luck.

Atlanta, Wedding, Photographer, LeahAndMark.com

– Posted by Mark

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