Anna + Michael | Wedding Preview

Anna + Michael | Wedding Preview

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This is Anna & Michael. Their wedding took place at the Roswell River Landing. We’ve been there before for Emily & Scot’s wedding – and part of the trick is to always make different photos. Specifically, not doing the same poses, over and over again – especially at the same locations. That’s an easy cop-out for any wedding photographer and honestly, if you see the exact same photos with different people week after week from any wedding photographer… seriously consider moving on. (Of course – that makes things much more difficult for us as well – because hey, new poses aren’t always easy ya know?)

Paper cranes? Anna made all of them. And she made A LOT of them. Almost a billion.

Okay – not a billion – but A LOT.

As usual – I brought a team with me – this time consisting of +Laura and Intern Jina. Hey – someone’s gotta carry my coffee right? Just kidding! (um, kind of?) One of the benefits of being an Intern RIGHT NOW is that we have a wedding almost every weekend which means I’m bringing people. Last week was Wilmington, N.C., and this coming weekend is Columbia, S.C. – Traveling for weddings? We. Still. Love. It.

Anna & Michael – You. Are. Awesome.

Thank you for having us.


– Posted byMark

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