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Emily & Ben’s wedding in Ojai, California this past weekend was the furthest away we’ve had so far. Even though we’ve already photographed weddings in Massachusetts, Alabama,Indiana, and Tennessee – we were pretty excited to finally shoot one out on the west coast. Last November I flew out to photograph their engagement session in Pomona – but I really had no idea how awesome their wedding would be – and Oh. It. Was. Awesome.

I have to admit – I was exhausted by the time we boarded our flight leaving Atlanta going to LAX. I packed my schedule far too full last week and I definitely didn’t sleep enough – and of course that adds up. We arrived on Friday, drove to Ojai, photographed their excellent rehearsal dinner, and then their wedding the next day. On top of the three hour time difference – I was a walking zombie with a camera attached to my face. Brains. Photos. Photos of Brains. Wedding Dress. Kiss. Love. Brains. Sleep…

Hmmm. This is probably not the post I should be writing for wedding photos.

Honestly? Perfect. Emily & Ben are absolutely the type of clients that wedding photographers hope to work with. They had a detailed schedule of the day, with specific time constraints – but not once did they stop me from photographing them, or cut our sessions short. I’ve been known to lose track of time and just shoot until someone makes me stop (thankfully Leah’s there to remind me that hey – they need to get back for their wedding!)

The photos you see at the beginning of this post are the ‘first-look’ series – and they were a bit of a surprise. Emily & Ben weren’t sure if it would work out – but on the day of the wedding, they decided to go for it. So the four of us (Leah, Emily, Ben & Me) drove up the mountain in two separate cars to the field you see here. Emily easily climbed over an old metal fence and brushed the rust off her dress then proceeded to march into the tall grass to be with Ben.

Thank you Emily & Ben. You. Are. Awesome.

Wedding First Looks | LeahAndMark & Co.


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  • Whitney Huynh 25 Apr 11 at 10:48 pm

    This is my favorite one yet :). Nicely done!

  • Elissa 26 Apr 11 at 12:02 am


  • Tori 26 Apr 11 at 1:41 am

    You did such an amazing job at Em and Ben’s wedding. You really captured the feel of their wedding. I can’t imagine a more perfect photographer for the day! Thank you for helping us make it the perfect day for such an amazing couple 🙂

  • Maigh 26 Apr 11 at 7:09 am

    Stunning as always…simply beautiful. Well done!

  • kelley 26 Apr 11 at 10:14 pm


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