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I missed my chance, last time (Dali ’til Dawn). But as the current batch of Interns knows all too well, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity again.

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta featured the artistry of the Henris: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Henri Cartier-Bresson.  To pay homage, the High was transformed into Paris for a night, and we got to cover it.

Intern Andre, Intern Marj, and I mostly operated downstairs {away from the art that could be damaged by the flashes}, and snuck above deck a few times to check out the event itself.  Our background was, in a word, EPIC.  It featured one of Lautrec’s more famous posters for the Moulin Rouge, featuring a can-can dancer known as “la goulue,” or “the glutton.”

Above deck, there was a DJ, two rockin’ bands {The Coathangers and Holopaw}, Parisian street food, wandering performers {including a plate-spinning sad clown and a unicycle-riding, juggling happy clown}, absinthe, figure drawing, and special performances by a burlesque troop, including Talloolah Love.  Everything was absolutely fabulous, from the waxed mustachioed giant bicycler to the can-can girls we got to use as props in the photobooth.

The Interns and I worked on a number of topics that night, some of which included lighting {including a rousing rendition of “what NOT to do”}, talking loudly so people can hear how to pose, and convincing people that “yes, you do want a free picture!” It’s a picture of epicness, captured forever, c’mon.

The party ended at midnight, and though I was tired as could be {it was a long day, okay?}, I felt pumped on the ride home.  I am so, SO glad I got to come out to the High’s Henri night {as I’ve affectionately begun calling it}.  The photobooth was a blast to run, and thank you again to the super-kind people who ran the event, and thank you to the awesomely fantastic patrons who entertained us with their can-canning for our cam-cameras.


Thank you.


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