High Museum of Art | Family Day Photos

Last weekend, we and the Intern Army + Alumni Debra were at the High Museum of Art for Family Day. We setup a big seamless paper backdrop and started shooting families. Errr. Started photographing families. Now there are various ways to run a photobooth.

You can have an automated setup with a stationary camera, overhead light, and then give the subjects a remote control so that they’re the ones taking the photo.

Or you can direct people, ask them to jump, tell them to make faces, and generally interact. Since we had 7 photographers – we went with the interaction option. Of course this is very different from our other ‘family portrait’ sessions that clients purchase from us – and we always enjoy those – but sometimes it’s just nice to run through a billion ideas with a line full of willing participants ya know?

All of these photos were taken by the Interns.

Check out the full Free Gallery, HERE.

Click HERE to Purchase Prints.


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